Best Gun Oil [2024 Review]

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Gun oil will make your guns highly reliable and consistent in performance. It will also help with maintenance and making your guns work longer. However, what gun oil should you use? I’ve compiled the best gun oil so you can narrow down your search.

My Top Gun Oil Reviews

If you don’t maintain your guns, they may accumulate dust, rust, and other debris that could malfunction your firearms and fail to shoot. You can avoid that by regularly checking and maintaining your armory.

Gun oil is an essential item for preserving and protecting your guns from rust and other harmful debris. Hence, you should get one that is effective at what it does. Some gun oils work best for specific guns or specific purposes.

The gun oils on this list are some of the best I found, depending on your situation.

Mossy Oak Gun Oil

The Mossy Oak Gun Oil is an all-in-one, high-quality gun oil that cleans, lubricates, and prevents rust in your firearms.

This gun oil is great at removing oil, dirt, lead, and many other contaminants that can inhabit your guns. This gun oil has a thin, non-greasy coating for preventing rust and lubricating the moving parts of a firearm.

The thin non-greasy layer makes it convenient. It even makes your gun stop squeaking and working consistently over the years. Among the other gun oils on this list, the Mossy Oak Gun Oil does the best job of keeping your gun quiet.

The Mossy Oak Gun Oil is safe to use with wood stocks, polymers, plastics, camo coatings, Cerakote, gold inlays, and other synthetic surfaces in a gun. It does a great job at nourishing, preserving, and protecting wood and leather compared to other gun oils on this list.

You can even use this gun oil on leather holsters, scabbards, and slings.

It also works in general weather. It doesn’t freeze or run. It can work in temperatures as low as -65 °F and as high as 400 °F.

Overall, it’s an all-around excellent gun oil for shooters, hunters, collectors, and simple gun owners. It does an excellent job at keeping your guns in good working conditions.


  • All around gun oil (clean, lubricate, and protect)
  • Reduces squeaking sounds from your gun
  • Comes with a spray nozzle for easy application


  • A spray nozzle might break easily if not handled with care
  • Container parts such as handles are made inexpensive so it breaks easily. This is a compromise for the gun oil quality while keeping it at a competitive price.

Lucas Oil Gun Oil

The Lucas Oil Gun Oil is an excellent gun oil for Glocks. It works great for all weather and is environmentally friendly so you can safely use it outdoors.

This gun oil remains wet and easily penetrates the deep parts of your gun for lubrication. This gun oil also works great with sporting guns like shotguns (pump, over/under, and side by side), bolt and lever-action rifles, and revolvers.

Compared to other gun oil on this list, the Lucas Oil Gun Oil is odorless. The Lucas Gun Oil is also an ideal choice for hunters because of its odorless properties.

The gun oil works effectively with Glocks. It prevents jamming and overheating. It also doesn’t evaporate and will penetrate rust and free stuck parts and action.

The Lucas Gun Oil also has a polymeric film that protects your gun from rust, wear and moisture. It’s easier to clean off copper, lead, and wad fouling thanks to the polymeric film.

It also neutralizes acids from your fingers. They’re great for long-term storage since they can resist drying.

Overall, this is the only gun oil on the list that’s excellent for Glocks and hunting. If you’re an active outdoor hunter or like outdoor gun ranges, this gun oil is the best for your gun cleaning.


  • Great  for  long-term storage
  • Works well with Glocks and sporting guns
  • Odorless and environmentally friendly makes it great for the outdoors


  • Not as great as quality gun oils since it’s affordable
  • You may encounter problems with shipping

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil

The Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil is close to beating Mossy Oak Gun Oil in terms of overall use.

This gun oil is commonly used for general-purpose gun lubrication. It will reduce the instances of manual cleaning. Ballistol was first used by the German Army and has remained their go-to gun oil for over 40 years.

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil is unique among other gun oils on this list. It’s the only gun oil that remains on the surface when it mixes with water.

When it comes to penetration, the Ballistol Gun Oil is better than the Lucas Gun Oil. It has a specially designed viscosity. This viscosity allows it to get into hard-to-reach spots and loosen the components while applying a protective film.

Its cleaning properties are excellent. It does a great job at protecting and lubricating any type of gun while also being good at cleaning without getting sticky.

You can use the Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil on metals, wood, leather, and plastics. Some people even try it to polish silver and brass.

You can use it as an aerosol can, non-aerosol can, with or without a trigger sprayer, or field wipes.

