The Top Shooting Ranges in Charlotte

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Maintaining effective gun safety should be the very first concern for every gun owner. If you are considering obtaining a gun to keep at home, you should ensure that everyone in the family obtains gun safety training. This article examines shooting ranges in Charlotte where you can access gun safety training.

The Top Shooting Ranges in Charlotte

One concern for any gun owner is the safety of others especially should the weapon fall into the hands of minors. While you may have a gun safe, you should ensure your children also gain the necessary training for safe handling and use of weapons. This way they would be responsible should they come across the weapon.

Many Charlotte shooting ranges offer gun safety training to minors. Children can also practice their shooting skills at these facilities therefore become proficient in safe gun handling for peace of mind. This article explores what you can expect to find in these shooting ranges.

Bullets in a cartridge

Blackstone Shooting Range

Blackstone Shooting Range offers 27 lane indoor firing range that is open to its members and the public. This air-conditioned range provides a comfortable environment for its users. The range allows children under the age of 18 years to participate in its activities, giving your family access to this sport, just like the gun ranges in Oregon.

You can access a gun shop on the facility for your convenience from where you can also rent a handgun or a rifle. While you can walk in the range for practice, members get favorable monthly fees with extra perks. The facility also has training courses that you can take part in, helping you gain skills for best gun handling.

Carolina Sporting Arms

The Carolina Sporting Arms offers an extensive indoor shooting range that is open to the public. It has favorable rates that give you unlimited daily access to this modern facility, automated for comfortable use. You can also save costs by enrolling in membership programs that give you a great advantage.

The facility also has a store that offers an extensive selection of weapons for your collection. Apart from guns, you also get related gun accessories and various gun ammunition depending on the needs you have. The shop offers favorable gun rental charges to use at the range and to expand your shooting skills.

Point Blank Range

The Point Blank Shooting Range has an indoor range offering 15 shooting lanes that are 25 yards long. At this well-ventilated range, you get to choose either the pistol or rifle shooting lanes at affordable rates.

The digitalized shooting stations offer you modern options that include an automated target retrieval system, just like the shooting ranges in Ohio.

The facility also offers various training including certification courses that you should use to get your licenses. Even if you are a beginner, you can get basic training and access even more advanced courses as your proficiency improves.

You can also take part in different events including shooting competitions that will help you gauge your skills.

The Range at Ballantyne

When looking for modern shooting facilities in Charlotte, then you should drop in at the Range at Ballantyne. This range though with a membership option is also open to the public and offers:

  • a pistol range
  • a rifle range
  • a tactical range

You can make lane reservations. Like other ranges, you get access to training courses with the option for personal instruction, to help you sharpen your skills. The certified and experienced range safety officers are at hand to offer you any assistance you may need. You can also hire assorted types of guns to expand your shooting prowess.

Rifle ready for firing at a shooting range in Charlotte

Firepower Range

The range at Firepower Inc. is open to members of the public but requires you to be an expert shooter or be in the company of one to use the facilities. The range supports the use of pistols and shotguns only, with the prohibition of certain types of shotgun ammo. The facility accepts accompanied minors.

You can access various training courses at the facility with special events such as Ladies’ Night out. You can buy weapons from the store at this establishment with the option of renting to test weapons before making a purchase. The facility also accepts gun transfers for when you want to switch to different calibers.

Charlotte Rifle & Pistol Club

This members’ only club offers access to pistol and rifle range shooting. The Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club has:

  • indoor and outdoor pistol ranges
  • combined use range
  • plinking ranges
  • action shooting range

Members have to qualify to use the ranges by meeting certain criteria.

The club has many programs that members can take part in and this allows you to showcase your skills. This facility is best if you are looking for exclusive access to gun range facilities and the perks that come with it. Such clubs also offer you a place to socialize with peers sharing the same interest in gun sports.

Big Oak Archery Club

When looking for a different target practice experience, then you should visit the Big Oak Archery Club. Here you will gain an introduction to archery competitions and bowhunting. If you think gaining shooting skills with a gun is no longer a challenge, then you should try out archery instead.

At this facility, you join other enthusiastic members that take this sport very seriously and show this by their commitment to practice. You can join the classes offered at this establishment and be on your way to gaining archery skills.

Similar to some gun ranges in North Dakota, the facility also organizes archery events that you can use to show off your newly acquired skills.

Robin Hood Archery

The Robin Hood Archery offers a regular archery range and a 3-D lane for more interesting practice. You can access this range at low-priced 2-hour sessions. The facility offers discounts that you can access by buying discount cards that you can use to get more time at the range.


The facility offers its members’ training classes and the lessons cover adults and children alike. You can also access archery accessories such as scopes and even repair services for your bows. To test your skills to the limit, you can sign up for leagues and interesting tournaments at the facility.

Shooters Express

Shooters Express offers a range of services where you can use the facilities at an affordable cost. At this extensive indoor range, you get to practice shooting rifles, pistols, and shotguns to your heart’s content. The affordable rate ensures you have limitless time to improve your skills as you get to use the range for as long as you want.

You also have access to a wide assortment of different caliber weapons at your disposal through rent services at the facility, similarly the gun ranges in Oklahoma offers the same range features.

If you are looking to buy a new weapon or firearm reloading accessories, then you can drop by in-store. You can also access training services from this establishment, building on your shooting skills.

Barefoot Archery

At the Barefoot Archery, you will get all your archery needs in one place for your convenience. You can buy bows, arrows, hunting gear, and other accessories at the facility’s shop. The 20-yard 8 lane archery range meets professional standards and you can practice your shooting at an affordable hourly rate in an air-conditioned environment.

For an additional fee, you can hire archery equipment from the shop. You can try out different bow models, such as Mathews or Hoyt, and master using them. You can also get training lessons here from professional archers. The range offers you a chance to show your skills through leagues and other events.


Gaining the right gun handling skills is one way of ensuring gun safety in your home. Equipping your children with these skills at an early age gives you peace of mind at all times. Through training, shooting ranges can provide your entire family the confidence to handle guns safely.

If you live near the state, there are various shooting ranges in North Carolina, they can be found in cities such as Raleigh, and most especially in Charlotte. You can be rest assured that you can find a gun range that can suit your needs.

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