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Best TSA Approved Gun Case [2021 Review]

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If you are looking to bring your firearm with you on the flight, you can carry your guns with you as checked luggage per the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) specifications. This article listed the best TSA-approved gun case to save your time and provide the correct information.

You can carry your guns as checked-in luggage, but the firearm should be empty and locked inside the hard case. 

We all know that the airport is a tightly controlled and scrutinized environment nowadays, so I suggest you go with the right type of gun case when traveling with your weapons. 

Our top recommendation for the best TSA approved gun case is the Pelican 1170 Case With Foam. Let’s see the TSA-approved handgun safe below.

Pelican 1170 Case with Foam (Silver)
  • WATERPROOF CASE: Waterproof protection (IP67) that delivers crushproof and dustproof protection for...
  • FEATURES: O-ring watertight seal, Pick N Pluck foam, double throw latches, automatic pressure...
  • DIMENSIONS (LWH): INTERIOR - 10.54" x 6.04" x 3.16" ; EXTERIOR - 11.64" x 8.34" x 3.78"

1. Pelican 1170 Case With Foam

Pelican 1170 Case with Foam (Silver)

If you are looking for a waterproof gun case (IP67), dustproof, and crushproof, we recommend you check out Pelican 1170 Case With Foam for your handguns. This hard case will easily store your guns, go pro, camera, etc., easily. It comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, and the case is Made In the USA.

The interior has the option of padding, and these are padded dividers, trekPak, and pick n pluck foam, etc. Also, you can place your gun on the foam and pick out the pieces of foam where your gun is placed that will fit your handguns easily. You can also do the same with ammo and magazine to place them near the handguns.

Pelican case will keep your stored gun dry no matter you are caught in the rain or near the sea; the watertight O-ring seal will keep the water out of the safety box. The padded foam will protect your stored items from any bumps or shocks and sustain any hard drop without damaging the inside items.

This case is highly trusted by law enforcement, fire safety personnel, and military people for its versatile and innovative design. The only drawback some people find is its size, and you have to do all the cutting of foam according to the guns you’re going to store.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimension6.04 x 10.54 x 3.16
External Dimension8.34 x 11.64 x 3.78
Weight2.10 lbs
Fireproof/WaterproofWaterproof Protection (IP67)
  • Waterproof protection (IP67)
  • Dustproof & Crushproof
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • Trusted Military Brand
  • TSA Approved Firearm Case
  • No Padding Dividers
  • Less Inside Space
Pelican 1170 Case with Foam (Silver)
  • WATERPROOF CASE: Waterproof protection (IP67) that delivers crushproof and dustproof protection for...
  • FEATURES: O-ring watertight seal, Pick N Pluck foam, double throw latches, automatic pressure...
  • DIMENSIONS (LWH): INTERIOR - 10.54" x 6.04" x 3.16" ; EXTERIOR - 11.64" x 8.34" x 3.78"

2. 5 Pistol 18 Magazine Doro Gun Case (Best TSA Approved Gun Case)

5 Pistol 18 Magazine Doro Gun Case with Custom...

Doro manufacture comes up with a hard case to store 5 pistols and 18 magazines with custom foam. The 5 Pistol 18 Magazine Doro Gun Case is waterproof, impact, and crush resistant, which will keep the stored handguns safe and secure. Despite strong build quality, it’s a very lightweight gun safe to carry and easy to transport wherever you travel. 

This hard case can carry multiple handguns, magazines, and other firearms accessories easily. The interior of the Doro gun case foam is made up of Military Grade foam with polyethylene foam which is oil and chemical resistant. If oil spills on foam, then it can be cleaned easily. The plugs of interior foam are cut to easily store and adjust shorter magazines that completely adjust the carrying capacity.

The foam inside the case is perfectly measured inside the manufacturing factory so that foam perfectly fills the space. The exterior of the case is made up of heavy-duty hard plastic.  This hard case has a waterproof feature IP67 certified and approved by TSA regulations for flying with firearms. Doro comes up with a lifetime warranty and available in different colors.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimension11.31 x 4.43 x 16.75
External Dimension14.41 x 6.93 x 18.27
Weight6.08 lbs
LockDouble Padlock
Waterproof Waterproof IP67 Rated
  • Waterproof protection (IP67)
  • Lightweight And Strong
  • TSA Approved
  • Store 5 Pistols
  • Military Grade Foam
  • Can Be Used To Store Multiple Other Items
  • Expensive
  • Case Becomes Heavy When 5 Pistols Are Stored
5 Pistol 18 Magazine Doro Gun Case with Custom...
  • MILITARY GRADE FOAM: Keep your firearm safe and sound with our premium 5 pistol and 18 magazine...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & STRONG: Heavy duty injection molded case is impact and crush resistant yet lightweight...
  • IP67 RATED: Waterproof, dustproof and airtight with pressure equalization valve

3. SnapSafe Treklite Gun Safe

SnapSafe Treklite Combination Lock Box -...

