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Best Closet Gun Safe [2021 Review]

Closet doors

Owning a gun comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of them includes storing your gun in a safe place. Hence, you should consider getting the best closet gun safe to keep your guns safe and secure from others’ hands.  Our Top Closet Gun Safe Reviews Deciding on a gun safe and choosing a closet …

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Best AR-15 Cleaning Kit [2021 Review]

An elderly couple cleaning their rifles

Cleaning a AR-15 can be a difficult task. You want to make sure you are doing the right things or risk having a damaged AR-15. Having the best AR-15 cleaning kit will help keep your AR-15 in good condition for a long time. Our Top AR-15 Cleaning Kit Reviews The top AR 15 cleaning kit …

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How To Use A Gun Safe Effectively

Person trying to fit a gun inside a safe

We have a gun safe or purchased it recently and don’t know how to use or maintain it, then here are tips and tricks of using a gun safe. In a world where many people are now acquiring guns for their own protection, you might find more people ending up with unwanted accidents with their …

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Best Light Kit for Gun Safes [2021 Review]

LED strip lights

You have purchased a new gun safe, but you can’t see anything due to no lighting in your gun safe. The light inside the gun safe is more important than you think? If not, and looking for the best gun safe lighting, then continue reading the article. When looking at new safes, there are three …

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Kodiak Gun Safe Review

Gun inside an open safe

Rhino Safes has a reputation for its Bighorn line of gun safes. However, the Rhino Safes also comes with the Kodiak series that is a rising star. These Kodiak gun safe reviews cover the series, which is budget-friendly than the Bighorn, and quite a bit more affordable. These units come in various sizes ranging from …

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Best Fireproof Gun Safe Under $500 [2021 Review]

Handgun, knife, and gun accessories on a table

Having the best fireproof gun safe under 500 is hard to find as the maximum number of fireproof units costs above $500 in the market. But still, after lots of research and spending hours, we have come up with a multiple fireproof handgun safe that is below the $500 mark. It’s always good advice to …

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How To Break Into A Gun Safe Without A Key

Man prying safe with crowbar

The ever-growing need for gun safety has lead to the rise of personal gun safes. However, many people do not know how to break into a gun safe. And they also don’t know how much time or money it takes to break into a properly installed gun safe. So, what can you do when you …

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How To Open An Amazon Safe Without A Key

Gun on top of a pile of a map, paper bills and near a gun safe and clock

So, you’re trying to open your Amazon safe without the key and can’t figure out how? If you’ve ever been in that situation before, then this blog post is for you. I’m going to share a few tricks on how to get inside an Amazon safe without the key. These methods are easy and worth …

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How To Install A Gun Safe In A Closet

Safe opened with pennies

When traveling or not at home, many people are afraid that their guns will be stolen and lost. It’s better to keep your safety equipment in a safe place to prevent it from being stolen or misplaced. One way to achieve a secure gun safe is to hide it behind furniture, hides it away around …

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Do Fireproof Gun Safes Really Work?

Guns safe

Gun safes that are affordable and fireproof sometimes do not provide adequate security against theft or damage in a fire even we do proper research on fireproof gun safes. Although fireproof gun safes are more expensive, they keep your firearms out of reach of any fire and reduce the risk of accidents. Despite the high …

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Best Gun Safe Under $100 [2021 Review]

Metal Safe

If you’re looking for a new gun safe but don’t want to spend a fortune, then this post is perfect for you. We have found the best gun safe under $100 and put together a list of their features so that it’s easy for you to find the one right for you. A gun safe …

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How To Measure Eye Relief For A Scope

Man holding a rifle while looking at his scope

Eye relief is the distance between your eye and the ocular lens of a telescopic sight when you are looking through it. This distance can vary depending on the power of magnification and should be measured to ensure that you have enough room to shoot comfortably. Eye relief also varies from one person to another, …

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