Overall, this is one of the best gun oil and cleaner. It works for most guns since it’s multi-purpose.


  • Organic and biodegradable, great for outdoor use
  • General multi-purpose for versatile use
  • Viscosity designed to reach deep spots of guns


  • Has a slight earthy odor since it’s organic
  • Some people claim it’s toxic and not organic at all

Birchwood Casey Truoil Gun Stock Finish

If you want something good for walnut and gun stocks, Birchwood Casey Truoil Gun Stock Finish. It’s a unique mix of linseed and other natural oils. It’s the only gun oil on this list that has a unique blend of linseed and natural oil and dries fast.

It brings out the color beauty of walnut wood and gun stocks. It’s the best at bringing back some aesthetics to your dull wood gun stock without complicated application.

The viscosity may require some curing time between coats. However, it is still faster than lacquer.

You might find the oil a bit thicker than other gun oils on this list. This is great for gun stocks exposed to moist morning air and rain (for people who don’t own gun safes).

Much like other oils, it resists water damage and it doesn’t even cloud, yellow, or crack with age. At least that’s what they claim. However, I would recommend you store the gun oil bottle upside down and get the air out to keep it from hardening.

It’s an excellent sealer for butt plates, recoil pads, and inletted actions to protect your stock from damage.

Overall, this is the best gun oil you can use for walnut and gun stocks. You can even use it on guitar necks.


  • Easy to apply although can be a bit thick
  • Environment-friendly gun oil with its unique blend
  • Can also be used for guitar necks and some wood finish


  • May dry too fast to your liking
  • The thickness can surprise you at first application

Prom Hoppe’s M-Pro 7 LPX Gun Oil

Prom Hoppe’s M-Pro 7 LPX Gun Oil may not be the best on this list. However, it’s one of the top gun oils in the market. It’s especially effective when used on AR-15s.

It’s a heavy-duty gun oil and its viscosity and protection make it ideal for AR-15. The M-Pro 7  is known for its long-term protective capabilities that are better than most gun oils on this list.

Even a small application can provide long-lasting protection against moisture, humidity, and wear and tear.

Because of its long-term protection, it is great for AR-15 that are rarely used. It also does a great job at cleaning, lubricating, and protecting compared to some CLPs.

The M-Pro 7 applies a long-lasting protective film barrier on the surface of your AR-15. It will repel dust and dirt for a long time and doesn’t evaporate fast.

The effects of the ingredients of the M-Pro 7 works fast and will make your maintenance time shorter.

However, some people have complained about its bottle being low-quality and may cause leakage or slipping. If you’re planning to get one of these, you should store it in a safe and secure place.

Overall, Prom Hoppe’s M-Pro 7 LPX Gun Oil is great for AR-15. It’s capable of providing long-lasting protection and can reach the barrel of the gun. Read more in my article specifically on the best gun oil for AR-15s.


  • Provides long-term protection compared to other gun oil on the list
  • Ingredients work fast shortening your time in maintenance
  • Comparable to CLPs for general purposes


  • Bottle is damaged easily
  • Some people say it’s too pricey

CLENZOIL Field and Range Saturated Gun Oil Wipes

If you want a gun oil with wipes, the best one you can get is CLENZOIL Field & Range Saturated Gun Oil Wipes.

It’s a high-quality one-step cleaner, lubricant, and rust protector for your firearms. It’s not as good as the likes of Mossy Oak Gun Oil or Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil. However, it is still a great multi-purpose gun oil.

It does a great job at removing oil, dirt, copper, lead, grime, and other contaminants much like all the other gun oils on this list.

This gun oil provides a thin, non-greasy coating to protect your gun from rust and lubricates the moving parts. It works similar to the Mossy Oak Gun Oil.

You can use it on gun bluing, case coloring, gold inlays, Cerakote, camo coatings, and even wood stocks.

For the wipes, every container comes with around 50  5” x 7” pre-saturated wipes. The container complements it well since it keeps the wipes moist and ready for use.

Wipes are convenient to have. They can be used as bore patches if you don’t have any. It’s a convenient product to have to keep your guns and yourself clean after a day in the gun range.

Overall, if you want the convenience of wipes while not spending extra for them, the CLENZOIL Field & Range Saturated Gun Oil Wipes is my recommendation.

BreakFree CLP-4 Gun Oil

BreakFree CLP-4 Gun Oil is a CLP that is popularly used by a lot of gun owners. They’re convenient to find and they work effectively especially at removing rust.

