Best Gun Safe Hygrometer [2024 Review]

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While gun safes protect your guns from theft and access, it does not protect from humidity. For that, you need a dehumidifier. Some people pair it with a hygrometer to get the best accurate reading. That’s why you’re probably here to check the best gun safe hygrometer.

My Top Gun Safe Hygrometer Reviews

Gun safe hygrometers allow you to see the temperature and humidity level inside a gun safe. That’s why people buy it so that they can be assured of how much humidity and temperature is in their gun safe consistently.

Therefore, it allows you to adjust and make changes to the environment of your gun safe so your guns and valuables are protected from rust and wear out. 

Best Overall Gun Safe Hygrometer: Illumisafe Wireless Gun Safe Digital Hygrometer

The Illumisafe Wireless Gun Safe Digital Hygrometer allows you to monitor humidity level and temperature inside of your gun safe without the need to open it.

Illumisafe was a Kickstarter project in its early days. It started with designing lamps and lighting and eventually branched out to other home equipment.

Their hygrometer is the only hygrometer that can be set up outside of the gun safe on this list. 

It has a remote wireless sensor that you can place inside the gun safe. You then have the digital display sit outside so you can read the readings conveniently.

Opening and closing a gun safe takes up time and also affects the humidity level of your gun safe. So it’s better to check it in as little time as possible. However, if you can monitor it, without opening it, you can save time and not affect the temperature inside of your gun safe.

Like most of the other hygrometers on this list, it has an LED display that you can set up in different ways. It even comes with a built-in stand so you can set it up on a shelf or on top of the safe. You also get an attachable magnet if you want to attach it to your metal gun safe or vault door.

It’s battery operated and needs 4 AAA batteries for the wireless remote and wireless LED Display (2 each).

Overall, it’s a convenient gun safe hygrometer that gives the temperature and humidity level inside the safe and also outside of it. Allowing you to read without opening the safe lessens the chance of other people knowing your code or finding out its location too.


  • Provides temperature and humidity level for both inside and outside of the gun safe
  • Allows you to conveniently monitor humidity level in your gun safe without the need to open it
  • Wireless setup means you don’t need to add additional wirings


  • Humidity readings may be off a little bit since it is wireless
  • Battery-operated so you have to replace it from time to time

Best Touchscreen Gun Safe Hygrometer: Hornady Digital Hygrometer 

The Hornady Digital Hygrometer has an excellent touchscreen display for your gun safe needs. Much like most of the hygrometers on this list, it also uses LCD display. However, it is a touch screen and offers new features unlike regular LCD displays.

It reads humidity and temperature levels perfectly. This is what I expect from a brand like Hornady in the firearms industry. The touchscreen LCD makes it easier for you to configure the setup and it’s simple to do.

This product is a portable wireless hygrometer just like the Illumisafe Wireless Digital Hygrometer. However, it also has a compact body and a large LCD display. It records both high and low humidity and temperature. You can choose whether to display it in Fahrenheit or Celsius. 

You also get a fold out stand so you can place it on a shelf or on the floor of your gun safe. You can also use the quick connect bracket to mount this hygrometer onto vertical surfaces like the interior of your gun safe door and walls so you can view it easily.

The hygrometer functions 24 hours all day as long as the batteries are still functional. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries. However, the product does not come with these batteries so you need to buy them separately.

The Hornady Digital Hygrometer can easily be the overall best. However, the convenience of reading from the outside gave Illumisafe the edge. If you don’t mind opening your gun safe from time to time, the Hornady would be a better option for you.


  • Touchscreen LCD makes it easier to set-up
  • LCD display contains a lot of information about temperature and humidity
  • Wireless design so you can place it wherever you want


  • Wireless design means you have to replace the batteries from time to time
  • Cannot be calibrated so you are stuck with the default reading

Best Portable Gun Safe Hygrometer: Goabroa Mini Hygrometer 

The Goabroa Mini Hygrometer is rather small compared to other hygrometers on this list. If you want something that won’t hurt your pocket just to test out how a hygrometer works, the Goabroa is an excellent option for you.

This hygrometer measures the temperature and humidity level every 10 seconds. They showcase 4 sensitive vents that claim to provide accurate reading. However, the readings can sometimes be inaccurate as I’ve tested.

It also only has a limited temperature range from -58º F to +158º F. Although they did state that temperatures may have an inaccuracy by a margin of 1.

