Best Bipod for Ruger Precision Rifle [2024 Review]

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The Ruger Precision Rifle is a popular rifle for competitions and long-distance shooting. Its high accuracy ensures most misses are because of your mistake. Hence, people often use bipods for this. Here are some of the best bipods for the Ruger Precision Rifle you can get.

My Top Ruger Precision Rifle Bipod Reviews

I looked throughout the internet and compiled a list of the best bipods for Ruger Precision Rifle you can buy. Each one of them has its own pros and cons and I’m here to help you balance them out so you can choose a bipod that’s right for you.

Best Overall Bipod for Ruger Precision Rifle: Atlas V8 BT10 Bipod

The Atlas V8 BT10 Bipod is the best overall on my list by far. The Atlas series bipods are quite popular and this one is no exception. This bipod is regarded as the “biggest of the small” on this list. It’s known for its “bomb-proof” quality and adjustable shooting rest that can handle most large calibers.

The Atlas V8 BT10 has your typical notched legs, rubber feet, and center hub. However, it also has a unique feature in the form of an adjustable system. This system allows you to pan, tilt, lock, forward, or rearward leg adjustments in addition to vertical height adjustment.

Each leg of this bipod can be adjusted individually. It makes it easier for you to get into a stable shooting position on uneven terrain. Five notches give you locked positions. The leg extensions are made from billet aluminum and are durable.

The center hub contains locking fixtures and the knurled resistance-adjusting knob. If the knob is loosened, you get free weapon movement for left-right scanning and left-right tilt.

The leg hardware has excellent rust resistance since it’s made from heat-treated stainless steel. You get 5 total positions for each leg to lock in. The mounting bolts also have pressed metal washers for better longevity.

This bipod has a higher price compared to others on this list. However, your bipod is excellent for its adjustability, durable construction, and compact profile. It’s also one of the bipods capable of interfacing with almost all mounting attachments.


  • Lightweight yet durable feel makes it great for outdoor shooting.
  • Adjustment is simple and easy so you won’t have to spend more time on it.
  • Pans and tilts so you can be flexible with your positioning.


  • You might want to add a Picatinny rail fitting.
  • Some people aren’t familiar with setting up the legs so it might feel wobbly for you.

Best Ruger Precision Rifle Bipod for the Money: Magpul Bipod 1913 Picatinny Rail

If you want something that won’t hurt your pocket, the all-around reliable Magpul Bipod 1913 Picatinny Rail is a great choice. There are also other variations with different railings, however, I found this to be the best one of the other options.

Compared to the Atlas V8, this bipod has a Picatinny rail. However, do watch out for the M-LOK option if you also have a AR 15 at home.

One of the distinct features the Magpul Bipod has is the large locking knob which sticks out on the bottom located below the folded legs. This knob lets you control the pan and tilt adjustment. You have easy access to it when behind the rifle.

There are also two lock release buttons for the bipod legs. The legs have a bit of slack in the design. It’s easier to preload the bipod and helps avoid the “hop” when firing off a bipod.

For height adjustment lock, you can find a push-button on the back of each leg. The core of the legs is made from aluminum and the outer shell is made of polymer. The legs can be stiff at first use, however, it smoothes out after multiple uses.

Some people have complained about the stiffness and too much stop on the legs. This can result in wobbling when using it. With multiple uses, the symptoms may lessen or you might want to ask for a replacement if it’s defective.

When it comes to performance, it works almost the same way the Atlas V8 does. However, it lacks the interfacing capabilities the Atlas V8 has. Overall, if you want something that is reasonably priced, go for this product.


  • Lightweight yet durable construction for portability in outdoor use.
  • Optimized for rapid one-handed adjustments so you can always focus on your target.
  • Does not warp easily thanks to its stabilizing forward tension.


  • Legs are too stiff and take time to smooth out.
  • The locking knob might not fully lock off the tilt.

Best Cheap Bipod for Ruger Precision Rifle: XAegis 2 in 1 Bipod

The XAegis 2 in 1 Bipod  is an excellent choice for a cheap bipod on the go. Surprisingly, this bipod is also made of steel just like the Atlas V8. However, it may feel a bit heavier than bipods made out of aluminum or carbon fiber.

Because of the steel construction, this bipod is stable and doesn’t shake a lot. They also drilled some holes in it to lessen the weight.

What makes this great even at a cheap price point is the quality of its height-adjustable legs and spring. You can adjust the height of the legs in 5 different settings. The bipod also has a leg release button for releasing or retracting the legs.

The bipod is also good for hunting because it makes less noise when deploying the legs. The leg settings are almost comparable with the two bipods I mentioned before.

The legs have rubber padding so they stay in place. The rubber padding is also durable enough for harsh environments. However, it might wobble on some surfaces or places. So don’t expect it to be consistent.