The CLP-4 comes in both drop and spray bottles. I recommend using the spray bottle so it will be easy for you to get into hard-to-reach areas of your gun.

The CLP-4 is probably the best deal among the gun oils on this list. The number might confuse you on the product name. The number 4 of the CLP-4 Gun Oil refers to the viscosity level of the product.

Most gun oils are at level 2 and can effectively clean your guns. Level 4 is great for hot and humid areas. It can work at temperatures between -65 degrees to 475 degrees which is better than Mossy Oak Gun Oil.

BreakFree CLP-4 penetrates the metal surfaces of your gun easily. It soaks and effectively removes rust while also protecting your gun.

The lubricating film can last a long time given that the viscosity is thicker. You will have longer periods in between maintenance.

Overall, this popular gun oil is your best choice if you want a gun oil that can effectively remove rust. You can even buy the thinner one if you want something less greasy.


  • Reliable even in extreme conditions (has higher temperature tolerance than the best gun oil)
  • Corrosion inhibitors so your gun stays protected after removing rust
  • The oil doesn’t dry up easily even in extreme climates


  • Controlling the spray’s release amount can be hard at times
  • Bottle can get damaged easily if not handled with care

Wilson Combat Ultima-LUBE II

If you own a 1911 caliber pistol, then the Wilson Combat Ultima-LUBE II. It’s not as popular as the other gun oils on this list. However, it is an under-the-radar excellent gun oil.

This gun oil is a blend of petroleum and synthetic lubricants which is effective with most high-tech semi-auto weapons.

1911 is a rare caliber since most people often go for the popular ones like 9mm or .45. However, there are some avid collectors out there and people who like using 1911.

Most 1911 owners recommend using the Wilson Combat Ultima-LUBE II for cleaning your guns.

What impressed us the most is this gun oil might be the longest-lasting on this list. Most owners of 1911 have claimed that they can go for 500 to 1000 rounds and their gun works smoothly without any signs of wear from areas lubricated by this gun oil.

If you happen to get into some of the experienced shooters and hunters, they might know about this gun oil and how effective it is.

However, the pricing can put you off. It’s a bit pricier than most of the gun oils on this list. It is worth it for your 1911 though and saves you more cash in the long run.


  • Can last for 500 – 1000 rounds and even more (probably the best gun oil on this list in terms of longevity)
  • Performs like it’s supposed to do, cleaning and lubricating your guns, especially 1911
  • Recommended by top-level shooters


  • A bit pricier than other gun oils on the market
  • Not as popular as the other gun oils on this list

Hoppe’s No. 9 Lubricating Oil

Hoppe’s No. 9 Lubricating Oil is a popular product and one that is affordable. It’s a handy gun oil that most people can afford and have access to.

Most people like to use it because of its smell, unlike other gun oils on this list. Some people even use this as an air freshener.

This gun oil is your best option for an inexpensive product that cleans, protects, and lubricates your guns.

They’re a lot popular and are even used by hunters, range shooters, and military personnel. It’s straight to the point and has no gimmick. It will get rid of gunks and debris on your gun’s barrel and clean it too.

You will often find these gun oils all over a gun range. They are really popular and are easily noticeable because of their distinct orange bottle. They’re probably the most popular gun oil on this list.

While Hoppe’s No.9 Lubricating Oil uses petroleum in its blend, it’s not bad. People often turn away from petroleum-based gun oils because they tend to become gummy or foul up moving parts.

However, Hoppe’s No. 9 Lubricating Oil doesn’t follow that norm. Their blend is different and it’s also reliable for providing a protective layer for your guns.

Overall, the most reliable affordable gun oil you can get is Hoppe’s No. 9 Lubricating Oil. Other competitions are far outclassed by this product.


  • Affordable alternative to other gun oils on this list
  • Smells good compared to other gun oils
  • Works effectively despite its reasonable pricing


  • The product is not environmentally friendly and contains toxins (keep away from children)
  • Be wary of packaging because some people reported leaked bottles

Features to Consider for Gun Oil

My gun oil needs may be different from another depending on what gun I own. It may change based on what materials are in my gun and what recommended gun oil is for a specific gun for maintenance.

Here are some features that are usually checked by gun owners.


Grease is used in the barrel of a gun to protect it from corrosion and rust. Some of the best gun oils on the market have anti-corrosion properties and often won’t require you to buy additional products for them.

