What Handgun Do Navy SEALs Use?

Gun on a table

Like any other professionals on the field, United States Navy SEALs can’t properly do their jobs if they don’t have the right tools. In their case, it’s all about weapons and military equipment. Having the best weapon available increases the chances of a successful mission and also coming out of the mission alive and well. …

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How Is the Caliber of a Rifle or Handgun Determined?

Gun with bullets beside it

You might have heard the word caliber before so what does caliber mean and how do you determine it in your firearms? Determining the caliber of a rifle or handgun is important because it tells you what type of bullet and its size will be. Caliber can determine how much damage you’re gonna inflict on …

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Do You Have to Register a Handgun in Michigan?

Handguns lined up on a table

You want to be a responsible gun owner and model of an outstanding citizen. However, it’s hard to keep up with gun laws as they’re updated from time to time. One question that Michigan gun owners keep asking is do you have to register a handgun in Michigan? Do You Have to Register a Handgun …

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Can a 40 Caliber Kill a Bear?

40 caliber bullets

.40 caliber weapons are available everywhere and sometimes go for less than 9mm weapons. It’s a known fact that the rounds leave the weapon with more energy than 9mm rounds, but many still wonder, “can a 40 caliber kill a bear?” There’s a lot to analyze before jumping to conclusions. Can a 40 Caliber Kill …

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Can I Use Olive Oil on My Gun?

Brown and copper semi automatic pistol with bullets

Regardless of its purpose, you should keep any weapon clean to avoid malfunctioning. Gun maintenance involves cleaning and greasing. One of the most common questions gun owners ask is “Can I use Olive oil on my gun?” I’ve prepared this guide to help you answer that question. Can I Use Olive Oil on My Gun? …

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Can an 18 Year Old Carry a Handgun in Texas?

Person hiding a gun in his jeans

The Lone Star state is one of the states that still follow traditional time-honored values. They are less restrictive to their citizens compared to other states. When it comes to gun laws, Texas probably has more freedom granted to its people. What if you’re a minor? This begs the question, can an 18-year old carry …

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Can I Use Brake Cleaner on My Gun?

Cleaning gun parts with a brake cleaner

You might have heard from other gun owners that they sometimes use brake cleaner to clean their guns. You are probably wondering and asking yourself “can I use brake cleaner on my gun?” In this article, I will tell you why some people use brake cleaner on their guns. Can I Use Brake Cleaner on …

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Can I Use a PB Blaster on My Gun?

Black semi-automatic pistol surrounded by gold bullets placed on a black cloth

PB blaster is a common oil used for loosening up rusty parts. Most people usually have them, especially if they’re into smithing. If you run out of gun oil and only have it, can you use a PB Blaster on your gun? Can I Use a PB Blaster on My Gun? Yes, you can use …

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Can I Use Motor Oil on My Gun?

A close-up black pistol handgun placed on a white surface

Motor lubricant can be found in most households. When you are too lazy to get gun oil or it’s not available in your place, you’re probably asking yourself, “can I use motor oil on my gun?” In this article, I’ll discuss if this lubricant is suitable for your gun and if should you use it. …

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Can I Use Vegetable Oil on My Gun?

A black and brown handgun pistol beside a brown watch and green bag on a brown wooden table

I have that time when I run out of gun oil and the gun shop is closed. When I have no other alternatives, you probably asked yourself the question, “can I use vegetable oil on my gun? In this article, I’ll provide the pros and cons of using it and other alternatives. Can I Use …

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Can I Use Mineral Oil on My Gun?

A black pistol placed on a black stainless wire screen with a black background

Almost all households have this standard oil lying around. With your gun sitting around and thinking about whether to spend on gun oil, you’ve probably considered using this household oil. In this article, I’ll answer the question that’s been on your mind, can I use mineral oil on my gun? Can I Use Mineral Oil …

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Can I Use 3-in-1 Oil on My Gun?

A man using gun oil to clean his gun

3-in-1 oil is a common home product that household use for a variety of things related to maintenance. If you’ve run out of gun oil, you’re probably asking yourself, can I use 3-in-1 oil on my gun? In this article, I’ll provide the information you need to know whether 3-in-1 is good for your gun. …

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