It’s small size also makes it useful for other things like incubators and brooders if you live in a farm. It can also be used for your hobbies like keeping reptiles or storing your guitars safely. You can also bring it along with you comfortably, should you need to travel.

The Goabroa Mini Hygrometer is powered by an LR44 battery unlike other hygrometers on this list that use AAA batteries. It can give you around 18 to 24 months of use and replacing it is simple and easy.

If you compare it to the Hornady or Illumisafe hygrometers, it’s not that good. However, if you just want to test out how your setup would work for a gun safe, getting the Goabroa hygrometer is not a bad investment. Additionally, you can use it for other things if you want to replace it with a better hygrometer for your gun safe.


  • Portable and easy to set up
  • Can be used for other things aside a gun safe for its mini design
  • Simple LCD display so you can clearly read the temperature and humidity level


  • Limited temperature range
  • Have some reading inaccuracies

Best Bargain Deal Analog Gun Safe Hygrometer: Lockdown Vault Hygrometer 

If you want the best deal there is, the Lockdown Vault Hygrometer is your best option. It’s a hygrometer specifically designed for gun safe use compared to other hygrometers on this list.

The Lockdown Vault Hygrometer is not an LCD display hygrometer unlike all the other hygrometers on this list. Instead it comes with the antique analog design that looks like a clock.

It’s also portable so you can bring along with you in case you go traveling with your gun inside a gun console safe.

The reading dial is somewhat accurate. However, when you reach double digit numbers, I notice some inaccuracies. Good thing you can calibrate it so the reading can get closely accurate. The reading changes every second as soon as it notices changes in temperature and humidity level.

What’s impressive is that this hygrometer can track humidity levels 100 feet around its surroundings. This might be useful if you plan to use it outside of the enclosed space of a gun safe. 

The material was also disappointing since it is mostly made of plastic. However, it is a bargain deal so having some downsides are to be expected.

If you’re not willing to spend more, the Lockdown Vault Hygrometer might be the bargain you’re looking for. This might last you for years and can be used outside of the gun safe. The reading accuracy might go down though after years of use.


  • Small and compact for portability
  • The numbers are easy to read for an analog hygrometer
  • Can be calibrated to improve accuracy


  • Have some inaccuracies when the humidity level reaches double digits
  • Made out of plastic so it may not last for long without proper care

Best Accurate Gun Safe Hygrometer: SnapSafe 75909 Hygrometer 

If you prioritize reading accuracy over any other feature, the SnapSafe 75909 Hygrometer is your pick.

The Snapsafe hygrometer has a compact body along with a smart display system that helps with accurate reading. The reading accuracy is the best on this list. The screen is large enough so you don’t have to lean your head inside or take the hygrometer in order to get the reading.

Like the Goabroa Mini Hygrometer, the Snapsafe hygrometer has a 10-second refresh rate. If there are any drastic changes in the atmosphere, it will alert you about it.

Adding to its accuracy is the RH (relative humidity) factor that has great response inside a gun safe. It also contains a digital minimum and max recording for better accuracy. It can even calculate both the minimum and maximum temperature and humidity level of your gun safe.

With its highly accurate readings, it is paired with an alarm that is helpful to notify you about changes inside the gun safe. The sound it makes is a beeping sound that tells you the temperature or humidity is about to change.

This feature could be quite useful for keeping your guns rust-free. However, the hygrometer can only be placed inside the gun safe. Therefore, you have to decide to open it every time it beeps or leave it as is and make a regular check by yourself.


  • LCD display is large and easy for you to read
  • Highly accurate readings of temperature and humidity level
  • Sounds an alarm when there is sudden change in temperature or humidity level


  • You have to open the gun safe in order to check the readings
  • Alarm sound is low and not loud

Features to Consider for Gun Safe Hygrometer

Hygrometers are pretty useful if you want the insides of your gun safe to be safe and in good condition. Hence, it’s important to consider features in your hygrometer that ensure it. Here are some features you need to look out for when choosing a gun safe hygrometer.


The reading accuracy is the most important one when choosing a gun safe hygrometer. It should not be compromised by any other feature. An inaccurate reading could mislead you not knowing that your guns inside are already exposed to high humidity.

A gun safe hygrometer

A slight difference in reading is somewhat passable. However, if the hygrometer’s reading has a difference in the double digits, it is a problem. You don’t want to be lured into a false sense of security. Hence, accurate reading should be placed at the top of your priority.

