Glock 35 vs Glock 22

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Glock offers a variety of handguns that are great for sidearm and concealed weapon carry. Glocks are built differently and they’ve been popular for so many years now. If you can’t decide between the Glock 35 vs Glock 22, I’ll break it down for you.

Glock 35 vs Glock 22 General Overview

Both the Glock 35 and Glock 22 are 40 S&W calibers so it’s natural that I compare the two. Most people find it confusingly the same at first. However, the Glock 35 and Glock 22 are a lot different than what you might perceive.

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Glock 35

The Glock 35 is what most people call the “Practical Tactical” model among the Glock series. They’re popular among law enforcement organizations, particularly in Southern California.

It has a longer barrel than other Glock models. Because of this, it puts more weight forward causing less muzzle flip. Therefore, you can do rapid follow-up shots with ease and not much recoil.

Like the G24, the Glock 35 is great for self-defense and competitions. It has great accuracy and the longer barrel makes this handgun great for distance shooting.

Firing Experience

The Glock 35 fires as expected from factory specifications regardless of what ammo is used. You can feel the shot velocity is unlike other .40 S&W handguns.

Shooting it for long periods isn’t a problem. All you feel is comfort in your hands and you can shoot the Glock 35 all day long. The recoil is not hard so your shots will mostly be accurate.

However, the Glock 35 leans slightly pointing to the left. I might just have a factory defect model so you better check it out yourself. Regardless, the Glock 35 feels natural to fire.

Specs of Glock 35

Overall Length224 mm or 8.82 inches
Slide Length207 mm or 8.15 inches
Overall Width33 mm or 1.30 inch
Slide Width25.5 mm or 1 inch
Height with Magazine139 mm or 5.47 inches 
Line of SightPolymer: 192 mm or 7.56 inches
Steel: 191 mm or 7.52 inches
GNS: 190 mm or 7.48 inches
Trigger Distance72 mm or 2.83 inches
Caliber.40 S&W
WeightWithout magazine: 24.69 oz
With empty magazine: 27.51 oz
With loaded magazine: or 36.33 oz
SystemSafe Action
Mag. CapacityStandard: 15
Optional 16, 22
Barrel Length135 mm or 5.31 inches
Trigger Pull24 N

Notable Features of the Glock 35

  • Interchangeable backstraps for better customization
  • Extended reversible magazine catch for improved ergonomics
  • Dual recoil spring assembly for recoil control
  • Durable rough-textured polymer frame and lightweight design

Glock 22

The Glock 22 has many similarities to 9mm Glocks. Like most Glocks, it’s heavily favored by various law enforcement organizations. The design of the Glock 22 is similar to that of the medium-sized frame of the Glock 17.

This pistol has a slender grip frame. Still, it can hold a double-column magazine.

The Glock 22 is one of the more versatile sidearms thanks to its build design. Its size is right for uniform carry and it manages recoil well.

The Glock 22 is a reliable handgun that requires no fine-tuning for it to work effectively. It’s easily one of the best all-rounder handguns you can have. It’s also easy to disassemble, making it easy for you to do repair and maintenance.

Firing Experience

Just like the Glock 35, the Glock 22’s recoil springs came into effect immediately. They work well in reducing recoil.

You may also notice a difference when adjusting the straps. The grip on the Glock 22 can change the muzzle elevation so you should be aware of it.

The smaller design feels comfortable even with big hands. It’s also great to shoot at in concealed carry ranges. Overall, the shooting experience of the Glock 22 was comfortable.

