Best 9mm Cleaning Kit [2024 Review]

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Cleaning your 9mm is important. An unkept firearm can be faulty and even dangerous to use. It also shortens its lifespan and becomes less reliable. The best 9mm cleaning kit will keep your 9mm in top shape and in good working condition.

To make it easy for you, I’ve made a list of the best gun cleaning kit you can get right now.

My Top 9mm Cleaning Kit Reviews

Buying cleaning components separately would be too much so buying a gun cleaning kit is a more practical option. Having a gun cleaning kit on the ready will keep you well-prepared in-case your 9mm malfunctions that just needs a quick clean to fix. These are some of the best products available on the market.

Boosteady Universal Handgun Kit

Boosteady Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is a great cleaning kit at a reasonable amount. This gun cleaning kit is exclusively for handguns like 9mm. This gun cleaning kit includes a 16-piece kit with brushes and jags compatible with 9mm and other calibers such as .45 caliber.

The brushes consist of a standard twisted aluminum core with high-quality phosphor bronze bristles while the jags are brass. It also contains 2 brass slotted tips (small and large), a nylon brush, 100 cleaning patches, and a stainless steel pick for dirt buildup removal.

The rod is also brass and it measures 10 ½ inches in length and you can separate it into 2 pieces via connection points so it can fit inside its compact nylon travel case. You can screw it together to form a strong and stable rod.

The compact nylon travel case is very handy. It can fit inside your backpack easily and doesn’t add any weight. It also doesn’t take up too much space inside. You can easily carry it around wherever you want to go for a trip on the gun range or just being on the move.

A zipper secures the inside so you don’t have to worry about the components jumbling out of place. This zipper also mimics the foam insert that protects the components from damages should you ever accidentally drop it.

You can snap the clearly labeled components and you can snap them securely into place inside the nylon case for keeping things organized.

Boosteady Universal Handgun Kit features a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on parts and workmanship.

The brush and jag are a bit oversized for a 9mm so you need to force it a bit to get it inside.

Overall, this is a solid kit that you can carry around with you and does its job of cleaning a 9mm. The components have great quality considering the value.

Product Highlights

  • High-quality brushes
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Compact nylon case with a secured zipper

Allen Company Ruger Universal Handgun Kit

What better choice than to pick a company that has been in the firearm industry for a long time? The Allen Company Ruger Universal Handgun Kit has everything you need for cleaning a 9mm.

The Allen Company Ruger Universal Handgun contains 13 components for firearms maintenance. It can also clean other calibers of a handgun with ease.

There are bronze brushes, swabs, and jags specific for cleaning 9mm and other caliber handguns like .45 caliber and a .357 magnum. Some of the components might be a bit lose but they fit enough to do the job.

This kit works excellently for a 9mm caliber. You can almost say that the components are exactly for a 9mm caliber.

This handgun kit also comes with a 2-foot aluminum rod which is also great for shorter rifles. There’s also a slotted brass tool used for running cleaning patches, and it also has 20 cleaning patches.

You also get brass slotted tips, brass adapters, and a muzzled guard.

The cleaning box is well-organized. Locating a tool is easy and convenient. There’s even a separate space for each of the tools.

The kit is lightweight and compact in size so it’s good for carrying around. However, it’s not something that you can fit inside a backpack easily.

The case is also hard and sturdy so you won’t fear it breaking when you accidentally drop it. It consists of hard materials and is resistant to any weather.

The only downside I find in this kit is that you have to attach the rods together to use the cleaning brushes. While at first, it doesn’t seem to be too bad, when you find out that the rods when you put them together measure 15 inches long then you’ll see the problem for a 5-inch gun barrel.

Product Highlight

  • Suitable to almost any handgun
  • 100% cotton patches
  • Can also clean shorter rifles

KleenBore Classic Cleaning Kit

The KleenBore Classic Kit is your basic kit that has all the necessary components you need to clean your gun. It’s also portable so you can always clean your gun on the go if ever you are out for a quick shootaround in the gun range.

Most gun kits have the gimmick of having “everything” you need. This kit, on the other hand, keeps it simple.

The KleenBore Classic Gun Cleaning Kit includes 2 working rod sections. Both are threaded to accept all standard accessories.

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The swivel handle section can clean up to 7 inches barrel. You can go up to 10 inches barrel handgun with the use of the 2 ¾ inches rod extension.

The rod consists of high-grade steel. This steel is durable and reliable to last you for a long time. The rod has a black oxide finish and it also features rotating handles for ease of use. You can identify both of the #8-32 threaded handgun rod components by a groove in the rod end.

It also includes a plastic muzzle guard that will provide protection to the crown of the gun’s barrel during your cleaning sessions. The double-ended utility brush contains nylon bristles that can last for long cleanings. It also has 100% cotton patches for multiple uses and cleaning along with a silicone gun and reel cloth.

Finally, this kit also contains a 0.125-pound bottle of Formula 3 gun conditioner that you can also refill for better cleaning and maintenance.

