What Is the Best Gun Cleaning Oil?

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Gun oil is essential for any maintenance of your firearms. It keeps guns from working effectively and increase its life span. High-quality gun oil can even improve the performance and effectiveness of guns upon firing.

The last thing you want is a malfunctioning firearm when you need it the most. That’s why having a gun oil is important. Identifying what is the best gun cleaning oil can help cleaning a lot easier.

What Is the Best Gun Cleaning Oil?

The M-Pro 7 Gun Oil is the best gun cleaning oil to date. It’s affordable but doesn’t compromise on its high-quality effects. It’s a general-purpose gun oil that’s compatible with almost any type of firearms no matter the time period and style.

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M-Pro 7 Gun Oil

M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX is a 3 in 1 gun oil that fulfills the role of cleaning, lubricating, and protection. The formula of this gun oil works to repel dirt and other particles that are harmful to firearms.

It also keeps gun mechanisms working smoothly and reduces friction and heat that can slowly cause wear and tear in firearms.

This gun oil has one of the lowest friction coefficients available in the market. It comes with additives designed to protect against corrosion and other environmental hazards. There’s also lubrication that acts as a barrier to dirt and dust.

Finally, it also lasts for a long time and doesn’t evaporate or thicken even under extreme temperatures.

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You typically use gun oil after a clean wipe of your guns and some lubrication. Gun oil provides a layer of protection after the dirt and all other particles have been wiped clean from the firearm. This layer of protection prevents rust and corrosion.

The best gun oil should effectively do what it’s supposed to do. It can penetrate down into the pores of the metal and remove any dirt that a solvent can’t remove. The best gun oil could also make a firearm disperse heat much more evenly and increase your accuracy.

Certain guns need a more specialized oil. For example, you’ll want to read my AR-15 gun oil reviews to determine the right product for that specific gun.

What Is Gun Oil Used For?

Gun oil is an oil specialized in cleaning and maintaining all sorts of firearms. Most military personnel and firearms manufacturers would recommend using gun oil instead of other types of oil.

Gun oil is great for general lubrication in sensitive parts of firearms and keeps them in good working condition. It also helps protect from rust and corrosion. Gun oils come with additives that give them extra properties for cleaning a gun. Some of them include:

  • Prevents jamming and overheating
  • Resists evaporation
  • Penetrates rust freeing stuck parts and actions

Some gun oils are biodegradable and non-toxic making them harmless to your health and environment. Some are even safe to ingest.

What Is Special About Gun Oil?

Gun oil is unique among all other kinds of oil. It’s a different grade of machine oil. It has different properties depending on its use. Some works really well in extreme cold and some on extremely hot temperatures. Others preserve really well keeping off rust and corrosion on your guns. 

You’ll find that most gun oils are very light and tend to evaporate. This was a problem during World War 1 and 2 and people resorted to different ways to keep rust and corrosion off their guns. However, modern gun oils have addressed that problem and are more viscous and thicker. 

Another alternative from gun oil is the grease which is just a thicker and more viscous version of oil. However, the maintenance session would become a lot messy because of this.

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Is WD40 Good for Cleaning Guns?

WD40 is a common word amongst gun enthusiasts who regularly maintain their firearms. The “WD” in WD40 means “water displacement”. It can push out water and other liquids out of cracks and holes in your gun.

WD40 is great for guns when you use it properly. However, there are better products out there specialized in gun maintenance that can do a better job of cleaning firearms. If you have no other choice but a WD40 for cleaning your gun here are some things you need to take note of:

  • Don’t soak your guns in anything without removing the excess of a WD40.
  • WD40 works really well on the exterior metal parts of a gun.
  • WD40 does an okay job when it comes to cleaning the barrel of a gun.
  • Try not to spray the inner workings full of WD40 unless you plan to disassemble the whole works and do a thorough cleaning.


The M-Pro 7 Gun oil is your practical gun oil that provides almost every feature that a gun oil should have. Gun oils are made to specialize in cleaning and maintaining firearms. They do a lot better job compared to other types of oil.

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