If you are looking to carry a single handgun with a TSA-approved budget-friendly solid handgun case, then check out the SnapSafe Treklite Gun Safe. This unit occupies less space and fits inside the suitcase easily without any problem. You can also store other items apart from a handgun, and these are medicine, money, jewelry, etc.

The unit’s interior has thick protective foam, which will protect from any scratch or dent during transit. This unit comes with a 1500 lb 4 ft steel security cable which can secure your safe from any stationary object. The unit can be accessed by a combination lock and through manual keys provided with this unit.

In terms of security, the unit is made up of polymer solid construction and approved by the California department of justice. There are no pre-drilled holes if you have decided to bolt down the unit on a hard surface. You can easily carry the gun case in a car and truck due to its compact design.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimension6.5 x 8.5 x 1.5
External Dimension7.5 x 10.75 x 2
Weight1 Pound
LockCombination Lock & Manual Key
WaterproofNot Waterproof
  • Compact Size Fits Inside Briefcase Easily
  • 1500 lb Security Cable
  • TSA Approved
  • DOJ Approved Gun Safe
  • Protect Stored Valuable From Scratch & Dents
  • Takes Less Space
  • Not waterproof
  • No Pre-drilled Holes
SnapSafe Treklite Combination Lock Box -...
  • SnapSafe TrekLite Lock Box – Experience heavy-duty protection at a third of the weight of steel....
  • Heavy Duty and Sturdy – This Snap Safe Combination Lock Box has an impact-resistant polycarbonate...
  • Ideal for Travel – The handgun lock box provides firearm storage that meets TSA airline firearm...

4. Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Hard Pistol Gun Case

Air Force Gray - Hard Gun Case Pistol Case – TSA...

If you are looking for 2 locking system hard gun cases and can fit a long handgun easily, check out Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Hard Pistol Gun Case. You can easily customize the foam according to your need. The manufacture has rigorously tested to comply with current TSA firearm policies.

The unit’s interior has two layers of foam, where the upper side has an egg-type foam layer, and the bottom has pluck and picks layer. The manufacture has also provided tools where you can pluck the foam according to your handgun. This gun case protects the stored handguns from dust, water, and any incoming impact.

In terms of build quality, the hard gun case is made up of Polypropylene carbon fiber reinforced DS2TeK quality, which will handle any pressure during stress. In a pressure-type situation, the case will flex and distribute its pressure to a larger area, decreasing pressure at one side of the case.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimension7 x 10 x 3.5
External Dimension8 x 12 x 4
Weight1.5 Pounds
Lock2 Locking Points
WaterproofWaterproof IP64 rating
  • Good Interior Space
  • Water & Dust Resistant
  • Can Handle Heavy Impact
  • Hard To Remove (Pluck) Foam
  • Bit Heavy
Air Force Gray - Hard Gun Case Pistol Case – TSA...
  • 💪 UNLIKE WEAK, POORLY DESIGNED PISTOL CASES that CRACK, CHIP and BREAK under stress, the Cedar...
  • 12” ⬅️ x 8” ➡️ x 3.5”⬇️ DON’T SETTLE for HARD PISTOL CASE s that lack the...

5. CASEMATIX Hard Case for 2 Handguns

CASEMATIX 14' Two Gun Hard Case for 2 Handguns -...

The gun case from CASEMATIX is made to store two handguns vertically with a build quality of impact-resistant polymer plastic. This hard unit comes with many features like waterproof, dustproof, airtight, 2 layers of customized foam, etc.

The handgun hard case’s interior is airtight, which helps keep the moisture out, and its 2 layers of customized foam protect from dents and scratches. With the help of customized foam, you can create specialized sections for your ammo, magazine, two pistols, etc.

In the exterior, it’s been constructed with a hard polymer plastic that gives maximum protection from any impact and drops, keeping stored firearms safe and secure. There are dual padlock rings where you can put a padlock to add more gun safety.

