Best Gun Cleaner Solvent [2024 Review]

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When you own a gun, you need to be responsible and clean it regularly. It is essential for your safety and also the safety of those around you. The best gun cleaning solvents can help make the cleaning process much more manageable.

My Top Gun Cleaner Solvents Reviews

Keeping your firearms clean and well-oiled is essential to maintaining their performance and longevity. There are a variety of gun cleaner solvents on the market; however, which one is the best for you?

In this article, I’ll discuss some of the most popular solvents on the market as well as their pros and cons. I’ll also provide tips for choosing the right cleaner for your needs. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned shooter, read on to learn more about gun cleaning solvents.

Best Overall Gun Cleaner Solvent: Slip 2000

The Slip 2000 is the best choice if you are going to be in very cold or hot climates. Slip 2000 is formulated primarily to provide optimal performance and reliability when cleaning automatic rapid-fire weapons and rifles or pistols.

Other gun cleaners like the Birchwood Casey gun cleaner do not work as well when they’re scorched because of how easily solvents expand and contract with temperature changes; however, that does not happen with this product.

It will leave your gun clean even below freezing temperatures since there isn’t much evaporation, leading to more goo-like build-up on other paints.

Gun cases don’t just have to be big and bulky; they can help protect your valuable firearms. Unlike Bore Tech copper remover, the Slip 2000 has been designed with the perfect dimensions so it will fit nicely in most hard-shelled gun cases out on today’s market.

It takes less than a minute to clean up your gun with this product, and it will keep you from spending days cleaning because of all the harmful toxins that are left behind.

However, this product could include chemicals that can be harmful if not handled properly. Hence, exercise proper safety when handling the product.


  • This lube has a unique formula that lasts five times longer than your traditional lubricant. It reduces friction and wear on your gun for an extended period.
  • The corrosion-resistant feature of this product will protect your gun and keep it clean. Like the BreakFree gun cleaner, you can use the same piece for many uses without having to worry about dust, dirt, or sand getting on top.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaner that is also safe for use on metal, wood and, plastic.


  • This product can be messy to use because of how thin the lubricant comes out.
  • This cleaner solvent has a strong odor which might not be pleasant to some people.

Best Gun Cleaner Solvent for Every Weather: M-Pro Gun Cleaner

The M-Pro gun cleaner is a great lubricant that doesn’t evaporate and repels dirt. You can use it in place of regular oils or grease on all contact points and exposed surfaces to give you the best performance ever.

Like the BreakFree gun cleaner, this cleaner is weather friendly as it can clean your gun under any weather with no problems. You can also use this product on any firearm, and the results will be the same.

The manufacturer designed this grease to protect your gun for long-term storage. One of the drawbacks of this item is that it has a strong odor, although it will fade after 24 hours of exposure. It is not advisable to use oils on your gun.

Unlike the M-Pro gun cleaner, oils like the CCS Lucas oil gun cleaner will eventually evaporate or harden and damage your firearm. The quality materials used in all M-Pro products keep your gun in good working condition even after a long period without use.

Once you need to clean up for a special occasion make sure that you have removed all traces so as not to smudge this product onto your gun’s surface again during storage.


  • Like Slip 2000, this product is a perfect choice for individuals who need to work in whichever environment.
  • M-Pro designed this gun cleaner with the needs of gun owners in mind. It will work on your primary firearm as well as any other arbitration-friendly backup guns you may have, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility.


  • This product is toxic and not safe to use around kids or pets.
  • This item may create discoloration and staining of your skin hence it should be handled with great care.

Best Gun Cleaner Solvent for Removing Copper: Bore Tech Copper Remover

Bore Tech designed the Bore Tech copper remover to quickly oxidize and break down any deposits that may have buildup in your firearm. It’s especially effective against copper. It does so by reconfiguring its electronic state, which drives off these unwanted substances without harming sensitive parts like seals or mechanisms.

