Glock 24 vs Glock 35

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The Glock 24 and 35 are both handguns made by Glock. They are even of the same caliber. That’s why people are often torn between getting either one of the guns. In this article, I’ll break down the Glock 24 vs Glock 35 to see which is better.

Glock 24 vs Glock 35

While both the Glock 24 and Glock 35 debuted during the third generation of Glock handguns, it is only the Glock 35 that proceeded to the fourth generation.

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Because it is shorter and lighter than the G24, the Glock 35 is considered a duty weapon. The G35 also enables accurate hit patterns even during fast shooting due to its enlarged barrel and an extremely long line of sight. As a result, the G35 is a popular model within the practical shooting community compared to the G24.

Glock 24 Overview

The Glock 24, often known as the G24, is an Austrian handgun based on the Glock 22. The G24 is the long slide variant of the Glock.40 S&W line and it is presently only available in Gen 3. With its long slide and barrel design, the Glock 24 is great for most shooting competitions.

The Glock 24 is also great for home defense with its 8 lines of sight for rapid target acquisition. At a full length of 9.57, the Glock 24 is a gun that’s unusable as a concealed carry unless you’re wearing a long shirt like a trench coat.

The great thing about the Glock 24 compared to Glock 35 is the recoil is easy to handle. It’s a great weapon for self-defense given that it’s easier to shoot and it can manage recoil better than many weapons thanks to its bigger frame.

Glock 35 Overview

The Glock 35 is a competition-style pistol designed for US competitors. The G35 is a fantastic gun for anybody to possess, but it is primarily aimed at competitive shooters and law enforcement. It is large and difficult to hide, and many individuals would find it uncomfortable, if not impossible, to conceal and carry this handgun.

The Glock 35 (G35) has a very light polymer frame and an extra-long slide to enhance the line of sight and hence accuracy at a longer range. To reduce the weight of the gun, a cut-out on the top of the slide exposes the top of the barrel.

All other Glock handguns are 9mm pistols, and as I know, the .40mm S&W has far more kick than any 9mm. With this in mind, the G35 handgun’s most amazing feature is its ability to retain pinpoint accuracy shot after shot with a more powerful bullet.

Similarities and Differences

If you are a gun fanatic then you have probably encountered many questions about the Glock brand. Two major questions surrounding the two handguns is where to use the G24 over G35. Also which specs make the two handguns different.

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The Glock 24 and Glock 35 share two broad similarities. The aspects include the trigger and calibers.

  • The Glock 24 and the Glock 35 share the same calibers. They are chambered in 40 S&W caliber cartridges.
  • Since the calibers are high-pressure rounds it means that both handguns would be a good choice for home defense, concealed carry, self-defense, or just casual range use.
  • The Glock 35 and Glock 24 share a trigger, as both guns are striker-fired competition pistols.
  • They don’t have a hammer. The firing pin remains back and under spring stress when the slide is racked back and released forward.
  • The trigger lets off the tension, allowing the pin to advance and fire the bullet into the chamber. The best part about this trigger is the high level of safety and portability, as they are lighter.


If you enjoy shooting as a sport then you agree that by merely paying attention to details and dimensions, you can tell the difference between the G24 and G35. When a Glock 24 and a Glock 35 are placed close to each other, the contrasts become more apparent.


The G24 has a barrel length of 6.02 inches, an overall length of 9.57 inches, and weighs 26.70 ounces. The G35 has a barrel length of 5.31 inches and overall length: 8.74 inches and weighs 27.53 ounces.

Unique Features

The G24 and G35 have their own set of unique features that differentiate them from each other. The G24 has adjustable Glock sights, a speed loader, two magazines, an extended magazine release, a long competition slide, and a cleaning set.

The G35, on the other hand, has fixed Glock sights, a hexagonal rifled barrel, and interchangeable back straps.


The Glock 24 features a composite alloy frame while the Glock 35 features a polymer frame.

When to Use a Glock 24

The Glock 24 has a long barrel. They are too long for IDPA and USPSA competitions. However, the handgun may be used in some GSSF competitions and Unlimited categories.

Additionally, although the G24 is a great gun it is not an appropriate choice or rather not a better choice as it may be too long for duty work.

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When to Use a Glock 35

The Glock 35 is considered more of a duty weapon since it is shorter and lighter than the G24. The GLOCK 35 fires accurately even when you’re rapid firing. It’s mostly thanks to its extended barrel and rather a long line of sight.

As such the G35 is a widespread model among members of the self-defense shooting community. Much like the Glock 23, the G35 is also better and more convenient for concealed carry.

Which Gun Should You Buy First?

I recommend getting the Glock 35 first. Its smaller size means you can be versatile for its actual use. You can conceal carry it, have better portability, and can fit in most competitions.

However, it won’t be effective for long-range shooting which is favored to Glock 24. Other than that, the Glock 35 is your best choice for all-around use.


When it comes to overall use, the Glock 35 is the better choice. It works in almost every category except for long-distance shooting.

The Glock 35 is a smaller handgun and better for concealed carry. The Glock 24 is great for firepower and long-range shooting.

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