Can You Shoot on Your Property in Ohio?

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With the less restrictive gun laws in the state of Ohio, people are always buying and using firearms. As a result, there is an increasing demand for areas for target shooting and many people are shooting firearms in their homes.

Target shooting is a fun and enjoyable sport for people of all skill levels and ages. Most firearm enthusiasts have developed gun shooting spots in their homes for this purpose. As long as you are not breaking the law, you are free to shoot firearms on your residential property.

Can You Shoot on Your Property in Ohio?

Yes, you can shoot on your property in Ohio. The state of Ohio recognizes that the civil right to keep and bear firearms is a fundamental individual right that preexists in the Ohio Constitution and the United States Constitution.

A guy shooting a target paper at a distance

Therefore, this is a constitutional right that is protected in every part of the state of Ohio. This means that Ohio residents have a right to purchase and own firearms and they can enjoy target shooting or recreational shooting on their property as long as they adhere to the gun laws of the state of Ohio.

Ohio State Gun Laws

The state of Ohio allows people who are above 18 years old to buy and own long guns such as shotguns and rifles. Those who want to purchase handguns such as revolver and pistols must be 21 years of age and above. There are no set laws regarding the purchase of ammunition, accessories, and components.

Residents do not need a license to open carry or concealed carry for long guns, but a license is required for carrying concealed short guns. Residential homes are not part of the areas that are prohibited when it comes to gun carrying and use.

Target or Recreational Shooting Should Not Cause Property Damage or Injury to People

The use of firearms for hunting, lawful sporting activities, and self-preservation is constitutionally protected by the United States government and Ohio. However, the rights to keep and own arms are diminished when the firearms are carried or utilized for an unjustifiable or unlawful purpose.

Some of the unlawful uses include:

  • disturbing public peace
  • recklessly endangering the property or life of another person
  • unlawfully causing bodily injury or even death

Therefore, when shooting on your property in Ohio, you must ensure that you have put all the safety measures possible to avoid any of these unlawful uses of firearms.

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Prohibitions on Discharging Firearms

The state of Ohio prohibits the discharge of arms into specific locations and some properties without lawful cause.

According to Ohio Code § 2923.162, no individual may discharge a firearm without lawful permission over a park, orchard, playground, law, or any other ground neighboring a church, school, inhabited dwelling, the property of another person, or a charitable organization’s property.

Discharging of weapons is also not allowed over a highway or public road.

Discharging a firearm on your own property in Ohio is also punishable if the propellant travels to a prohibited premise. If the propellant causes a significant risk of physical injury to a person or damage to another person’s property, then this a felony-level offense.

You must keep this law in mind when firing on your property to avoid getting on the bad side of the law.

You must also remember that the discharge of firearms does not have to cause harm or damage for it to be illegal. If an arm is discharged in any prohibited area and it was not justifiable, then the owners of the weapons are subject to prosecution for felony or misdemeanor charges.

Be Mindful of Your Neighbors

When engaging in target shooting or recreational shooting on your property, you should be mindful of your neighbors. This is important because you do not want to cause public disturbance, especially if you are living in a densely populated neighborhood. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that legality does not always matter.

If a crotchety neighbor calls the sheriff’s office because of the noise you are making with your shooting, they may come to your residence because you are disturbing public peace.

Even if the law enforcement officers do not ticket you, you do not want to be on their radar. Most people may not call the sheriff if you are firing shots for a purpose, for example, trying to kill a skunk in the backyard.

However, if you are firing continuously into the air accompanied by celebrating and lots of noise, then your neighbors will not be thrilled and this can get you into trouble.

But if you live with acres and acres of land surrounding you, then it means your neighbors are far away and your shooting adventures will not affect anyone. You just have to be neighborly and use your firearms without disturbing anyone.

Gun Laws in Ohio

Law Handguns Long Guns
State permit required to purchase No No
Firearm registration No No
Assault weapon law No No
Magazine capacity restriction No No
Concealed carry permit No N/A
Open carry permit No No
Owner license No No
Castle Doctrine Yes Yes

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Ohio implemented a stand-your-ground law in early 2021 so yes, Ohio is a stand-your-ground state.

Can You Defend Your Property With a Gun in Ohio?

Yes, you can defend your property with a gun in Ohio. Ohio has a castle doctrine law allowing property owners to defend their property.

Can I Open Carry in My Yard in Ohio?

Yes, you can open carry in your yard in Ohio. Ohio is an open-carry state so you can open-carry as long as you legally possess a firearm.


Ohio has gun rules just like other states in the United States. Therefore, when shooting for leisure in your residential property, you must avoid negligent use of weapons and avoid using firearms while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

You must also ensure that you are not endangering the safety of other people or property when using your firearms. This will ensure that you do not get on the bad side of the law.

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