Unlike Slip 2000 which contains harmful chemicals, this product does not contain any form of harmful chemicals like ammonia, making it safe for both children and adults alike. It won’t etch or damage barrel steels, and you may leave it in the bore indefinitely.

In addition, this Bore Tech product is biodegradable and odorless, unlike the M-Pro gun cleaner which has a pungent smell that might be unpleasant to some users. After cleaning, this solution shields and conditions the bore of your rifle with its short-term rust preventative.

This copper remover from Bore Tech is more effective than traditional petro-ammonia based solvents. It cleans your gun quickly and easily, without any hassle or difficulty.

However, this product is pretty sticky and can be challenging to use on your gun.


  • This powerful cleaner etches away residue without scratching your firearm and leaves it clean longer than any other product on today’s market.
  • Unlike the CCS Lucas oil gun cleaner which has harmful chemicals, this product is safe to use as frequently and in whatever quantity you want.


  • The container of this product tends to leak, and might make you do  a shoddy job while cleaning your firearm.
  • This product’s viscosity is poor and should be improved for a quicker gun cleaning process.

Best Durable Gun Cleaner Solvent: CCS Lucas Oil Gun Cleaner

The CCS Lucas Oil gun cleaner is a product that will keep your firearm running smoothly in any situation.

A unique blend of oils and additives, CCS gun oils are formulated for high volume heat-resistant firearms with moderate friction points – making them perfect whether you’re shooting Olympic matches or IPSC capacity events. CCS Lucas oil gun cleaner is an excellent product for any firearm enthusiast because of its composition.

Like the M-Pro gun oil, you can use it on semi-auto rifles, shotguns, and pistols, as well as full auto firearms to keep them clean and running smoothly in all environments with the bonus that it also extends their lifespan.

CCS designed this product for those shooters who want an excellent performing weapon year round no matter where they find themselves shooting or fighting from. Even if your sidearm only has one shot available at a time, this solvent will provide enough power until help arrives.

If you are looking for a product that will protect your gun from corrosion, this is the perfect option. Like the Bore Tech copper remover, this product offers excellent burn-off resistance, and its polymeric film protects against rust and moisture, which helps reduce wear during all shooting conditions.

Nevertheless, this product’s size may not suit some users; a larger one can be the ideal cleaner for many gun owners.


  • CCS gun Oil is the best way to keep your gun in tip-top shape. It’s water-resistant and will never leave any residue on it, making for an easy clean-up if you happen upon some blood at long range.
  • CCS formulated this item to keep your firearm running smoothly, no matter how much abuse it takes.


  • This Extreme Duty Oiler comes in only a one-ounce package which might not be enough for gun owners with many guns.
  • Like Birchwood gun cleaner, this product tends to leave your gun smelling due to its pungent odor.

Best Effective Gun Cleaner Solvent: Birchwood Casey Gun Cleaner

With a little Birchwood Casey gun cleaner, your gun will be as good as new. This revolutionary product is for cleaning guns and other small firearms in just five minutes or less.

Like the CCS Lucas gun oil, it doesn’t leave behind any residue or build-up, so you can easily clean every part of your gun with just one application. Birchwood Casey is a penetrating and protective cleaner solvent.

It can creep into the tiniest cracks and fissures to help loosen up frozen nuts and bolts on your gun’s surfaces – even while they’re wet.

Birchwood is a unique blend of polymers and oils emulsified with water to create an everlasting sealant. The magic behind its success lies in its ability to protect metals like guns, plastics, or wood from corrosion and leathers, unlike the BreakFree CLP, which doesn’t work on leather.

However, this gun cleaner solvent evaporates quickly, lessening its usage period.


  • This gun cleaner is versatile as you can use it on all sorts of things like locks, leather, and tools.
  • This product is eco-friendly and does not have any carcinogens which might affect your health while cleaning the gun.


  • The process of making this gun oil is not an odorless one, and the scent may put off some people.
  • Like the M-Pro gun cleaner, this gun cleaner solvent may create a temporary discoloration of the surface it is applied.