DimensionW x L x D
Internal Dimension7.5 x 10.5 x 4.25
External Dimension11 x 14 x 5.5
Weight3 Pounds
Lock2 locking point
WaterproofYes Waterproof
  • TSA Approved
  • Hard Polymer Plastic Construction
  • Store 2 Handgun
  • Padlock Ring For Extra Security
  • Can Also Stores Extra Accessories
  • Heavy In Weight
CASEMATIX 14" Two Gun Hard Case for 2 Handguns -...
  • Crushproof Dual Handgun Carrying Case: Unlike with soft cases, your two firearms will be protected...
  • Waterproof and Airtight Construction: Protect your precious gear from water damage! This CASEMATIX 2...
  • Soft, Shock-Absorbing Interior: Your multi pistol case hard shell carrier will surround your two...

Best Rifle Case For Air Travel

1. Plano All Weather Rifle/Shotgun Cases

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 36-Inch ,...

The Plano All Weather Rifle case is best for those rifle owners looking for sturdy construction and protecting the stored firearm from extreme conditions.

It has dual-stage lock latches that work really well and can resist any jumping or jarring in the airline due to a built-in pressure release valve while traveling with a Plano shotgun case.

This case will easily fit an AR rifle with a 22″ barrel, and interior foam can be easily removed if done in a relaxed way. Don’t hurry to take at least 25 minutes for the process, and all your rifles and accessories will be inside the case.

Measure the rifle and foam two-three times before cutting it, and remember foam always takes time to remove perfectly from the gun case.

You can store a single rifle easily, but it will be hard to store 2 rifles together. Also, the manufacture has provided the roller wheel to a 52″inch model not provided to 36″& 42″ inch models. 

This rifle hard case has huge storage and can easily store AR rifles with its extra accessories. Still, it has no waterproof feature, lacking the main feature to avoid stored firearms from getting wet in rainy conditions.

DimensionL x W x D
Internal Dimension51.5″ x 14″ x 5.5″
External Dimension53.5″ X 17″ X 7″
Weight10 Pounds
LockKey Lock
  • Durable
  • Wheel For Easily Portability
  • Good Interior Space
  • Lighter In Weight & Made In USA
  • Not Waterproof
  • Fits Only Single Rifle Easily
Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 36-Inch ,...
  • Plano gun cases: Protecting your passion since 1952
  • Features: All weather gun cases defend your firearms from damage and the elements. We've enhanced...
  • Great blind for bow hunting, gun hunting, or crossbow hunting

2. Case Club Precision 2 Rifle Case

Case Club Precision and AR Rifle Pre-Cut...

If you are looking for a rifle case that can store 2 rifles easily, such as AR-15 or AR-10 Rifle, and hold semi-pistol with other accessories, check out the Case Club Precision 2 Rifle Case. The manufacture also provides silica gel to remove any moisture build-up inside the case.

The case’s interior already has precise precut foam, which helps you store the rifle and other accessories without wasting any time. Also, if you plan to store other accessories, you can cut out the foam with the help of a cutter or knife, which is provided with the case. And if you mistakenly cut out the wrong foam, you can fix it by applying hot glue.

Case club comes with waterproof technology with IP67 and 100% dustproof, keeping out any particles or debris away from stored rifles. There are rubber tilt wheels which help in ease of transportation.

DimensionW x L x D
Internal Dimension13.50 x 50.30 x 5
External Dimension16 x 52.75 x 6
Weight27 lbs
WaterproofYes WaterProof
  • TSA Approved
  • Hydro Absorbent Silica Gel Included
  • Holds Two AR-15 or AR-10 Rifles
  • Also Holds Semi-Automatic Pistol
  • Waterproof protection (IP67)
  • Expensive
  • Bulk in size
Case Club Precision and AR Rifle Pre-Cut...
  • Waterproof case comes with precut foam to hold Precision Rifle and AR-15 or AR-10 Rifle, along with...
  • Also holds extra magazines, optics, gun attachments, & various accessories. Does not accommodate...
  • 2 moisture removing silica gel canisters & waterproof accessory box & foam cutter are included

3. Condition 1 42″ Single Scope Hard Plastic Rifle Case

Condition 1 42' Single Scope Hard Plastic Rifle...

