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Why Won’t My Charging Handle Go Back In?

Man shoots an AR15 with a charging handle

Whether you took your firearm apart for inspection, cleaning, repair, or upgrade, there is a chance that one of the components won’t fit back in again. If you’re wondering, “why won’t my charging handle go back in?” we’re here to help. Old and new charging handles may not fit a firearm for a couple of …

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How to Change AR Charging Handle

AR-15 charging handle

Taking a weapon apart – be it for cleaning, inspection, or repair – can be a challenge for someone who hasn’t done it before. Luckily, you don’t have to field strip an AR to replace the charging handle. So, how to change AR charging handle? It’s easier than you’d think. How to Change AR Charging …

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How Does AR15 Charging Handle Work?

AR15 charging handle

AR15 charging handles are some of the most overlooked upgrades in the world of weapons. Besides offering a better grip and accommodating a glove hand, quality charging handles deflect dirt, oil, and gas from the face when firing. But how does AR15 charging handle work? Their function is surprisingly uncomplicated. How Does AR15 Charging Handle …

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How Accurate Are Digital Calipers?

Person using a digital caliper

Reloading ammo requires you to have calipers you can rely on, and digital calipers tend to be easier to use than dial calipers. But how accurate are digital calipers? We discuss the accuracy of digital calipers in detail below. How Accurate Are Digital Calipers? Digital calipers can take highly accurate measurements in increments as small …

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Can You Zero Dial Caliper?

Dial Caliper with zero adjustment

One of the issues of using dial calipers for reloading ammo is that the tiniest bit of wear on the moving parts of the caliper can ruin the accuracy of the zero setting. Many wonder, “can you zero dial caliper?” There is a provision that allows you to adjust the zero on your caliper. Can …

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What Is the Advantage of Using a Dial Caliper?

Person using a dial caliper

Conventionally, gun owners and experts use a dial caliper when reloading ammo. But with digital calipers getting cheaper and more reliable, what is the advantage of using a dial caliper? We discuss that and more below. What Is the Advantage of Using a Dial Caliper? The biggest advantage of dial calipers is that they don’t …

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Best Ultrasonic Brass Cleaner [2022 Review]

Brass casings

Brass has been used throughout history because it’s a strong metal that can resist water and other liquids corrosion. However, when exposed to pollutants or high humidity levels, these metals can easily tarnish. This is where the best ultrasonic brass cleaner comes into play. Our Top Ultrasonic Brass Cleaner Recommendations The best ultrasonic brass cleaner …

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Are Digital Calipers More Accurate Than Dial?

Digital caliper

Whether you’re a full-time gunsmith or it’s just a pastime, there will come the point where you’ll wonder whether you’re using the best calipers for your needs.  So, are digital calipers more accurate than dial? The answer is more involved than you’d expect. Are Digital Calipers More Accurate Than Dial? Digital calipers are more accurate …

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Best Gun Cleaner Solvent [2022 Review]

A woman maintaining a gun using a gun solvent

When you own a gun, you need to be responsible and clean it regularly. It is essential for your safety and also the safety of those around you. The best gun cleaning solvents can help make the cleaning process much more manageable. Our Top Gun Cleaner Solvents Reviews Keeping your firearms clean and well-oiled is …

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Best Gun Safe Hygrometer [2022 Review]

An image of one of the best gun safe hygrometer

While gun safes protect your guns from theft and access, it does not protect from humidity. For that, you need a dehumidifier. Some people pair it with a hygrometer to get the best accurate reading. That’s why you’re probably here to check the best gun safe hygrometer.  Our Top Gun Safe Hygrometer Reviews Gun safe …

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Can I Use Olive Oil on My Gun?

Brown and copper semi automatic pistol with bullets

Regardless of its purpose, you should keep any weapon clean to avoid malfunctioning. Gun maintenance involves cleaning and greasing. One of the most common questions gun owners ask is “Can I use Olive oil on my gun?” We’ve prepared this guide to help you answer that question.  Can I Use Olive Oil on My Gun? …

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Best Motion Duck Decoy [2022 Review]

An image of two motion duck decoy

Ducks are brilliant birds and will avoid your spread when they feel uncomfortable. A skein of flying ducks is naturally attracted to a spread of duck decoys, making ripples, splashes, and lots of natural movement. To have a successful spread that will attract ducks will require you to have the best motion duck decoys and …

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