Best Brass Case Tumbler [2022 Review]

Brass bullets

Reloading your ammunition is a great way to save while getting better at your hobby. Reloading generally requires the use of a brass or case tumbler. To help you pick one, we’ve reviewed some of the best case tumbler options in the market.  Our Top Brass Case Tumbler Reviews Case tumblers can help you clean …

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Do You Lube the Charging Handle?

Adult loading an AR 15 with a well lubed charging handle

There’s a right and wrong way of taking care of a firearm, and new gun owners often struggle to figure this out. The bottom line is that even the best charging handles need maintenance. One of the questions many ask is, “do you lube the charging handle?” Do You Lube the Charging Handle? Lubing the …

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Do you Oil a Charging Handle?

Man oiling AR15 parts including the charging handle

New gun owners often struggle with determining the right way of taking care of their firearms. Many don’t have a clue that even the best charging handles need maintenance. One of the questions that inevitably comes up is, “do you oil charging handle?” The answer is quite straightforward. Do You Oil a Charging Handle? Yes, …

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Why Does My Charging Handle Get Stuck?

Man checking that his charging handle isn't stuck

One of the most common issues new gun owners run into is the charging handle getting stuck. Sometimes, even the best aftermarket charging handles get stuck. If you’re wondering, “why does my charging handle get stuck?” there are a lot of issues that could potentially cause this problem. Why Does My Charging Handle Get Stuck? …

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Do 40 Cal Guns Wear Out Faster?

40 Caliber Handgun

It is a well-known fact that 40 caliber Smith & Wesson weapons have high recoil. This leads to many gun enthusiasts wondering, “Do 40 cal guns wear out faster?” The answer is more involved than you’d expect. Do 40 Cal Guns Wear Out Faster? The 40 S&W cartridge has a heavier bullet downrange and fires …

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Can a 40 Caliber Kill a Bear?

40 caliber bullets

.40 caliber weapons are available everywhere and sometimes go for less than 9mm weapons. It’s a known fact that the rounds leave the weapon with more energy than 9mm rounds, but many still wonder, “can a 40 caliber kill a bear?” There’s a lot to analyze before jumping to conclusions. Can a 40 Caliber Kill …

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Will a 40 Caliber Pistol Kill a Deer?

40 caliber pistol with bullets beside it

40 caliber pistols are often used for personal protection, but those interested in hunting often wonder, “will a 40 caliber pistol kill a deer?” The answer to that is a bit more nuanced than you’d expect. Will a 40 Caliber Pistol Kill a Deer? Yes, a 40 caliber pistol has enough knock-down power to kill …

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Range Bag vs Backpack

Man with a range bag while holding a rifle outdoors

Heading down to the gun range is often a favorite pastime of gun owners from across the country. However, gun owners need the right bag to carry eye and ear protection, firearms, holsters, and magazines. If you’re stuck deciding between a range bag vs backpack, we’ve compared them for you below. Range Bag vs Backpack …

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Is Gun Bore Cleaner the Same as CLP?

Young man using a bore cleaner to clean his gun

New gun owners often get confused about how they should be taking care of their firearms. On the one hand, quality CLP cleaners promise to do it all. On the other, there are bore cleaners and lubes that clean and protect but stretch out the cleaning process. So, is gun bore cleaner the same as …

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How to Use CLP Gun Cleaner

Female shooter wiping the gun parts with CLP gun cleaner

CLP stands for Clean, Lubricate, Protect, and is many a gun owners’ go-to gun cleaner. While thousands of gun owners stand by these products, new gun owners don’t know how to use CLP gun cleaner. Here’s a brief guide to help if you’re one of them. How to Use CLP Gun Cleaner Apply CLP to …

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What Pistol Caliber Is Most Accurate?

Hand holding a pistol

If you’re considering purchasing a firearm, it’s normal to want to look into your options. Gun owners typically start by understanding what pistol caliber is most accurate and then try to determine what gun will best suit their needs. We’ve detailed the most accurate caliber pistols for you below. What Pistol Caliber Is Most Accurate? …

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Why Is My Charging Handle So Stiff?

Modern AR15 rifle with a sight aim and charging handler

Charging handles or cocking handles allow the handler to pull the bolt to the rear and cock the hammer of the firearm. However, new firearm owners often wonder, “why is my charging handle so stiff?” There could be a couple of different reasons for this, and we’ve covered the fixes for all of them below. …

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