Can I Use Olive Oil on My Gun?

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Regardless of its purpose, you should keep any weapon clean to avoid malfunctioning. Gun maintenance involves cleaning and greasing. One of the most common questions gun owners ask is “Can I use Olive oil on my gun?” I’ve prepared this guide to help you answer that question.

Can I Use Olive Oil on My Gun?

You can use olive to lubricate a gun, but it is not a good idea. Olive oil is a lot thinner than traditional oils you would use for a gun, which will lead to the gun jamming up over the long run. Over time, oils processed for food turn sticky as they oxidize.

Silver pistol on a gun case

Combined with melted beeswax, olive oil gives a commendable waterproof finish and protects the wood of your BPs. Moreover, olive oil neither reacts with any other chemical nor has a foul smell. On the downside, I do not advise using it for long-term storage.

When you use it for cleaning, it is necessary to do snap caps before loading to get rid of any olive oil residue. It tends to be present near the nipple area of the chambers.

How to Clean a Gun Using Olive Oil

The process of cleaning a gun using olive oil is not much different from when using regular gun oil. Unlike other DIY cleaners that might need a separate lubricant, olive oil is sufficient as both. This makes it easier to clean with, and of course, more economical.

Steps to Take

If you don’t already have olive oil, you can easily find it in your local store or buy online. You will also need to assemble all the necessary materials needed for the cleaning. After getting everything, follow the steps below:

Various bottles of olive oil on display, while pondering to use olive oil on your gun
  1. Disassemble the gun. Take apart the chamber, frame, barrel, and bolt. Before you do, make sure the gun is not loaded.
  2. Using your olive oil, clean from bolt to the chamber and barrel.
  3. Clean the firing pin on the inner side of the bolt with small cloth squares.
  4. Wipe clean the inside of your gun chamber.
  5. Move to clean the insides of your barrel with either a toothpick and a small square of cloth, or a toothbrush.
  6. Repeat until the entire gun is spotless.
  7. Apply a light layer of oil on metal parts if necessary.
  8. If applicable, polish off with the preferred product, like melted beeswax, to get a sleek  Reassemble your gun, do a functionality check before loading it.
  9. If all is well, load and use, or store.

What Household Items Can I Use to Clean My Gun?

Although there are cleaning solvents and formulas specially formulated for gun cleaning, gun owners like trying out other options as well.

Below is the list of what you can use to clean your gun and what not to:

  • Engine Oil- or motor oil works extremely well on guns. You can use it as a cleaner and lubricant. Better yet, it can withstand high temperatures and friction. Since your gun would never reach those limits, it will work flawlessly.
  • White Vinegar- Yes, you can use vinegar, especially when mixed with hydrogen peroxide. A fifty-fifty mixture of the two cuts right through lead and other metal build-ups. In the end, you get yourself an amazing DIY super solvent. This makes white vinegar a particularly ideal solvent for gun cleaning.
  • Alcohol- While you can use it as a cleaner, it is not a lubricant. Alcohol strips off all the oils from your firearm. That makes them susceptible to rusting. In the case you use it, ensure you oil every part of your gun right after. You can even use it in combination with olive oil or any other kind of oil to achieve that shiny finish on your gin.
Brown and copper semi automatic pistol with bullets

Soap and Water

Considering water-based gun cleaners like  Mil-Comm MC25 work so well, you can get away with cleaning your gun using soap and water. While this works for carbon and powder fouling, it is quite ineffective for lead and copper.

Canola Oil Vs Motor Oil

Features Canola Oil Motor Oil
Lubrication Type Oil Oil
Viscosity Medium Medium
Freezing Point 14 Fahrenheit -45 Fahrenheit

Related Questions

Can I Use Coconut Oil to Clean My Gun?

Pure coconut oil is not a good cleaner or lubricant. The only way it can be helpful is if combined with other products. This explains why FrogLube, which has the oil, works well as a gun lubricant and cleaner.

Can I Use Vegetable Oil to Clean My Gun? 

I would not recommend using vegetable oil in your gun. Vegetable oil is reactive to temperature. Consequently, during cold weather, it solidifies. If that happens in your gun, you will barely be able to use it. On top of that, guns are very dirty, the oil would probably foul very fast.

What Can I Use for Gun Grease?

You can use high-quality gun grease like Lucas gun grease. High-quality gun grease offers better lubrication and protection for your firearms.


While you clean your gun frequently, it might still end up unusable if you do not carry out cleaning correctly. Now that it is clear you can use olive on your gun, among other DIYs, follow the simple procedure I have outlined and get yourself a happy gun!

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