Can You Shoot on Your Property in Indiana?

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There is no state law that prohibits purchase and ownership of firearms in Indiana as long as you are above the age of 18. It is for this reason that most Indiana residents have a gun or two in their possession.

For anyone above the age of 18, it might seem easy to own a gun in Indiana. But, even with gun ownership being legal, the state has imposed some regulations that govern the use and discharge of these firearms.

Can You Shoot on Your Property in Indiana?

Yes, you can shoot on your property in Indiana. It might be against the law to discharge a firearm within the city limits but shooting on your property is generally legal. All residents are allowed to shoot on their property.

However, there is a catch; the property must be located outside the city limits for you to be allowed to shoot on it.

Moving on, the possession of firearms in the state is mainly because of the rampant cases of insecurity. But in as much as the residents are ready to defend their safety, they also feel the need to own firearms for hunting purposes. Surprisingly, hunting is known to be a significant part of Indiana’s outdoor life and most people find it fulfilling.

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So, other than protecting yourself and your property from serious dangers, you can use your firearm for hunting too, on condition that you get a valid hunting license.

Safety Tips to Follow When Shooting in Indiana

It is your responsibility to keep yourself and those around you safe from unintentional discharge of firearms. Here are some gun safety tips for anyone handling a firearm:

  • Keep your firearms away from kids and other unauthorized users.
  • Keep your finger away from the trigger at all times, unless you a ready to discharge.
  • Never use a firearm when under the influence of alcohol or any drugs.
  • Always inspect and unload your firearms before storing them.
  • Consult a qualified gunsmith in case of firearm malfunction.
  • Report any cases of gun theft as soon as possible.
  • Understand how to use a firearm before you try to use one.
  • Always use the right ammunition for your guns.
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Restricted Locations for Possession of Firearms in Indiana

Whether you have a valid license to carry a handgun or not, it’s illegal to carry a firearm in these places while in Indiana:

  • On school property or a school vehicle unless the firearm is stored safely in a case out of plain sight
  • In the controlled zones in an airport
  • On a commercial airplane
  • Within the vicinity of private businesses
  • Within the city or any public grounds
  • Within the surroundings of a childcaring establishment

When Does the Law Confine Firearm Ownership in Indiana?

Purchase and ownership of guns might be legal in Indiana but under certain circumstances, the state might confine purchase and ownership of a firearm. The law prohibits ownership and purchase of firearms by residents that are convicted of felonies.

person handcuffed with pictures of weapons on the table

In addition, a simple misdemeanor will also rob you of the right to possess a firearm in Indiana, especially if the misdemeanor involves domestic violence.

That said, a National Instant Criminal Background Check System is used to confirm if a person is legally fit to buy and own a gun. In layman’s terms, a background check is mandatory before any firearm purchase in Indiana.

Gun Laws in Indiana

Law Long Guns Handguns
State permit required to purchase No No
Firearm registration No No
Assault weapon law No No
Magazine capacity restriction No No
Owner license No No
Red Flag law Yes Yes
Permit required for open carry No No
Castle doctrine Yes Yes
State preemption of local restrictions Yes Yes
NFA weapons restricted No No

Related Questions

Can I Stand My Ground in Indiana?

Yes, you can stand your ground in Indiana. Indiana also implements the “Castle” law which allows you to protect your property.

Is Open Carry Legal in Indiana?

Yes, open carry is legal in Indiana. You aren’t required to have an additional license to open carry.

Can I Carry a Gun in Church in Indiana?

There is no law against carrying a gun in church as long as it’s legal for you to possess a gun. Churches, however, can prohibit you from carrying a gun.


When using a firearm, always remember that these are lethal weapons and they can pose serious danger to you and those around you. If your property doesn’t qualify to the regulations of accepted areas to shoot, you can always visit gun ranges around Indiana.

The basic gun safety rules should apply at all times; always point the firearm in a safe direction and always unload the firearm when not in use. Keep your firearm in a safe and secure place.

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