The Top Shooting Ranges in South Carolina

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If you are not enjoying the breeze at the expansive shorelines of South Carolina, you can join the fun at the state’s shooting ranges.

Shooting sports are loved by a great majority of people and not just in South Carolina but also in a few other states in the US.

And because the state allows the carry and use of firearms, visiting one of the few shooting ranges in South Carolina will be of great importance. It is the best place you can visit to gain more skill and experience when it comes to gun handling, use, and care.

Top Gun Ranges in South Carolina

Shooting ranges are designed to offer training and uninterrupted practice to professional and recreational shooters.

There are quite a number of ranges you can visit in South Carolina. Whether you are a new shooter or an expert gun handler, you will have a great time at one of these shooting ranges.

Person marking on a used target paper

Palmetto Indoor Range: Hardeeville, SC

Are you a thrill-seeker? Palmetto Indoor Range is a facility that offers enclosed shooting experiences away from the distractions of the outdoors.

For over fourteen years, the range has provided a family-friendly setting with each shooting venue overseen by a certified range officer. It doesn’t matter how inexperienced you are; Palmetto Indoor Range will give you the greatest thrill.

With a 25-yard indoor range, the facility is a complete shooting range for handguns, air guns, and automatic submachine guns, comparable to the shooting ranges in Michigan. It also offers training for anyone looking for gun handling, gun use, and gun care tips and tricks.

There is a retail store at the facility, allowing you to rent a firearm and perhaps buy some firearm accessories if need be.

This is basically an all-round indoor chamber for your desired experienced.

707 Indoor Shooting Range: Myrtle Beach, SC

Don’t let the climate conditions outside kill your wish for a pleasant shooting experience. Rain or shine, 707 Indoor Shooting Range welcomes you for an exciting gun shooting adventure.

The range has on-site instructors who are ready to take you through the basic gun handling rules. Whether you are a resident or just on vacation at the sandy beach, 707 Indoor Shooting Range is a place you need to visit.

The facility has climate-controlled ventilation systems to make sure that the space is conducive at all times. Being one of the top shooting ranges in South Carolina, this is also a family-friendly range offering fun, excitement, and relaxation.

707 Indoor Shooting Range features:

  • 5 lanes, each with a 25-yard shooting distance.
  • The range is also equipped with a fully stocked showroom for both used and new firearms.

Just like in some gun ranges in Minnesota, firearm rental is also an option for you whether you are a military officer or just an aspiring shooter.

Man at a shooting range in South Carolina

The Twin Ponds Range: McClellanville, SC

Are you a firearm lover in McClellanville? You should go to Twin Ponds Range. This well-planned facility accommodates shooting enthusiasts of all ages. The facility offers two shooting venues that are manned by certified range instructors at all times.

There is a handgun range and a rifle range to make sure that the shooter’s needs are met. There are also rules to ensure that you stay mindful of other shooters and to ensure that younger shooters feel at home.

The Twin Ponds Range provides a rifle range of about 100 yards and a 25-yard range for pistols, similarly there are stations dedicated to pistol shooting in some gun ranges in Maryland as well.

Wateree Rifle & Pistol Range: Eastover, SC

If you are a rifle enthusiast, you will have a blast at the Wateree Rifle & Pistol Range. It is an exceptionally good facility with 14 rifle stations, similar to the top shooting ranges in Washington.

Where the fun is, the pistol fanatics are not left out either. This gun shooting range offers 12 pistol stations for pistol shooters. The rifle stations offer 100 yards while the pistol stations offer 25 yards shooting distance.

This range remains a majority’s favorite because you get to enjoy all the fun for free. Feel free to join in the fun on Tuesdays through Sundays from 9am to 5pm.

Pickens County Range: Liberty, SC

Owned and managed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Pickens County Range offers the best hunting tactics to shooters.

Pickens County Range is an outdoor facility that accommodates:

  • shotgun
  • pistol
  • air gun
  • archery lovers
Piles of bullets

If you would like to have a good time at this facility, be sure to pop in any day from Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Please note that the gun range remains closed on Sundays, Mondays and on all state holidays.

For an amazing experience, remember to bring your own paper targets, ear, and eye protection gear.

James O. Thomason Shooting Range: Spartanburg County, SC

This is one of the shooting ranges managed by South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. James O. Thomason Shooting Range is designed to offer 5 rifle positions of 100 yards and 10 rifle positions of 200 yards shooting distance.

For a pistol shooter, the range offers 9 positions of 25 yards distance. If you are more into bows and arrows, there are 2 archery positions at the James O. Thomason Shooting Range, similar to some gun ranges in Massachusetts.

The range is supervised at all times by certified range officers. However, if you would love to visit as a family, the facility allows adult supervision for guests who are under 16 years.

Palachucola Range: Hampton County, SC

Though unsupervised, Palachucola Range is a nice rifle and pistol range that is also owned and managed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

The range is open to the public on Wednesdays through Saturdays from 8am to dark. On Sundays, Palachucola opens its gates from 1pm to dark. It remains closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Before visiting a shooting range, confirm with the management if you will be getting ear and eye protection gear from the house or not. If not, remember to carry yours.

These shooting ranges in South Carolina are fun and exciting for both experts and beginners. If you are a novice shooter, you are not an exception. The fun awaits you.

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