The M-LOK rail adapter mount comes with a sling stud and is made of solid metal. Be careful as this product fits tighter than you would expect.

If you want a reliable yet cheap bipod, the XAegis 2 in 1 Bipod is an excellent choice. There might be some downsides to it because of its cheap price like how the screws look. However, if you’re just looking for performance, this is the cheapest option for you.


  • Durable steel construction suitable for outdoor use.
  • Able to withstand recoils from heavier rifle.
  • A lot of height-adjustable options for versatile use when shooting.


  • Hand screws at the bottom look flimsy.
  • Might wobble so not good for outdoor hunting.

Best Ruger Precision Rifle Bipod with M-LOK: UTG Recon Flex M-LOK Bipod

The UTG Recon Flex Bipod is one of the best options to get if you’re looking for a bipod with M-LOK. The bipod is fairly lightweight just like most bipods on this list. It’s also made out of aluminum so it doesn’t rust easily.

Just like the XAegis Bipod, the feet of the legs also have rubber on them to prevent slippage. It also keeps it in its place. This product comes with the hardware you need for mounting like an Allen wrench. Mounting it is pretty easy and simple if you have mounted an M-LOK before.

The UTG Recon Flex bipod has five locking positions and allows you to rotate the bipod legs forward and backward for a variety of positions. The legs have five pre-cut notches for adjusting the height. You can also rotate a locking wheel found in between the notches to adjust the height.

If you want to shorten the legs, you need to depress a lever and push it back in. if you want to move the legs forward or backward by pulling down a locking ring. You then move the leg to one of the pre-cut locking positions.

The legs move independently and you can adjust them according to uneven surfaces. It’s not as flexible in height adjustments compared to an Atlas V8, however, it still gets the job done.

There are some key downsides to this product. The legs can be easily removable (can also be placed back easily) and an overextending leg. The legs aren’t spring-loaded so you have to do it individually.

Overall, it’s a solid buy if you want a bipod with M-LOK.


  • Lightweight yet durable for outdoor shootings.
  • Low profile and legs can rotate out of the way if not needed.
  • Aluminum build means it won’t rust if well-maintained.


  • Bipod isn’t spring-loaded so you have to extend the legs individually.
  • Legs may overextend and a manual adjustment will take time.

Best Carbon Fiber Bipod for Ruger Precision Rifle: CVLIFE Bipod

The only carbon fiber option bipod on this list, the CVLIFE Bipod is also a great option for you. What’s different about carbon fiber is that they are generally soft on the outside yet durable on the inside. Some people even claim its durability is comparable to steel.

One of the advantages of a carbon fiber bipod is that it is resistant to corrosion and rust. It can also withstand extreme temperatures so it’s usable all year round.

The CVLIFE bipod comes with an M-LOK adapter that you can install for a variety of guns. With a sling swivel, you can make this bipod flexible. Its durable construction allows it to take in larger calibers without much recoil.

Instead of using the traditional one-block style that most bipods on this list use, the CVLIFE Bipod features two blocks on both sides. This allows for more stability and security which is evident when used.

It also has adjustable height options that are limited to 5 ranging from 6 to 9 inches. It is employed through return springs and a release button. It also has rubber feet for better grip on any surface it’s on.

If you want to use this for Picatinny rail, I recommend that you don’t. Some people reported it unusable if used for Picatinny rails. Overall, it’s a solid choice for a carbon fiber bipod. It’s around the mid-range level for pricing so most people tend to get this.


  • Simple and easy operation.
  • Great for outdoors thanks to its carbon fiber build quality.
  • Different height adjustments for your preference.


  • Not usable for Picatinny rail.
  • Quality is not as good as aluminum or steel bipods.

Best Lightweight Ruger Precision Rifle Bipod: AVAWO Hunting Rifle Bipod

The AVAWO hunting rifle bipod is one of the lightest bipod you can get for your Ruger Precision Rifle. Despite being lightweight at 10 ounces, the bipod is very durable thanks to its hardened steel and aluminum materials.

The bipod only comes in black color which is a great camouflage in forests and at night. It also looks sleek. The bipod has a maximum height of 225mm or 9 inches at the legs when fully extended.

The bipod also has foldable springs to make it compact for transportation making it portable and convenient for traveling.

The bipod has great stability and can hold its position thanks to the rubber at the bottom of the legs. It also has rubber padding at the top for the protection of the forend of the gun. The reliable stability ensures you maintain the accuracy of your shot and not be bothered with unbalanced terrain.

Overall, this is a reliable lightweight bipod you can bring with you for hunting and outdoor shooting sports. It’s easy and convenient to carry while also durable for rough conditions and great in performance.


