Can I Use Canola Oil on My Gun?

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I have that time when I run out of gun oil, and the gun shop is closed. When I have no other alternatives, you probably asked yourself the question, “can I use canola oil on my gun? In this article, I’ll provide the pros and cons of using it and break down canola if it’s suitable for your guns.

Can I Use Canola Oil on My Gun?

Yes, you can use canola oil on your gun. However, it doesn’t mean you should. This oil should only be used as an alternative if you can’t access gun oil for your firearms.

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Canola grease is also called rapeseed oil. It is not made for firearm lubricant use, so it won’t work as effectively as gun lubricants. Even then, I wouldn’t use anything except gun oil for my AR-15s.

Guns can heat up high and create extreme friction, which vegetable lubricant can’t handle for long. If you have motor oil at home, it’s better than plant-based oil. Motor oil is used in engines with high heat and friction.

What Is Canola Oil?

Canola or rapeseed oil is made with crushed canola seeds. It’s mainly used for cooking and is regarded as one of the best oils for heart health. This oil contains less saturated fat compared to other cooking oil.

People rarely use canola oil for their guns. People use it mostly when they run out of options or want to cheap out and not spend on gun oils. Besides, you should look for better alternatives if you have one at home, like using motor oil.

Using Canola Oil for Rust

You can use this oil for rust only if the rust isn’t profoundly embedded. Although there are better alternatives, this oil can work fine for light rusting.

You must apply any form of rust protection after removing the rust. Else, the rust will just form back again.

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Canola Oil and Vegetable Oil

Also, vegetable oil and canola or rapeseed oil are similar. They only differ in the amount of saturated fat. Canola or rapeseed oil is the oil with the lesser saturated fat as a vegetable has a mixed composition of vegetables, while canola only contains canola.

Here are some of the other vegetable oils that you may consider (although I don’t recommend them) to use on your guns:

  • Olive oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Mustard oil

Pros of Using Canola or Rapeseed Oil on Your Gun

  • It can act as a temporary protection for your gun in emergency or rush situations
  • This oil provides enough lubrication for short uses
  • It can work well in high temperatures and won’t dissolve easily
  • It costs much less than gun oil

Cons of Using Canola or Rapeseed Oil on your Gun

  • It isn’t as effective as gun oil
  • Won’t remove rust from your gun
  • Have other better non-gun oil alternatives like wd-40 and motor oil


Canola oil on guns isn’t something you would normally do. However, some people have done it out of desperation. While this oil does work with guns, it is not as effective as you would like. Consider using it only as a temporary solution and not a permanent application.

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