Can 9mm Ammo Be Reloaded?

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Ammunition can be expensive. In times of uncertainty, people panic buy and you can be faced with shortages. If you find them expensive or hard to get, you should know if it’s time for you to reload 9mm ammo.

Can 9mm Ammo Be Reloaded?

9mm ammo can be reloaded. You should use picked-up brass to save money. Each round may cost less than a dollar depending on the gun range. If you own the rounds, it will cost nothing.

Macro shot of a 9mm ammo

If you’re new to reloading, you should know that you can reload your ammunition to save money from buying new ones. Although you have to buy some reloading tools like reloading scale initially. They’re a great investment in the long run since ammunition continues to rise in price.

Reasons to Reload Your Ammo

There are many reasons why people reload their ammo. Here are some of them.

Cut Down on Cost

As mentioned before, you will save a lot of money if you’re reloading your ammo. Finding reloading bullets are hard to find and buying the reloading tools is expensive at first. However, they can last for a long time and maybe your lifetime. So if you’re not in it for the long run, you might not save money.

One way you can reduce purchasing reloading tools is by sharing them with a group of friends who also want to reload their ammo a number of times. You can schedule on which week or day you can reload. People in the gun community do it a lot.

Customized Loads

If you’re the one making your ammo, you have full control over it. Some people like to extend the length of the round for better accuracy. Some add or reduce gun powder during the reloading process to make the barrel whip less.

It’s not mandatory to customize your ammo. It’s just great to have it as an option. It’s okay to be hesitant especially if you’re a first-time reloader. As you get to master reloading, you will get into customizing.

A photo of 9mm ammo

Restriction by the Law

Some states have laws that discourage people from buying ammunition. For example, in California, you have to get an ammo license. If you’re thinking about buying it online, you have to buy it from a licensed vendor and show your ammo license.

Some states have already prevented people from buying ammunition through online ammo sales. Hence, to get the most of your ammunition, you should reload them.

Reloading Is a Hobby

Some people just love to reload ammunition in their spare time. The process of reloading ammo is fun. The learning process and how you go about the steps to reloading is gratifying especially when you get to see your finished product.

Semi automatic handgun with 9mm ammo

Related Questions

Is It Worth Reloading 9mm?

It is worth reloading 9mm right now because of the ongoing shortage of ammunition. The difference in cost between buying 9mm ammo to reloading is so significant because of the shortage.

How Many Times Can a 9mm Case be Reloaded?

You can reload a 9mm case about 5 times before it decreases in quality. You could do more if you never loaded it to max pressure at some point.


9mm can be reloaded. Reloading is useful right now with all the ongoing demand and shortage of ammunition. I never know when the prices of ammunition could go down.

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