Specs of Glock 22

Overall Length204 mm or 8.03 inches
Slide Length186 mm or 7.32 inches
Overall Width32 mm or 1.26 inches
Slide Width25.5 mm or 1 inch
Height with Magazine139 mm or 5.47 inches
Line of SightPolymer: 165 mm or 6.50 inches
Steel: 164 mm or 6.46 inches
GNS: 163 mm or 6.42 inches
Trigger Distance71.5 mm or 2.81 inches
Caliber.40 S&W
WeightWithout magazine: 22.75 oz
With empty magazine: 25.57 oz
With loaded magazine: 34.39 oz
SystemSafe Action
Mag. CapacityStandard: 15
Optional: 16, 22
Barrel Length114 mm or 4.49 inches
Trigger Pull28 N

Notable Features of Glock 22

  • Dual recoil spring makes the handgun recoil control
  • Modular grip frame great for users of any hand size
  • Durable polymer frame makes the Glock 22 lightweight
  • Easy to disassemble for fixing and replacing parts
  • Smaller build compared to most .40 S&W handguns
  • Both use polymer frame that doesn’t rust easily and durable to any environment

Glock 35 vs Glock 22 Comparison

While both Glock 35 and Glock 22 came from the same company, they are 2 different handguns. Both have their similarities and differences. Let’s discuss every one of them.

A glock with ejected magazine on a green table


  • Both are made by Glock.
  • Both guns are good at managing recoil thanks to their dual recoil springs.
  • They are both lightweight handguns.
  • No break-ins are required. Both handguns work effectively straight out of the box. Both handguns are so reliable that you find yourself bored with no tinkering work to do.
  • Both have the same standard magazine capacity and even optional ones.
  • Each gun is favored by different law enforcement organizations.


  • Although both are lightweight, the Glock 35 is slightly heavier than the Glock 22.
  • The Glock 35 has a longer barrel than the Glock 22 making it slightly better in terms of shot power.
  • The Glock 22 is better suited for concealed carry because it has a smaller build compared to the Glock 35.

When to Use Glock 35

If I’m talking Gen 4 Glock 22, the Glock 35 is a newer gun model compared to it. It’s bigger and has features of the Gen 5 Glocks.

I would recommend using the Glock 35 for distance shooting and other shooting competitions.

It’s better for competitions than the Glock 22. The new features will make your shooting experience better.

The longer barrel also is great for accuracy. It has less muzzle flip so you can fire it accurately in rapid-fire shooting competitions.

You can still use the Glock 35 for concealed carry. However, it’s not the best option.

It’s too big that it will take some time to get used to it. Smaller handguns are more preferable.

When to Use Glock 22

The Glock 22 is almost similar to 9mm handguns so they’re really great for concealed carry with power. The small build design makes it comfortable to fire for an extended time without your hands feeling numb.

Just like the Glock 35, the Glock 22 has less recoil than other handguns. The handle is simply excellent for concealed carry because it’s easier to hold. The newer Glock 22 Gen 5 will be much better at comfort and ergonomics.

Overall, if you want a reliable concealed carry .40 S&W caliber handgun, the Glock 22 is a great option. It has a small build design that’s comparable to the smaller 9mm caliber handguns.

Which Gun Should You Buy First?

If you want to get into distance shooting and other shooting competitions, the Glock 35 might be the better option for you. It has a longer barrel and will probably have better accuracy. You also get some features from Gen 5 Glocks.

Other than that, the Glock 22 is a solid choice for concealed carry and beginners. It’s smaller than the Glock 35 so it’s easier to conceal underneath your clothing. The grip and handle are also comfortable so you can easily draw it and use it with ease.

For beginners, they will love the less degree of recoil and the Glock 22’s ease of disassembly. First-time gun owners will have problems with gun recoil so having less of it will help with adjusting. Disassembly also helps beginners know more about gun parts and how to maintain them.

Which Gun Is Better?

This might be your first time shooting a gun but overall, the Glock 35 is better in terms of features, accuracy, and power. The longer barrel means it has better penetrating power and speed than the Glock 22’s shorter barrel. It’s the obvious better gun.

The Glock 35 will shine in shooting competitions, especially in the distanced shooting. It has better sights for accuracy and heavier means more control over recoil. That’s not to say that the Glock 22 is far behind.

Since both are made by Glock, they share a lot of similar features. The advantage the Glock 22 has over the Glock 35 is its small build quality. This makes the Glock 22, the better choice for concealed carry.

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