Range Bag vs Backpack

Man with a range bag while holding a rifle outdoors

Heading down to the gun range is often a favorite pastime of gun owners from across the country. However, gun owners need the right bag to carry eye and ear protection, firearms, holsters, and magazines. If you’re stuck deciding between a range bag vs backpack, we’ve compared them for you below. Range Bag vs Backpack …

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How to Put an Outlet in a Gun Safe

Person putting a plug into an outlet

Whether you want to hook up a high-quality light, a charger, or a dehumidifier in your safe, you will need an outlet. But how to put an outlet in a gun safe? It entirely depends on the safe you own. We’ve broken down how to do it below. How to Put an Outlet in a …

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How Important Is a Gun Safe Dehumidifier?

An image of an electric dehumidifier

If you possess a gun, you understand the importance of keeping it locked up safely in a safe. What you may not know is that even after you have secured your pistol away, it’s still subject to another threat: humidity. You might be wondering, how important is a gun-safe dehumidifier? How Important Is a Gun …

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Should You Put a Dehumidifier in a Gun Safe?

An image of a safe

If you interact with gun users, they may have mentioned the use of a dehumidifier. This discussion may lead you to wonder: should you put a dehumidifier in a gun safe?. If you don’t know what a dehumidifier is, you’re missing out on one of the most valuable gun-safe accessories. Should You Put a Dehumidifier …

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What Should I Look For in a Gun Safe?

The safe revolution gun safe

Gun safes are expensive. Consider it a lifetime purchase. Hence, it’s important that you are sure, you’re picking the right one. If you are still unsure and ask yourself, what should I look for in a gun safe? Read this article.  What Should I Look For in a Gun Safe? There are five things that …

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How Do You Get Rid of Humidity in a Gun Safe?

A photo of a safe and keys

Humidity can be fatal to your guns even when stored in a gun safe. It can create moisture that promotes rust. Hence, it’s important to keep the humidity right. Some people don’t know what to do and ask themselves, how do you get rid of humidity in a gun safe? How Do You Get Rid …

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How Much Humidity Should Be In a Gun Safe?

Metal Safe

Firearms are prone to corrosion when exposed to high humidity. No matter if your gun is safely stored inside a gun safe, it will still be exposed to humidity. Which begs the question, how much humidity should be in a gun safe? How Much Humidity Should Be In a Gun Safe? The NRA recommends having …

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How To Use A Gun Safe Effectively

Person trying to fit a gun inside a safe

We have a gun safe or purchased it recently and don’t know how to use or maintain it, then here are tips and tricks of using a gun safe. In a world where many people are now acquiring guns for their own protection, you might find more people ending up with unwanted accidents with their …

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How To Break Into A Gun Safe Without A Key

Man prying safe with crowbar

The ever-growing need for gun safety has lead to the rise of personal gun safes. However, many people do not know how to break into a gun safe. And they also don’t know how much time or money it takes to break into a properly installed gun safe. So, what can you do when you …

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How To Open An Amazon Safe Without A Key

Gun on top of a pile of a map, paper bills and near a gun safe and clock

So, you’re trying to open your Amazon safe without the key and can’t figure out how? If you’ve ever been in that situation before, then this blog post is for you. I’m going to share a few tricks on how to get inside an Amazon safe without the key. These methods are easy and worth …

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How To Install A Gun Safe In A Closet

Safe opened with pennies

When traveling or not at home, many people are afraid that their guns will be stolen and lost. It’s better to keep your safety equipment in a safe place to prevent it from being stolen or misplaced. One way to achieve a secure gun safe is to hide it behind furniture, hides it away around …

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Do Fireproof Gun Safes Really Work?

Guns safe

Gun safes that are affordable and fireproof sometimes do not provide adequate security against theft or damage in a fire even we do proper research on fireproof gun safes. Although fireproof gun safes are more expensive, they keep your firearms out of reach of any fire and reduce the risk of accidents. Despite the high …

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