Best Bow Press [2024 Review]

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A bow press is an essential tool that you need for regular bow maintenance. However, it’s hard to find one that serves your needs with so many models available in the market. To help you pick one, I narrowed down the choices for the best bow press you can get right now.

My Top Bow Press Reviews

Bow presses vary a lot in the market making it hard for you to make a choice. Among this list are the most popular and highly reviewed bow presses you can find on the market.

October Mountain Products OMP Versa-Cradle Bow Vise

When it comes to overall quality, the October Mountain Products OMP Versa-Cradle Bow Vise has few competitions. It packs a lot of features compared to most bow presses on the market.

This bow press is made from heavy-duty steel that is highly durable. It is also made with polyurethane pads that add to the durability of this bow press.

It’s easy to fit in any bow because its clamp located in two locations. Once you lock down the handle, the bow press will stay stable and steady. This feature makes this bow press very safe to use.

What I find great about this bow press compared to other bow press is its grip arm ball-and-socket. It locks firmly and easily unlocks for re-positioning.

The spring tension in the vice grip arm lock handle makes it faster for locking and unlocking. This bow press can also be mounted on the gun bench. It can hold both single and dual-limb bows.

The screws on the jaws are high quality and the grooves keep them tight and stable. The stand has ball gear to rotate it 360 degrees to adjust it however you want.

Overall, this bow press is one of the highest quality bow press made. It’s great for any kind of compound or crossbow of varying size. It’s adjustable and completely safe to use.


  • Ease of use with the fully adjustable vise
  • Mounts to any countertop or bench with ease
  • Excellent limb grip


  • Maybe a bit expensive to my liking
  • Heavier than most bow presses

Bowmaster Press G2 Portable Bow

When talking about value, the Bowmaster Press G2 Portable Bow Press has made me feel impressed with it. This portable bow press acts as a first aid kit to fix minor problems with your bow when you are out hunting.

The bow press is a compact metal press that has impressive pulling and tension holding capacity. If you compare it with other bow presses in its range, the difference is a lot.

The compact design allows for easy storage and you can practically bring it with you when you’re out hunting. The Bowmaster Press G2 Portable Bow allows you to add peeps, string silencers, and changing strings is easy and convenient.

The metal wire on this bow press has small bits on it. You can use them to adjust the length of your bow to fit you. You also have some clamps on the cable ends. The clamps have rubber ends that protect the bow from scratches due to high tension. This bow press works on any “V” split limb bow models.

This is a great bow press for people who own a compound bow since it works on most compound bows. This is a lightweight tool that works almost the same as a full-size press.


  • Uses leather pads to protect limbs
  • Metal construction for durability
  • Compact and lightweight yet works the same as a full-size press


  • It may not work with some compound bows
  • Can’t handle extremely high string tension

Bow Medic Compound Bow Press

You can’t find any bow press that’s better than the Bow Medic Compound Bow Press at this range. It is lightweight and one of the best bow presses in terms of portability.

What’s great about this bow press is it can repair or change all compounds and crossbows. You will probably like its compact feature because it will make carrying this a lot easier compared to the Bowmaster Press G2 Portable Bow.

Aside from its lightweight and portability, this bow press is designed with a hand crank and a cable. These parts make this bow press flexible for working on any solid limb bow.

Despite its affordability, it’s surprisingly durable thanks to its all-metal construction. It’s not as durable as the October Mountain Versa-Cradle Bow Vise. However; you may be surprised at its durability for a lightweight and compact bow press.

You can fit strings, cables, and peeps. You can also replace cams and adjust draw lengths with ease. Just like the Bowmaster Press G2 Portable Bow, you mainly use this bow press as the first aid for your compound bow.

Overall, this the best to get if you want something affordable for a bow press. It’s a pretty handy lightweight bow press that you can easily bring along with you while hunting.


  • Durable design and material
  • Works with most compound bows
  • Can fit inside your pocket


  • The handle may be hard to twist
  • Does not split limbs without the use of an L-shaped adaptor set

Iveke Portable Hand Held Bow Press

The Iveke Portable Hand Held Bow Press is a sturdy and lightweight bow press. It makes it easy to work your bow while still holding it.

This bow press is made of metal material that is resistant to corrosion. All the parts of this bow press are all metal. It’s quite durable and weather-resistant. it can even work in wet conditions.

Just like the other portable bow press on this list, this one is lightweight and its small design makes it easier to slide into your pocket. You can hold this bow press with just one hand as you work on your bow. That’s how portable it is.

This bow press has an adjustable mechanism. It allows you to adjust its size when you’re working on different types and sizes of bows. It comes with varying cables of stops to fit on different bows.

Hence, why this is the best versatile and portable bow press. You can practically use it on any type and size of bows. Though, you have to be careful of the tension.

Most people complain about their bow press not having brackets. This bow press has 2 L brackets you can use together with the bow press. Bracket adapters are used for full split limb bows.

Overall, an excellent and better portable bow press than others on this list for versatile use.


  • Comfortable to hold and carry
  • Solid and durable build
  • Versatile and adjustable


  • Can’t be used past the parallel limb bows
  • Not great for high tensions

Ratchet-Loc Portable Bow Press

If you want a bow press that can able to endure your adventurous hunting tendencies, then the Ratcher-Loc Portable Bow Press is one tough bow press you can bring along.

A lot of bowhunters like this bow press because of its ease of use and portability. First-timers of bow press won’t have a hard time using this. It can work on the field and easily help you make adjustments on the go.