  • Lightweight yet durable hardened steel and aluminum build
  • Contains ultra light spring loaded folding mechanism for easy use and portability
  • Non-rust black anodized finish for longer usage and protection against harsh weather


  • May not be as sturdy compared to higher-quality bipods
  • The lightweight build may make it seem cheaply made

Features to Consider for Ruger Precision Rifle Bipod

When choosing a bipod for your Ruger Precision Rifle, the number one thing to take note of is if it’s helping improve your shooting experience and accuracy. Here are some features that you might want to take a look at to better your experience.

Rifle with bipod on the ground


Most bipods are either made of aluminum, carbon fiber, polymer, or steel. Steel is the rarest on the list. Polymer is the least expensive with decent durability and lightweight quality. However, I won’t recommend polymer if you want something that will last long.

Instead, go for aluminum-made bipods. They’re durable and are resistant to corrosion. They can last for a long time and most popular bipods are made of aluminum too. Steel can also be a great option if it’s lightweight enough for you.

Carbon fiber is also comparable to steel also. However, it is more expensive. Of all the bipods on my list, you can never go wrong with them based on material. If I had to pick one, The Atlas V8 Bipod with its steel construction would be at the top.


Most bipods have extendable or adjustable legs that can raise up to 6 inches to 30 inches. Most models have a shorter range from 6 inches to 9 inches. Consider which height works best for you and your Ruger Precision rifle.

Most shooters would just go for 6 inches to 9 inches. It generally works for Ruger Precision rifles. You also want the elevation to be a bit higher so parts of your gun won’t rub against the ground.

Most bipods on this list have 6 inches to 9 inches adjustable height. In the end, it depends on your preference and Ruger Precision rifle. If you can, test out the bipods and see how they feel before making a purchase.

Range of Motion

If you are into long-distance shooting, then a range of motion won’t matter much to you. However, if you’re getting a bipod for hunting, range of motion matters a lot. In hunting, your target is on the move, so you want your bipod to also move smoothly so you can follow your target.

Rifle with bipod on the grass

If you want flexible and seamless movement the Atlas V8 bipod is a great buy for you. It has many leg adjustments and the movement is smooth so it won’t affect your focus.


Some bipods can be mounted on a variety of rifles. Even though I am getting a bipod for Ruger Precision Rifle, you might need it for your other rifles too. Hence, it might be in your best interest to get a flexible bipod if you’re not planning on spending more.

Some bipods can only be mounted on specific rails. You have to keep that in mind. Some bipods are also capable of using an adapter for rails.

The CVLIFE Bipod has an M-LOK adapter and can be used for most rifles. So if you’re looking to improve your rifle arsenal, you might wanna consider this bipod.

Leg Independence

Some bipods have leg adjustments that only work simultaneously with both legs. If you want more freedom for leg adjustment, choose one that allows you to do so.

Leg independence allows you to adjust the bipod on uneven terrain better. Hence, this feature is better suited for people who frequently use their Ruger Precision rifle on rough and uneven surfaces.

For that, you can never go wrong with either the Atlas V8 or the UTG Recon Flex Bipod. Both have individual leg independence so they are suitable for outdoors and uneven surfaces.

Why You Should Use a Bipod for Ruger Precision Rifle

While you can shoot a Ruger Precision Rifle on your own, using a bipod is much more comfortable and easy for you to take a shot. It also has other benefits too.


Most bipods use adjustable legs so that they can be stable even on rough and uneven terrain. Keeping your rifle leveled helps you get the right position for taking a shot when you’re in the prone position.


Bipods have rubber under their legs to keep them stable. Rifles don’t have this perks generally so it becomes less stable when you shoot it at the prone position. The more stable you are in prone position, the better your shot accuracy will be.

Man using rifle with sniping

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Bipod Good for Ruger Precision Rifle?

Bipod is good for your Ruger Precision Rifle, it makes your shooting more comfortable when you are in the prone position.

Will a Bipod Improve My Accuracy?

Bipods in general improve your overall accuracy in the prone position. However, with some low-quality bipods, you won’t notice any change at all. Hence, it’s important that you pick the right one.

Should a Bipod Fold Forward or Backward?

Bipods should fold forward, this allows you to easily load the legs down and fold it back up when needed.

How Do You Install a Bipod on Your Rifle?

You will have to install your bipod on the rail of the rifle (usually Picatinny rail). You attach the mount on the rail and set up the bipod. Screw them tightly to prevent loose parts.  If this does not work for you, refer to the manual the bipod came along with.

How Can I Use a Bipod for Shooting?

Bipods are used generally in the prone position for shooting a target. However, you can also use a bipod when sitting on the ground, You will need a table or other item that the bipod can be placed on so it matches your height level.


Bipods for Ruger Precision rifles are a great rifle accessory to have if you’re a long-distance shooter. They make your shooting experience more comfortable and also help with your accuracy a bit.

The bipods on this list are some of the best you can get and they will improve your shooting experience.

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