Can I Use Vegetable Oil on My Gun?

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I have that time when I run out of gun oil and the gun shop is closed. When I have no other alternatives, you probably asked yourself the question, “can I use vegetable oil on my gun? In this article, I’ll provide the pros and cons of using it and other alternatives.

Can I Use Vegetable Oil on My Gun?

Yes, you can use vegetable oil on your gun. However, it doesn’t mean you should. Vegetable oil should only be used as an alternative if you can’t access gun oil for your firearms.

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Vegetable grease is not made for firearm lubricant use so it won’t work as effectively as gun lubricants. Guns can heat up high and create extreme friction which vegetable lubricant can’t handle for long.

If you have motor oil at home, it’s a better alternative compared to plant-based oil. Motor oil is used in engines that also have high heat and high friction.

Suitable Substitutes for Gun Oil

Below are some of the best accessible alternatives for gun oil if you ever run out of gun lubrication at home.

Motor Oil

As I said earlier, motor oil is the next best oil you have for cleaning your gun. While motor oil is specifically made for motors, they share similar properties to that gun oil. This is mainly because guns and motors operate similarly.

If you have motor oil at home better use it instead of going for vegetable oil. However, don’t rely on it too much as it can be bad in the long run.

Plant-Based Oil

Vegetable oil falls into this category. Other plant-based oils include:

  • Olive oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Canola oil
  • Mustard oil

They are poor alternatives, to be frank. Mostly because they are highly viscous so they generally thicken most of the time and start getting rancid. They can also attract flies and bacteria which you wouldn’t want on your gun.

Only consider using plant-based oil when you don’t have any more options left. You should also not use it often and should restock your gun lubricant as quickly as possible.

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Related Questions

What Oils Can You Use on Guns?

It’s best to stick with gun oils as they are specifically made for guns. However, you can also use plant-based oil like olive oil, motor oil, 3-in-1 oils, and synthetic oil.

Can You Oil a Gun With Canola Oil?

You can use canola oil to oil a gun. However, I don’t recommend using it regularly. Canola oil contains saturated fat that can damage guns in cold weather. It’s also highly acidic which can cause discoloration of steel parts of your gun.

Can I Use Cooking Oil On My Gun?

Using cooking oil in your gun is not recommended. It would only last for days or weeks, depending on use. What’s more, you would require extensive cleaning after using cooking oil.


You can use vegetable oil on your guns. However, make sure you know its effects on your guns, especially in the long run. Carefully consider if it’s worth using plant-based oil or holds off on using your gun till you can get gun lubricant.

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