If you mix different bases, it can produce grease that has anti-corrosion properties and for gun maintenance. It also improves the oiling, and the oil will last longer.

Grease can be mixed differently depending on its intended purpose. Generally, the base is close to that of a metallic soap substance. The base can give grease different abilities like:

  • Reducing oxidation
  • Improved water-resistance
  • Protection from extreme cold and water

Bases are categorized by grade that is denoted by NLGI number. The higher the NLGI number, the thicker the grease/oil while the smaller the number, the thinner the grease. Choosing the grease will matter depending on the recommended thickness for your gun.

For example, AR-15s need to have gun oil that is effective at soaking the barrel parts. It also needs a long-lasting one. Therefore, a gun oil with thicker grease like Prom Hoppe’s M-Pro 7 Gun Oil will do the job.


If you’ve looked a lot of gun oils, you probably have read AW or EP. it’s additives used for improving protection and function. AW stands for anti-wear while EP stands for extreme pressure. Most high-quality gun oil contains a lot of additives to make sure it works smoothly.

Lubricating the mechanism of the pistol

The additives are made up of tiny solids that are mixed with straight oil. It makes the oil thicker and adds extra features. Here’s a list of the common compounds used for these mixtures:

  • Detergents
  • Pour point depressant
  • Tackifiers
  • Zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene
  • Phosphors
  • Zinc
  • Boron
  • Sulfur compounds
  • Antimony dialkyl dithiocarbamate

There are even more compounds used. These are just the most commonly used ones. The compounds matter because they will add features that you might want on your gun oil.

For example, the Mossy Oak Gun Oil can withstand extreme temperatures of up to -65 °F and as high as 400 °F. This is made possible with the compounds mixed in with the gun oil.

As a basic thing, gun oils that are AW or EP are generally better than gun oils that aren’t.


I briefly discussed thickness before in the form of an NLGI number. Thickness matters when picking a gun oil because it can depend on the climatic condition on where you apply your gun. There will be times that you have to choose thick or thin oil.

Therefore, you should know when you should use either one of them. In most cases, thinner gun oils are the best. They spread easily on the metallic parts of your gun. They are also great at reducing friction since they don’t easily rub off.

Thicker gun oil is better for areas with hot and humid climates. Thicker oils are better at sticking to the surface of a gun in hot climates. They also don’t evaporate easily so they will be effective for longer in hotter climates.

Sometimes, most negative reviews about gun oils with high ratings are related to this. They claim that the gun oil dries fast or is too thick. They probably didn’t consider the climate condition of their area before buying one.

The Mossy Oak Gun Oil has a thin, non-greasy coating that is great for most cases. It can even work in temperatures as hot as 400 °F. It’s the best all-around gun oil to have.


While you may liken viscosity to thickness, they are actually different based on context. A highly viscous oil flows slower while a low viscous oil will flow faster.

Man's hands holding rifle parts details and cleaning the gun

You want to apply oil with lower viscosity to areas where you want the oil to run through and seep into different parts of the gun. If you want better control over the oiled parts, you should apply a highly viscous oil.

Therefore, depending on your gun, you may want a gun oil with specific viscosity. There’s no gun oil that has the best viscosity, only the right viscosity for your armory.

Oil Color

Although the color may seem irrelevant, it is useful in some cases. It is generally known that you need to oil the parts of your gun evenly. However, it is hard to observe if it is really applied evenly. 

Hence, the color of the oil might help.  You can choose a gun oil that has a contrasting color to your gun. This is especially useful for beginners who are unsure if they applied the oil evenly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Use to Clean a Gun?

There are different tools that you can use for cleaning a gun. The most important one is a lubricant or cleaning solution that is mainly responsible for removing residues or debris. If you’re a beginner, you might want to consider getting a gun cleaning kit.

Can You Clean a Gun Too Much?

Cleaning your gun frequently should pose no danger to your gun. Gun oils only remove dust, grime, and other debris from your gun. In fact, some people even lubricate their guns before and after firing them.


These are some of the best gun oils you can have on the market. I’ve categorized them so you have an easier time choosing based on your preference. Make sure you do proper gun cleaning and maintenance to keep your gun in good working condition.

James Forrester is a lifelong gun and firearms owner, and an even bigger advocate for gun safety. He created with the purpose of sharing helpful tips and educating others on how to keep guns and weapons safe and secure.