Best Odorless Gun Cleaner Solvent: BreakFree BF-CLP 12 Gun Cleaner

The BreakFree BF-CLP 12 gun cleaner is a one-step solution that requires no additional cleaning or maintenance to keep your firearm running smoothly.

Like the Bore Tech copper remover, this item is a miracle worker that cleans, removes residue, and protects your firearm and the environment around you since it contains no harmful chemicals.

The CLP 12 formula never fails to impress; like the Slip 2000, it can withstand high temperatures and extreme pressure without deteriorating, making it perfect for cleaning your gun in any situation or condition.

This gun cleaner is guaranteed to make your favorite firearm shine like new with just a single use. It will work for any finish from blued steel and titanium down to poly composite firearms.

This wonder product is excellent for holstering your firearm and preventing galling on stainless steel. It’s also a non-solvent that will minimize the drain when you’re not using it to keep your gun in top condition.

Break Free CLP is the ideal all-in-one formula to service and preserve your firearm. Manufactured from high-quality polymerized synthetic oils and special friction-reducing anti-wear additives, it provides a long-lasting protective coating that keeps guns performing at their best for a very long time.

On the negative side, this product includes chemicals that cause cancer, deformities, and some other reproductive problems.


  • The formula provides long-lasting, durable protection no matter what the weather throws at you.
  • Like Slip 2000, this firearm cleaning kit cleans, lubricates, and protects your guns from rust.


  • The difficulty in controlling the spray and amount of oil dispenses makes this a wrong choice for beginners.
  • The container is so leaky that it is prone to leaking all over your stuff.

Features to Consider for Gun Cleaner Solvents

It is no secret that gun cleaning is an essential part of owning a firearm. Whether you are a seasoned shooter or just starting, it is crucial to keep your guns clean and well-maintained.

And while there are many different gun cleaning solvents on the market, not all are created equal. So how do you know which one is right for you?

It would be best to choose the right product when cleaning your firearms. You want to make sure that you know what features are essential before buying a gun cleaner.

Slip 2000 4oz.M-Pro Gun OilCCS Lucas Oil Gun CleanerBore Tech Copper RemoverBirchwood Casey Gun CleanerBreakFree  BF-CLP 12 Gun Cleaner
ChemicalNon-toxic Toxic No harmful chemicalsNon-toxic No harmful chemicalsNo harmful chemicals
Item Volume4 ounces2 Fluid ounces4 ounces4 ounces13 ounces12 ounces


Do not let the small bottle fool you. This small size will do more than enough for cleaning your gun; however, it might not be enough if there are multiple firearms to clean.

A person cleaning a gun

Many people like having a little bottle on hand because they can get at least one use out of their precious supplies before throwing away or donating them; this is pretty risky when handling any firearm (especially revolvers).

If it is just one or two guns, then maybe this is not an issue; however, if cleaning more than 3-4 firearms at once is in the plans – go ahead and invest in something more extensive like the Birchwood Casey gun cleaner.


Different types of firearms are compatible with various solvents, and you must ensure that it is safe to use on multiple surfaces such as leather or metal like the Birchwood Casey gun cleaner does.

The best choice would also involve no toxicity whatsoever since these precautions can help keep problems from arising in future jobs involving reassembly of components after cleaning them off again just when I thought all was well.

Type of Solvent

There are four main options to consider when deciding what kind of cleaner you need for your home. They include liquid solvents, foaming cleansers, and sprays that work like hairspray or deodorant in addition to the traditional CLP:

  • Liquid solvent – Gun oil is the perfect solution for removing copper, lead, and carbon residues from your gun. When appropriately applied, it leaves little or no residue although it can be messy if you do not watch out.
  • Foaming solvents – These solvents are a tried and true method for getting at built-up residue in your weapon. They are easier than liquid solvents, so you won’t have as much of a mess to clean up.
  • Aerosol sprays – The great thing about using an aerosol spray is that it gets into all of those hard-to-reach places and removes whatever you need to remove. Its downside: if you use it too much, you can waste the product rather than just applying where necessary with a wet cloth or sponge.
  • CLP cleaners – The use of a CLP cleaner is for firearm maintenance and cleaning. In addition, it can also protect against corrosion. You need to be careful when applying this product, as too much could reduce the performance or efficiency of your weapon.

