How To Make A DIY Gun Cabinet: The Easy Way

Gun Cabinets are proficient at providing a safe location for your firearms. However, the retail price for these tools is expensive. If you're a gun owner who has some time on their hands, continue reading. We want to help you build your own gun cabinets.

DIY Gun Cabinet On Paper

Throughout this post, we'll discuss seven steps to help you create a DIY Gun Cabinet. It will take a few hours, but the reward pays off. You'll have a fully functional gun cabinet by following these steps correctly.


You're going to need a few materials before you make a gun cabinet that'll match the ​other highly rated firearm storage cabinets on the market. Gather these materials to ensure a successful DIY Project. Items you'll need:

  • Pencil
  • Electric Screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Saw
  • Drill Bits
  • Electric Drill
  • Multiple 1-inch plywood sheets
  • Padlocks
  • Latch
  • Glass Retainer Clips
  • Knobs
  • Sanding Paper
  • Galvanized steel screws
  • Hinges
  • ¼-inch plexiglass
  • Wood Stain

Utilize The Wood

You need to measure the wood before creating the cabinet. The gun cabinet you're making has the dimensions of 6ft x 4ft x 2ft. To make these dimensions, you'll have to place plywood sheets on the floor and begin measuring.

Making DIY Gun Cabinet

Start by measuring six feet upward from the plywood. This is the length of your cabinet. Mark the length and begin to mark four feet long to determine the width. Repeat these steps twice to have a symmetrical gun cabinet.

For the sides, measure two feet across and six feet on the bottom of the wood. Now that you've found the dimensions, you can remove the wood and sand raw edges.

Make A Cabinet Frame

Find the back pieces of your cabinet and set it aside for later. Next, set and install a side panel flush to the back's edges. This allows you to screw the frame together and make a sturdy gun cabinet. Make sure you place a screw in every six inches, so the frame hangs up correctly.

Gun Holders

After making a frame, you need a place to hold your firearms! Cut and remove two pieces of wood with the dimensions of 2ft x 6ft. On the cabinet's interior, glue this piece inside so the safe can be used as a shelf. For the remaining piece, cut at least six 1x1 in notches then proceed to glue it six inches away from the top. These will serve as the main storage option for your guns.

Install The Door

The hinges must be installed first, so the door locks securely. Place the hinges towards the cabinet side. Make sure the hinges are six inches away from the top and bottom of the wood. This gives you an even door that won't break upon the first usage.

Wooden DIY Gun Cabinet Doors

Then, you'll need to measure plexiglass to display your guns. Your plexiglass must have the same dimensions as the wooden front (6ft x 4ft x 2ft). Measure four inches starting from the top. After that, measure the bottom and the sides. After making marks on these measurements, cut out the inner section. ​Once you've installed the door, make sure to add in a safety lock to prevent you weapons from getting in to the wrong hands.

Sanding And Painting

You must sand your gun cabinet after installing the doors. Sanding wood eliminates splinters and other potential issues. Sand down each side of the cabinet until you achieve the desired result. Once completed, you are ready to give your cabinet a paint job!

When painting, make sure to add an extra layer of coating. This additional coating gives your cabinet a glossy finish and prevents it from getting damaged.

While you can choose any color as paint, stick to normal neutral colors so the cabinet blends in the background. You don't want​ home intruders noticing it's there. Paint it with a good finish that only you'll remember.

Add Caulk To Your Safe

Our last step requires you to water proof your new gun cabine​t. Your safe becomes exposed to dangers such as insects, moisture, and bacteria. These threats tamper with the interior and exterior of your cabinet. On some occasions, your guns can get destroyed and damaged because of environmental issues. Even the best handgun safes on the market are at risk of environmental factors such as moisture and humidity, so make sure you get this step is done right away.

To prevent this, you need to buy caulk. Caulking is used to protect homes and windows from insects and air. Place caulk on any exposed sides to expand your cabinet's lifespan. Give your cabinet a minimum of 24 hours to dry.

DIY Gun Cabinet Inside

Congratulations, you just learned how to build a gun cabinet! If you want to go ahead and build a gun safe room, you can check our how to guide here.

Closing Remarks

It doesn't matter how much money you have. You need a gun cabinet. They offer a high level of protection from all sorts of harm.

Making a cabinet requires some effort. But, your weapons will thank you afterward. Keep your new cabinet in a safe place to prevent outside threats from tampering with your new safe. If you have any experience on how to build a gun cabinet, please leave a comment!

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