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How To Measure Eye Relief For A Scope

Man holding a rifle while looking at his scope

Eye relief is the distance between your eye and the ocular lens of a telescopic sight when you are looking through it. This distance can vary depending on the power of magnification and should be measured to ensure that you have enough room to shoot comfortably. Eye relief also varies from one person to another, …

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What Is Eye Relief On A Scope?

Man looking at his rifle scope

What is eye relief on a scope that question comes to everyone mind when we are going to buy or adjust it on the scope? Eye relief is one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a rifle scope. The eye relief will determine how far away you can be from your target …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in Pennsylvania?

A person holding down a red sniper hunting rifle

Pennsylvania is an open carry state. This means that its residents are allowed to carry their weapons without a permit. However, the gun laws in Philadelphia are quite different. While you can open carry your weapon across other cities in the state, you will need a permit to carry in Philadelphia. Not to worry, regulation …

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Can You Shoot On Your Property in Oklahoma?

A person wearing a brown camo while aiming with a long gun

Oklahoma, the state where the first electric guitar was ever invented, is an open carry state. You don’t need a permit to carry a firearm while in the state. And with the elimination of licenses for concealed carry in 2019, you also don’t need a license to carry a concealed weapon in Oklahoma. Oklahoma might …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in Oregon?

Open carry is legal in Oregon. There is no law that requires you to have a permit to carry a firearm in the state. However, just like any other state in the US, Oregon regulates the ownership and use of firearms and ammunition. Oregon might have one of the most lenient gun laws but it …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in New Jersey?

New Jersey is one of the several states that have the most restrictive gun laws in the country. You are not allowed to open carry or concealed carry a handgun in New Jersey unless you have a permit to do so. Now, with such restrictive gun laws, is it legal to shoot on your property? …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in North Carolina?

A man aiming a shotgun to the sky in an open field

Recreational or target shooting has become quite a popular sport for North Carolina residents. However, there are rules and enforceable legal restrictions that you must follow when engaging in gun shooting activities. Which leads us to the question, can you shoot on your property in North Carolina? The rules and regulations that you follow depend …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in Wisconsin?

Rear view of a person aiming a sniper hunting rifle

Firearm safety is the main reason why federal and state gun laws exist. Negligent use of firearms may lead to unintentional loss of life and property damage. Being aware of the gun laws governing the area you live in or plan to shoot your firearm in keeps you out of legal trouble. Can You Shoot …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in Utah?

Guy in red and blue plaid polo shooting a rifle

When creating firearm laws in any state, there needs to be a balance between preserving the residents’ rights to carry a weapon and protecting life. Finding this balance may be difficult and some states end up being strict in some areas and relaxed in others. Utah is one of the states that has tried to …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in Vermont?

Man in gray long sleeves holding a pistol

Vermont is one of the more relaxed states when it comes to firearm rules and regulations. It is an open carry state which recognizes its citizens’ constitutional right to carry firearms. It allows permit-less carry and does not issue concealed weapon permits. As long as you are 16 years or older and legally allowed to …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in Virginia?

Guy wearing a cap and gray striped shirt shoot a target with a rifle

Virginia gun laws are quite relaxed. You do not need a permit to buy or possess any firearm except handguns. However, can you shoot on your property in Virginia? Open carry is permitted and the CCW permit is honored by 36 states. It is legal to carry in restaurants unless otherwise defined by the owner. …

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Can You Shoot on Your Property in Wyoming?

Guy in blue shirt holding a brown rifle

Hunting season provides an exciting time for any firearm owner. It provides a great way to put to practice all the shooting skills you acquired in the firing range. Knowing the laws that govern shooting on your property enables you to do so in a legal manner. Can You Shoot on Your Property in Wyoming? …

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