Can You Shoot on Your Property in South Carolina?

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The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution gives the citizens of the US the right to keep and bear arms. However, most states in the country have laws that regulate the possession, purchase, use and sometimes transport of firearms.

South Carolina is no different. It is a ‘shall issue’ state, meaning that one requires a license to carry a firearm. Even so, it is legal to purchase and own a gun in South Carolina as long as you qualify as per the state laws.

This post is meant to highlight some of the most frequently asked questions about guns and gun laws in the state. So, please read on.

Can You Shoot on Your Property in South Carolina?

Yes, it is legal to shoot your guns on a privately owned property in South Carolina. A while back, South Carolina gun laws advocated for ‘duty to retreat’, where residents where expected to try and get away from a threatening situation.

guy shooting a rifle

What most people miss in the state’s duty to retreat approach is the castle doctrine law. This law states that it is legal for someone to use deadly force in their own home if they feel threatened.

This basically means that self-defense is legal by law. The law allows you to defend yourself from attackers or intruders.

Where Else Can You Shoot in South Carolina?

  • Hunting ranges – From a wide selection of outdoor adventures, hunting with firearms is one the most popular outdoor activities in South Carolina. As luck would have it, it is legal to shoot on a hunting range in South Carolina as long as the hunting rules and regulations are observed.
  • Shooting ranges – Just like hunting, target shooting is a popular activity for both indoor and outdoor enthusiasts. With that in mind, the state has designated facilities where residents can go for a shooting adventure.
Pistol, pistol magazine and bullets on top of target paper

Where Not to Shoot in South Carolina

Every state has restrictions when it comes to discharging a firearm. This is not any different in South Carolina. There are specific areas where firearms should not be discharged under any circumstances.

It is illegal to discharge your weapons:

  • Into a dwelling house, or a building that is occupied by other people
  • Into a vehicle, aircraft, or watercraft when it is occupied by other people
  • Into a premise that is owned by a school, whether public or private
  • Within the city limits

Gun Laws in South Carolina

Law Handguns Long Guns
State permit requirement for purchase No No
Firearm registration No No
Assault weapon law No No
Magazine capacity restriction No No
Owner license requirement No No
Concealed carry permit Yes N/A
Open carry permit Yes No
Castle Doctrine Yes Yes

Related Questions

Do Minors Have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in South Carolina?

Minors do not have the right to keep and bear arms in SC. The second amendment of the constitution might have made it legal to own a gun but that does not mean that you have the same rights as a minor. The appropriate age for concealed carry in South Carolina is 21 years and older.

Do Felons Have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in South Carolina?

No, any person that has been convicted of a felony or any other crimes involving violence is prohibited from purchasing or carrying a firearm.

Can You Carry a Gun in Your Car While Intoxicated in South Carolina?

While the law permits concealed carry of firearms in your vehicle, it is illegal to be in possession of any firearms if you have a drug and substance abuse problem. Whether it is an addiction or a present-day intoxication, you should not be in possession of any firearms.


While you have the right to own a firearm in South Carolina, the law prohibits careless discharge if firearms. You should ensure that your firearm is pointed at the right direction at all times.

Careless discharge of firearms is considered a criminal offense in the state, a crime that might even rob you of your right to own a firearm ever again.

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