Are Digital Calipers More Accurate Than Dial?

Digital caliper

Whether you’re a full-time gunsmith or it’s just a pastime, there will come the point where you’ll wonder whether you’re using the best calipers for your needs.  So, are digital calipers more accurate than dial? The answer is more involved than you’d expect. Are Digital Calipers More Accurate Than Dial? Digital calipers are more accurate …

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Do I Have to Use Gun Oil?

A man using gun oil

Some people are not a fan of gun oil, it can be messy when you apply them to your gun. Sometimes it even makes you uncomfortable using your gun. This is why some people often ask themselves, do I have to use gun oil? Do I Have to Use Gun Oil? You have to use …

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What Tools Do I Need to Clean My AR 15?

A man dissembles his AR 15 rifle.

Cleaning your AR-15 is a regular thing to do if you want it in good condition. However, when starting, you might not know where to start. People often ask first, what tools do I need to clean my AR 15? What Tools Do I Need to Clean My AR 15? The tools needed to clean …

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How Do You Measure Powder?

Digital reloading scale

Gunpowder or just powder is an essential material for making effective ammunition. If you want to know more about ammunition, especially if you want to get into reloading, you should learn about its materials. A common question asked for new reloaders is how do you measure powder? How Do You Measure Powder? Gunpowder or powder …

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Do Pellet Guns Make Noise?

Photo of a pellet gun and eye shield

More often than not, people are afraid of buying pellet guns because they are afraid that the neighbors might complain about loud noises. When pests are becoming a problem in the backyard, you need a pellet gun. So we’ll answer the question, do pellet guns make noise? Do Pellet Guns Make Noise? Air guns do …

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Is a BB or Pellet Gun Stronger?

A man holding a gun

Bb guns and pellet guns are extremely popular with people who want to get started with firearms. They have much fewer safety risks. Hence, if you’re undecided if it is a BB or pellet gun which is stronger, read further. Is a BB or Pellet Gun Stronger?  Generally, pellet guns are stronger than BB guns. …

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How Often Should I Clean My Gun?

A man cleaning his gun

Just like any machinery, guns need their maintenance too. Cleaning your gun and tuning it up keeps your gun functioning in good condition. However, people often wonder to themselves, how often should I clean my gun? How Often Should I Clean My Gun? Generally, you should clean your gun after every use. If you’re only …

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Do You Grease a Gun or Oil It?

A person putting grease in the gun

Grease or oil is the most common topic in gun lubrication and one that is debated by gun owners. We’re here to weigh in on the matter and once and for all clear the matter of do you grease a gun or oil it? Do You Grease a Gun or Oil It? Greasing a gun …

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Is WD40 Good for Gun Cleaning?

WD40 spray bottle

People often misuse words like solvents within gun cleaning. In turn, it is often believed that WD40, a solvent can be used for gun cleaning. Is this true? In this article, we’ll find out the answer to the question, is WD40 good for gun cleaning? Is WD40 Good for Gun Cleaning? WD40 is not good …

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Can a Felon Own a Pellet Gun?

A man holding a plastic gun

If you’re a felon, you might have to get too many obstacles to get a pellet gun. Pellet guns are useful for hunting. So if you’re a felon, looking to take up hunting here’s some info you need to know “can a felon own a pellet gun?” Can a Felon Own a Pellet Gun? A …

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How To Measure Eye Relief For A Scope

Man holding a rifle while looking at his scope

Eye relief is the distance between your eye and the ocular lens of a telescopic sight when you are looking through it. This distance can vary depending on the power of magnification and should be measured to ensure that you have enough room to shoot comfortably. Eye relief also varies from one person to another, …

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What Is Eye Relief On A Scope?

Man looking at his rifle scope

What is eye relief on a scope that question comes to everyone mind when we are going to buy or adjust it on the scope? Eye relief is one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a rifle scope. The eye relief will determine how far away you can be from your target …

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