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​Range Backpack Essentials Guide

Person rifling through his backpack

Are you unsure of which range backpack essentials to include in your bag? We prepared this guide just for you. Carrying important essentials to the shooting range is vital for a fulfilling day. If you are still struggling to figure out which essentials to carry with you or even which bag to use, this range …

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How to Sight in AR-15 Red Dot

Shooter demonstrating how to sight in AR 15 red dot

New and long-time AR-15 owners sometimes find it difficult to sight their AR-15 red dot. This is becoming increasingly important, as red dots have grown in popularity because of its usefulness. In this article, we’ll teach you how to sight in AR-15 red dot. How to Sight in an AR-15 Red Dot Red dot sights …

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Do Bore Snakes Hurt Barrels?

Do bore snakes hurt gun barrels

If you regularly clean your gun, chances are you encountered or used a bore snake. Bore snakes primarily clean the inside of the gun’s barrel, and a lot of gun owners often use it. In this article, we’ll answer the question “do bore snakes hurt barrels?” and how useful bore snakes really are.  Do Bore …

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Are Bore Snakes Any Good?

Are bore snakes good for gun cleaning

You have probably seen some shooters at the gun range use some piece of cord to clean the insides of their gun barrel. That’s what you call bore snakes and they’ve been used since World War 2. Some people love them and some people don’t, that makes you wonder, are bore snakes any good? Are …

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How to Properly Use a Bore Snake

Green bore snake tied with a blue ribbon

​Knowing how to use a bore snake is a great backup cleaning solution to your regular deep-cleaning kit. You can easily carry one or more folded-up bore snakes in different calibers with you while practicing at a shooting range or out hunting. You may not want to carry your bulky cleaning kit case around with …

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