Looking to store a single rifle case but at a budget-friendly price? Then check out the Condition 1 Rifle Case, which will not disappoint you for sure. You can store your rifle with a scope attached, so you don’t have to remove it to store your rifle. 

This shotgun case is made up of hard plastic, which can sustain any drop and protect the stored firearm. Also, it has easy to carry handle, which has easy-grasp while carrying the unit. The manufacture has provided 3 padlock holes for added security for your stored firearms.

The firearm’s interior is protected by an egg crate style foam which protects your rifle from any scratch or dent from any bumps while carrying in the airline. Additionally, there are 4 latches provided in the condition rebel gun case to secure your rifle from any break-ins.

DimensionW x L x D
Internal Dimension8.97 x 41.40 x 3.25
External Dimension10.50 x 42.03 x 3.81
Weight4 pounds
Lock4 Lock Latches
WaterproofNot Waterproof
  • TSA Approved
  • Budget-Friendly Gun Case
  • Made Up Of Hard Plastic
  • 4 Lock Latches
  • Basic Gun Case With Basic Safety
  • Not waterproof
Condition 1 42" Single Scope Hard Plastic Rifle...
  • ECONOMY STARTER CASE - protect your gun without busting your budget. This lightweight hard gun case...
  • SCOPE COMPATIBLE - our compact lightweight case is just wide enough for most single scoped rifles...
  • FOAM LINED FOR EXTRA PROTECTION - bumpy road? Shield your gun against jerks & jolts with this...

4. Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR Tactical Gun Case

Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR AR Tactical Gun Case with...

Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR Tactical Gun Case comes with a hard plastic rugged case that protects your stored firearms from any impact or tear/wear. In addition, this case comes with anti-corrosion technology, designed with four anti-latching locking systems, which secures the weapon while in transport.

This unit’s interior has so much space that it can easily store AR15 rifles and the rifle barrel with the size of 16″inch. A velcro strap can be mounted with the help of a screw and makes your rifle more secure and protected. This flambeau is Made in the U.S.A and comes with a year warranty.

DimensionW x L x D
Internal Dimension12 x 40 x 4
External Dimension15 x 42 x 5
Weight2 Pounds
Lock4 Locking Latches
WaterproofNot WaterProof
  • Budget-Friendly Case
  • Best For Storing Single AR 15 Rifle
  • 5 Years Protection
  • Hard Exterior Plastic
  • Not All Weather Resistant
  • Interior Space Not Big
  • Stores Only Single Rifle
Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR AR Tactical Gun Case with...
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: The hard plastic exterior of the case protects your firearms from hard impact...
  • ZERUST ANTI-CORROSION TECHNOLOGY: Includes an anti-corrosion Zerust tab that releases a corrosion...
  • SECURE CLOSURES: This Flambeau Outdoors gun case is designed with four locking points for safe...

Factors To Consider For Best Gun Case For Air Travel

Every gun case manufacture making a case TSA-approved gun case. But you also have to do your part and keep these points which are requirements for TSA-approved gun cases, and these are listed below.

  • The case must be locked while carrying in the airline.
  • Guns should be Unloaded.
  • You should declare at the baggage counter about your carrying firearm.
Rifle in a gun case

TSA Approval

For traveling with the firearm, it’s mandatory to carry a TSA-approved case; without it, you won’t be allowed to travel on the flight.


The quality of the gun case should be higher, and outside material can hold a heavy load without damaging the stored guns. Almost all the cases are made up of plastic but make sure they are of higher grade with soft interior foam.

Soft Vs. Hard Case

There are two types of cases for storing your weapons available in the market. But for traveling purposes, it’s recommended to carry a hard rifle (TSA Approved) case that can sustain maximum impact to protect the stored firearm.

FAQ For Firearms In Airport

Can I Take a Firearm on an International Flight?

Yes, you can bring your firearm on an international flight by filling the CBP Form 4457.

Can I Bring Ammo in TSA Approved Case?

No, you can’t bring ammo on the flight, no matter if it’s stored inside the gun case.

Final Thoughts

These gun cases will surely give you peace of mind while traveling your firearms with the best TSA-approved gun case with you. Also, you can take these TSA-approved handguns safe while traveling anywhere else by your car. All the listed above rifle, handgun, shotgun cases are TSA approved.

James Forrester is a lifelong gun and firearms owner, and an even bigger advocate for gun safety. He created KeepGunsSafe.com with the purpose of sharing helpful tips and educating others on how to keep guns and weapons safe and secure.