Product Highlights

  • Classic handgun kit for 9mm
  • Includes a silicone gun and reel cloth
  • 2-rod sections threaded for standard #8-32 accessories
  • Cleans barrel up to 10 inches with an extended aluminum rod

UTG 9MM Cleaning Kit

The UTG 9MM Gun Cleaning Kit is specifically for 9mm pistols so you don’t have to worry if it fits the barrel. It contains a two-piece copper alloy rod, with tight tolerance threads. The rods have a solid construction and are really durable so it can last you for a good long year or more.

This handy portable kit comes with a sturdy and durable polymer black box. It has a slim design that you can easily place inside your range backpack whenever you go out to shoot at a gun range. 

Each component of the kit is durable and feels solid so they won’t break easily. The rods makes the cleaning easy and gets the job done. It also protects your barrel during cleaning.

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Each half of the rod is close to over 3.5 inches in length. It becomes just over 7 inches in length once assembled. This length is enough for cleaning the barrel of a 9mm.

It also comes with 3 brushes made of 3 different materials. Each consists of different materials like bronze brushes, cotton mop, and nylon. This makes cleaning a lot flexible and you can use each brush for different occasions.

The metal brush has tightly spiraled bristles so it won’t fall apart easily when during cleaning. The kit also includes a copper patch loop for a convenient bore cleaning.

This kit is all you need for cleaning a 9mm whenever you’re on the go.

Product Highlights

  • Portable gun cleaning kit
  • Made specifically for 9mm pistols
  • Variety of brush materials
  • Durable and solid components

Components of the Best Gun Cleaning Kit

The best gun cleaning kit should include components that are essential for cleaning a 9mm. Watch out for any kit that doesn’t include the following components:

9mm gun with bullets scattered around it

Bore Cleaning Brush

This is the most important equipment that any kits should have. A bore cleaning brush is effective for cleaning the bore after a shooting session. The brush effectively removes any dirt residues inside the bore.

Some of the most common types of bore brushes you can find are bronze brushes, nylon brushes, and tornado bronze brushes.


The rod commonly consists of the aluminum cleaning rod and swivel handle to the rod. The aluminum cleaning rod can get you deep into the rifle bore easily. Cleaning out the residue and debris is easy with the use of a rod.

Rods are a standard in a gun cleaning kit. They mostly vary in length so picking one with the right length for your 9mm is essential.


Most patches consist of soft materials like clothes or cork. Choosing the right shape for your 9mm will help with cleaning it. Most gun owners use them to clean the internal sections of the bore.

Hand holding a 9mm

Cleaning Brushes

Likewise, many people use cleaning brushes to clean most of the exterior of the gun. You can get different types of cleaning brushes from different materials. While stainless steel brushes and phosphor brushes are great for cleaning non-blued metals, nylon brushes are often better for wood surfaces.

Lubricating Oil

Lubricating oil isn’t a usual component in kits that’s why having one inside is a great deal. Lubricating oil goes into your 9mm especially in moving parts that will keep its function smoother. It also acts as a protection from fouling and rust.

Factors to Consider for Choosing a Gun Cleaning Kit

The best kit is different for everyone. 9mm owners have different needs that they want in a great cleaning kit. However, these are some of the most common ones.


Plastic cleaning materials can be a sign that cleaning kits won’t last long. Most of the plastic in cleaning kits often consists of cheap plastic so it doesn’t have great durability.

If you want long-lasting cleaning kits, you should avoid plastic cleaning materials. However, there are kits that use a combination of plastic and metal parts that can work for you.


Some gun kits provide extra accessories to market their products. Make sure you choose the right accessories that you need for cleaning 9mm. Some of the best ones you can have are lubricants, brushes, and bore guides. They are great accessories that will help with clean your 9mm.


If you frequently go to the shooting range or you’re just constantly on the move, then portability might be something you need to look for in a kit. Most manufacturers use a ballistic nylon bag for storage. Nylon bags are weather resistant and they’re also portable making them a viable choice.

Some manufacturers use a toolbox for storing the kit. They usually consist of aluminum and are really durable. However, they may not be as portable as a nylon gun range bag but they do give you the best protection.

Elderly couple using their cleaning kit to clean their rifles at the same time


Price can also matter as some really don’t need that much equipment for cleaning their 9mm. Some people also have limited resources so choosing the best available kit is a factor most buyers consider.

Why Use a 9mm Gun Cleaning Kit?

The 9mm or also called 9x19mm round, 9mm Parabellum, and 9mm Luger is the most common handgun caliber round in the world. Almost all law enforcement agencies and military use a 9mm handgun in every country.

Using a kit will keep your 9mm in good working condition. Especially if you frequent going to the gun range, carrying a kit is a must. Firearms experts recommend cleaning your guns after every use in the gun range which also applies to 9mm.

Why Is 9mm Popular?

The 9mm cartridge started in Germany in 1901 and it’s been in production for more than 100 years. It’s also the official NATO sidearm caliber and the official sidearm caliber of most countries’ special forces.

9mm is also the go-to caliber of the police force, increasing its popularity. A lot of retired police surplus and trade-in weapons have flooded the market. It also is a decent round with a very compact package.


9mm is a common handgun among firearm owners. That is why you need to have the right gun cleaning kits to maintain them. The gun cleaning kits listed above are some of the best you can get right now in the market.

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