You should test what works best with just one small application before applying it more liberally. The BreakFree CLP is a good CLP cleaner you can use on your firearms for maintenance since it will clean and protect your gun against corrosion.


Gun owners need to use the proper cleaning solvent for their guns to protect them and keep them safe. Some solvents like CLP may be able to clean, lubricate, and protect, some people prefer the non-CLP solvents since some can do their job really well. The best way of doing this is by using a quality product like Breakfree CLP, which will lube and clean your firearm while being safe on both you and your guns.

Cleaning using one of the best gun solvent


When selecting the appropriate gun cleaning solvents, they should be effective in protecting and cleaning your firearm. The use of a proper solvent is essential because it would be challenging to maintain a clean, reliable gun without one.

A bore cleaner that cannot penetrate well on surfaces makes maintenance more difficult for both you and any other person who may have access to this tool (such as family members or friends).

The CCS Lucas oil gun cleaner is an effective gun cleaning solvent since it will clean and protect your guns.


When buying a gun cleaning solvent, the first thing to consider is safety. Some solvents can contain harmful chemicals like carcinogens that are very dangerous if you expose yourself to too much of them, and some bottles have child-proof caps for this reason.

Another factor in choosing one might be your firearm’s durability. Ensure you unload it before starting work to avoid damaging either component with excess fluids or brush strokes while you go over all its nooks and crannies.

Use the Birchwood Casey gun cleaner for safety purposes since it contains no carcinogens.


Gun owners know the importance of keeping their guns clean and ready for use, which is why there are so many different bore cleaners on offer. Some brands have built up a reputation as being more hassle than they’re worth, though, spending plenty of time shooting instead of cleaning.

You should choose a gun cleaning solvent from a reputable brand likeBore Tech.

Types of Firearms

It would be best to clean modern firearms with commercial-grade solvents meant to work on modern weapons.

If you’re cleaning an antique black powder pistol worth $5,000, then you may want to pay extra close attention and use only specific chemicals designed for these older types of guns. They can bring them more harm than good if not appropriately handled or misused by mistake.

Most shooters would be happy using typical household cleaners like Slip 2000, which is safe enough as long as they take the correct precautions throughout each process. Make sure to wear protective gear when handling harmful chemicals.


When you’re out in the cold, you should tailor your solvent choice to howling winds and freezing temperatures. While most solvents work well with extreme weather conditions, not all can withstand these conditions, so double-check before using them.

The BreakFree CLP is an effective gun cleaner that works in all weather conditions.

Check for Leakages

I know how expensive it is to replace a gun case, table, etc. That’s why I try so hard to take precautions like knowing which bottles contain strong solvents and always ensuring your CLP cap goes on extra tight.

This double-checking will go such a long way in protecting yourself from costly accidents. For those who want even more peace of mind when traveling with their firearms, consider transferring some cleaning fluids into smaller glass containers instead of plastic ones since plastics can often leak chemicals wherever they are stored.

The Birchwood gun cleaner is unlikely to have leakages since it has an extra-tight cap.

A woman maintaining a gun using a gun solvent

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Clean a Gun Using Acetone?

Yes, it is possible to clean a gun using acetone. Many individuals use acetone because of its standard paint-stripping abilities; nonetheless, using it to clean a firearm might be hazardous to one’s health & welfare.

Is It Possible to Clean a Gun Using Alcohol?

Yes, it is possible to clean a gun using alcohol. Alcohol is an excellent solvent for cleaning guns in general as it will swiftly evaporate water anywhere in a firearm or on its surface.

Final Thoughts

When you want to get the most out of your firearm, you must clean them properly. So make sure you clean your gun with a strong solvent and choose one that will protect your gun for as long as you can enjoy its performance at peak efficiency.

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