What I love about this bow press is that it also works on a wide range of compound bows and crossbows. This is probably why a lot of bowhunters know this product. This bow press employs a new innovative technology that makes it compatible with most bows.

Now for durability, the Ratchet-Loc Portable Bow Press features sturdy and durable aluminum materials. They are known for their anti-corrosion properties so you can use this bow press in any weather conditions.

It has features that will reduce your expenses and it’s a great long-term bow press to have. It’s highly efficient, safe, and works with all limb styles.

Overall, the Ratchet-Loc Portable Bow Press is an excellent durable option. It’s portable too so you can use it both on the field and at home. Its materials are aircraft grade so you can rely on its durability.


  • Beginner-friendly due to ease of use
  • Durable design that will last years of usage
  • Works on a wide variety of bow types


  • May need buffering against side contact with limb edges
  • Instructions don’t have any images to go with the text

Features to Consider in a Bow Press

I’ve prepared some features that you may want to go over before you decide on buying a bow press. You might find these more useful for your bow maintenance or when you’re out hunting.

Bow Press Type

When you are looking for a bow press, you may notice a trend where there are two main types of bow presses. They are either cable type or ratchet-loc type. If you want to go for a lightweight and compact build, go for the cable type.

Cable types usually have all their components made of metal. You will also often find them with attachments for a quad limb bow. Examples of this are the Bowmaster Press G2 Portable Bow and Bow Medic Compound Bow Press.

Man aiming with a bow and arrow

The ratchet-loc types like the Ratchet-Loc Portable Bow Press are considered the strongest. It has a powerful fabric or hybrid ribbon and aluminum clams to hold on to the arms. You usually have them in heavy or bulky designs.

Pulling Method

Cable-type bow presses have a “pulling method” that has a hex head and T handles. You have to tighten up the hex nut using the T bar. You will have to use a bit of strength to tighten the nut and bolt.

Use a wrench or ratchet to make your work easier. This is one disadvantage of cable-type bow presses. The ratchet pulling bow presses are easy to handle contrary to the other. You don’t have to use a lot of strength to pull the two ends together.

However, you need to have some preparations and it might take some time. You also have to be cautious so that the clams don’t move from their position and grab on tight.

This all depends on what you will be working on. If you’re getting a bow press to bring with you when hunting, then go for the light and compact, cable-type bow press like the Bowmaster G2 Portable Bow.

If you want to use it for the home only, then the ratchet pulling bow press will do you great. It provides better maintenance like the October Mountain Products OMP Versa-Cradle Bow Vise.


There’s no doubt that you should always go for an all-metal construction if you can. Compound bows have high drag weights. They can easily destroy any portable bow press that doesn’t have quality materials. Hence, going for metal is the safe choice.

Metal has the ability to tolerate high tension and pulls. All metal bow presses like the Bow Medic Compound Bow Press and Iveke Portable Hand Held Bow Press have impressive durability.

If you can’t find an all-metal one. Make sure that the fabric ribbon is strong enough to handle the weight.

An added bonus for the metal would be its anti-corrosive properties. The Iveke Portable Hand Held Bow Press and Ratchet-Loc Portable Bow Press use metal that is resistant to corrosion. They usually last you for a long time of use.

Safety Features

When talking about safety features, then it’s all about the brackets. Make sure that the brackets that have contact with the bow have rubber coating or any rubbers on them. This will ensure it does not damage or scratch your bow while it’s on it.

Make sure the brackets are stiff and heavy enough for your regular maintenance. If you want a bow press that comes with brackets, the Iveke Portable Hand Held Bow Press is a great option.

Ease of Use

A design that emphasizes ease of use is usually popular with hunters. You want the process to be quick especially when you’re out hunting. Most of the bow presses on the list are easy to use.

However, if I were to pick one based on practical use then the October Mountain Products OMP Versa-Cradle Bow Vise is my pick.


There are a lot of bow presses that can make any type of changes or repairs to a wide variety of bows. Versatility is extremely useful if you own a lot of bows.

If you want a bow press that will work on most bows, you should go for the versatile Iveke Portable Hand Held Bow Press. It works in almost any type of bows in various sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Bow Press and What Is It Used For?

A bow press is a mechanical tool. It is used to flex the bow’s limbs to take tension off the bowstring and cable. This is essential for the effectiveness and lifespan of your bow.

That’s why hunters usually bring a bow press with them when they’re out hunting. They also have a bow press at home for regular maintenance.

How Can I Use a Portable Bow Press?

Portable bow presses may have some unique aspects in them. However, when it comes to function, they will follow similar steps most of the time. Here are the steps on how to use a portable bow press:

1. Insert the cable through each limb.
2. Pull the cable through the adjustable end using a jackscrew. Pull until there is no slack in the cable. 
3. Slide the cable stop over to the end of the slot in the adjustable cable end. Make sure it is seated properly past the indents. If there are signs of damage to the cable, don’t use it and replace it as soon as possible. 
4. Fold the leather pads supplied in half and place them on each limb.
5. Turn the jackscrew until you no longer feel tension from the string and cable.
Make sure that everything is in place after the repairs finished. Then restore the tension to the string and cables.

How Often Should You Do Maintenance to Your Bow?

Bows usually have great durability and consistency. Getting it checked at least once a year is the least you could do. If you want it in top condition always, tune your bow at least once every 6 months to maintain its accuracy and speed.


Bow presses are extremely useful for keeping your bow in good working condition. You can use them at home or out in the wild when you’re hunting. Getting one for yourself will help you keep your bow working for a long time.

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