Can I Use a PB Blaster on My Gun?

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PB blaster is a common oil used for loosening up rusty parts. Most people usually have them, especially if they’re into smithing. If you run out of gun oil and only have it, can you use a PB Blaster on your gun?

Can I Use a PB Blaster on My Gun?

Yes, you can use a PB blaster on your gun. However, most people won’t recommend it, and neither do I because of its risks. It does a good job of cleaning guns and even provides petroleum oil for lubrication and protection from corrosion.

Black semi-automatic pistol surrounded by gold bullets placed on a black cloth

However, it does have its downsides. PB Blasters contain some chemicals that can break down plastic. If your gun has plastic parts, it may slowly deform over time with the continued application of PB Blaster.

You also don’t want to leave it on for too long, as it can damage your gun’s finish. It’s better to just use gun oil, especially for AR 15s, if you want to be on the safe side.

What Is PB Blaster?

PB Blaster is what you would classify as a penetrant lubricant. It’s a spray-on formula that penetrates and breaks rusted or frozen parts. They’re generally used for tightened nuts and bolts to loosen them up due to rust and corrosion.

This is what makes other people shy away from using PB Blaster; the smell can also be so stenchy that you might be bothered by it. The smell can oftentimes scare away deer, too, if you’re hunting.

Besides that, PB Blaster offers a lubricating film that acts as a rust inhibitor. Any oil can work on guns, it’s just that there might be some downsides to it, much like the PB Blaster.

What Is PB Blaster Used For?

PB Blaster is used in things that have problems being stuck together, mostly used for loosening up nuts and bolts. Hence, you see them being used a lot in the automotive and marine industries, where rust can build up for a long time.

Pros of Using PB Blaster on Guns

  • Easy to use with spray-on
  • Great for breaking up rust which is useful for rusty and old guns
  • It can loosen up rusty and stiff gun components
  • Can penetrate under and through fouling of guns
Disassembled black semi-automatic pistol with loaded magazine placed on a white surface

Cons of Using PB Blaster on Guns

  • Notable for its stinky smell, which can also turn away deer and rodents
  • Can damage finishes and light pitting
  • May break down the plastic components of your gun

Related Questions

Can I Use PB Blaster as a Cleaner?

Most people won’t recommend using PB Blaster as a cleaner. PB Blaster contains chemicals that break down plastic. If you have a plastic stock or frame, this could lead to deformity and might affect your shooting.

How Long Should I Leave PB Blaster On?

You can leave the PB Blaster on your gun for at least 10 minutes to half an hour, depending on how rusty your gun is. Do note that I only consider using PB Blaster for rusty and stiff guns.

Does PB Blaster Attract Dirt?

No, it does not. PB Blaster is dry and won’t attract dirt compared to a highly viscous oil. It still lubricates and provides rust protection, though.


PB Blaster isn’t something I would recommend you use on your guns. Although you can use it safely, it doesn’t mean you should. There are other better alternatives that you can check out.

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