Can I Use Hair Clipper Oil on My Gun?

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In this article, I’ll answer the question, “can I use hair clipper oil on my gun?”. It’s a common question most gun owners ask when they run out of gun oil for maintenance, and the local gun shop has no supply.

Can I Use Hair Clipper Oil on My Gun?

Yes, you can use hair-clipper oil on your gun. However, it’s a fairly light oil, so you shouldn’t expect it to last long on your guns. You should only use clipper oil when you’re in a pinch and have no other options.

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However, don’t make it your regular oil, as it’s unreliable compared to gun oil. Some guns also require that you only use gun oil or a specific oil brand. Hence, it’s better to look at your gun manual or go to gun forums to ask for advice about your gun and blade oil.

Properties in Hair Clipper Oil

Blade oil or hair clipper oil generally has a low viscosity. While they won’t last long, they can easily seep into the inner compartments of your gun quite easily. Thick oil can cause clogging, so you shouldn’t put too much on your gun.

However, blade oils seldom have high-heat resistance. If you’re gonna use one make sure it can withstand high heat. Otherwise, it may evaporate after firing your gun at the range for a few minutes.

Do note that blade oil is just a quick fix and not a long-term application. Ensure you apply the proper oil after using your gun with blade oil. There’s a good chance that the blade oil has lost its viscosity after 1-time use.

Other Oil Alternatives for Your Gun

There are other two oil alternatives aside from blade oil that can be easily found at home. These are:

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Related Question

How Often Should You Oil Your Gun?

You should at least oil your gun once or twice weekly if you frequently use it. You might even have to do it 2 to 3 times in the hot and humid months to avoid moisture.

Should I Oil My Gun Before First Use?

Yes, you should oil your gun before first use. Guns need to be cleaned or lubed before shooting them. It makes the shooting mechanism smoother and more comfortable in your hands.


Clipper oil can only be used for your guns for a quick-fix solution. It does not have the same properties as gun oil, so you should only use it when you have no other option. Even then, you should reoil with a good quality gun oil as soon as possible.

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