For that, the Snapsafe 75909 Hygrometer is your safest option. It has the best accuracy on the list. If you want some balance of other features, the Illumisafe Wireless Gun Safe Digital Hygrometer is another option to consider.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring while not that important is a pretty convenient feature. It saves you time from opening your gun safe or exposing the location or passcode of your gun safe to other people.

Hence, reading the temperature and humidity from outside your gun safe is also a safety feature. It’s pretty rare for a hygrometer to have a remote monitoring feature and they usually are premium quality.

For that, I recommend getting the Illumisafe Wireless Gun Safe Digital Hygrometer which is the only hygrometer on the list with a remote monitoring feature. 

Analog or Digital

Analog and Digital both have their own advantages. For digital hygrometers, they also provide information about the temperature and sometimes other atmospheric statistics like the minimum and maximum humidity on that day. Digital hygrometers are also affordable compared to analog.

For analog hygrometers, they have the best accuracy in general. However, you need to calibrate them every 6 months. Most digital hygrometers don’t even have calibration options. Therefore, if you bought an inaccurate digital hygrometer, you cannot fix it.

If you want the analog option, the best and only option on this list is the Lockdown Vault Hygrometer. If you want the digital option, the Illumisafe Gun Safe Digital Hygrometer is your best choice.

Mounting Options

Placing the hygrometer inside or outside the gun safe can be problematic. If you have a mounting option, it would be easy. Mounting option allows you to place your hygrometer at a convenient spot with the help of a mounting device.

The mounting devices are generally easy to use and set up. It also allows you to place the hygrometer in an area where the readings are highly accurate. Manufacturers have just caught up in this trend and are slowly including mounting options in their products.

The best mounting installation experience I’ve had would be the Hornady Digital Hygrometer. The fold out stand was easy to use and the quick connect bracket reliably holds the hygrometer onto vertical surfaces.


Size is not that important of a feature for some. However, if you have a small gun safe, the size of your hygrometer could take up most of the inside space. Hence, the smaller the hygrometer, the better.

For that, the portable Goabroa Mini Hygrometer fills up the qualification. It’s the smallest hygrometer on the list. Despite its small size, the numbers are still readable so you won’t have to lean in to check.


Very few hygrometers have alarms and most hygrometers do not have this feature. Alarms allow you to be notified if there are sudden changes in the humidity level or temperature inside the gun safe.

This can help you be aware of a broken dehumidifier or you might have put something inside your gun safe that shouldn’t be in there. Having an alarm can let you deal with these problems right away and not have to find it out when your guns have already been exposed to extreme moisture. 

An image of one of the best gun safe hygrometer

The SnapSafe 75909 Hygrometer is the only hygrometer on this list with an alarm. Although the alarm sound is low, it does a great job of turning the alarm when there is an alarming change of humidity level or temperature.


Calibration allows you to correct the variation of reading so it is the same with the standard. Some of the premium hygrometers are not always accurate, hence they often have calibration options. 

As mentioned before, digital hygrometers rarely have calibration options. If you want to have one, you might have to get a premium product. However, it is worth it in the long run since the hygrometer can read consistently by recalibrating it.

The Lockdown Vault Hygrometer is the only one you can calibrate on this list.  It’s an analog hygrometer so it’s a given.


What Humidity Level Is Best for Gun Safe?

Anything between 40% to 60% is ideal with 50% as the best humidity level for your gun safe. Anything beyond or under these percentages can cause drying or rusting.

How to Calibrate a Hygrometer?

Calibrating a hygrometer usually depends on the product. Some hygrometers include instructions on how to calibrate it. You can use the salt method if you don’t have another hygrometer to compare.

Just put a teaspoon of salt in a bottle cap with a few drops of water. Mix it so the salt looks slurry. Make sure the salt does not dissolve in the water. After that, you just need to put the hygrometer and the bottle cap with salt inside a sealed container for 12 hours.

It should show a reading of 75%. If it does not, adjust it so it reads 75%. That’s how you can calibrate your hygrometer.

What Is the Most Accurate Type of Hygrometer?

Digitals have slowly kept up with Analog hygrometers that the accuracy difference is not that much. Most manufacturers have also switched to digital instead of analog so I see more accurate digital hygrometers in the market.


Hygrometers are useful tools you can equip to your gun safe so that you can accurately read the humidity level. It works hand in hand with a dehumidifier that adjusts the humidity level inside your gun safe. Get the best one so you are sure your guns are well protected.

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