Best Portable Bow Press [2024 Review]

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If you’re into bow hunting, then you should know that the bow press is one of the most crucial tools to have. Bowhunters often carry them in portable designs. Here’s a list of the best portable bow press you might want to have.

My Top Portable Bow Press Reviews

A portable bow press is a mechanical press used by bow hunters and archers to work their bow while they’re out hunting. You use the bow press when changing the strings, repairing the bow, or replacing the bow cables. You can carry a portable bow press wherever you go to ensure your bow is functional and consistent when used.

Ratchet-Loc Portable Bow Press

If you’re looking for the best portable bow press you can have, then the Ratchet-Loc Portable Bow Press is a great option for you. It packs quite a lot of features that you will find useful for a portable bow press.

First, this portable bow press is quite easy to use and easy to carry around with you. Beginners will find it easy to handle and it’s safe to use. It works on different field conditions and assists you when you want to make adjustments when out hunting.

This portable bow press works on a variety of compound bows and crossbows. It’s one of the reasons why this portable bow press is popular among hunters because of its wide range of use. It uses a fairly new technology that enables it to be used with most bows.

What is impressive about the Ratchet-Loc Portable Bow Press is its durability. It is made of sturdy and durable aluminum materials. These materials have anti-corrosive properties that can withstand the harsh environment when you’re out hunting.

Its durability alone is a great thing to consider if you’re looking for a portable bow press investment for the long run. Overall, this is the best portable bow press because of its durability, ease of use, and quality.


  • Ease of use makes it beginner-friendly
  • Can last for years thanks to its build quality
  • Works on most types of bows


  • May need buffering against side contact with limb edges
  • Instructions don’t have any images to go with the text

Bowmaster Press G2 Portable Bow

The Bowmaster Press G2 Portable Bow is one of the best portable bow presses you can have that has a reasonable price. It’s great for fixing minor problems with your bows when you are out deep hunting. Consider it as a first aid kit for your bow.

The bow press is made out of compact metal with impressive pulling and tension holding capacity that you don’t find in most portable bow press at its price range. Although the compact metal isn’t as durable as the Ratchet-Loc Portable Bow Press.

However, the compact design allows easy storage. You can easily bring it with you during your hunt. It’s in fact, better at being portable if you compare it to the Ratchet-Loc Portable Bow Press.

The Bowmaster Press G2 Portable Bow allows you to add peeps, string silencers, and it’s easy and convenient to change the strings.

There’s a metal wire on this bow press which has small bits on it. They’re used to adjust the length of your bow so it fits you. There are also some clamps on the cable ends which have rubber ends for protection from scratches.

Overall, the best value you can get for a portable bow press. It works on most compound bows. It acts as a full-size press while being portable and lightweight.


  • Leather pads for limb protection
  • Compact metal construction makes it durable
  • Works like a full-size press while being lightweight and compact


  • Not as versatile as the Ratchet-Loc; only works on most compound bows
  • Can’t handle extremely high string tension

Iveke Portable Hand Held Bow Press

Despite being economical, the Iveke Portable Hand Held Bow Press is a sturdy and lightweight bow press. Just like the other two portable bow press above, this one is also easy to use even when you’re still holding your bow.

The Iveke Portable Hand Held Bow Press is also made of metal just like the Bowmaster Press G2. It also has the same anti-corrosive properties as the Ratchet-Loc Portable Bow Press.

The all-metal construction ensures this bow press is durable despite being on the affordable side. It works in harsh weather conditions and even in rain. This portable bow press is extremely lightweight and can fit easily into your pocket. It’s so portable, that you can hold this bow press in one hand while you work on your bow.

You also have an adjustable mechanism. You can adjust the size depending on what type or size of bow you are working on. It’s pretty versatile and comes with varying cables of stops that fit on different bows.

Among the other portable bow press on this list, this one is the most versatile. It can work on any type of bows with varying sizes.


  • Easy to hold and carry
  • Solid and durable material
  • Works on different types and sizes of bows


  • Can’t used past the parallel limb bows
  • Not suitable for high string tensions

Features to Consider for Portable Bow Press

You may find these features quite useful for your portable bow press. Bow presses are meant for maintenance and a portable one means it should work well wherever you are.


It shouldn’t be a surprise that your portable bow press has great portability. Your bow press should be easy to carry around with you especially when you’re out on the hunt. Some portable bow press can easily fit into your pocket like the Iveke Portable Hand Held Bow Press.

Woman preparing her bow for archery

Type of Bow Press

There are two main types of bow presses, cable type or ratchet-loc type. Each has its own advantages.

  • Cable types: lightweight and compact build mean they’re great for portability.
  • Ratchet-loc: better in durability and strength. Usually bulk or heavy in design. However, there are also lightweight designs.

If you’re going for a portable ratchet-loc then the Ratchet-loc Portable Bow Press is an excellent choice. If you value more lightweight, then either the Bowmaster Press G2 or the Iveke Portable Hand Held Bow Press is a great option.

Pulling Method

Considering portability and you using it during hunts, the cable type pulling method is more preferred. It’s faster, however, you need to use some strength to use it.

The Iveke Portable Hand Held Bow Press makes it easy for you. However, it suffers from not being able to handle high string tension. So only use it for a quick, on-the-go solution to your bow.

Build Quality

Always go for an all-metal build if you can. Metal is a lot durable and can tolerate high tension and pulls better. Other materials might easily break when put under such tension. Hence, metal is the safer choice.

You can never go wrong with any of the 3 portable bow presses listed above. They’re all made from metal. If you want the best at withstanding high tension, then the Ratchet-Loc Portable Bow Press is your pick.

Ease of Use

One thing you want of your portable bow press is that it should be easy to use. You want to use a portable bow press on the go wherever you are so it should be easy to use so it doesn’t take too much time.

For that, the beginner-friendly Ratchet-Loc Portable Bow Press is the preferred choice. It also comes with instructions so you will always know what you’re doing.


You may also want versatility on your portable bow press. If you’re buying one for your hunting group, pick one that can work on most types of bows and varying sizes too.

The Iveke Portable Hand Held Bow Press is an excellent option for you. It works on almost every bow you can think of.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between a Portable and Full-Size Bow Press?

The difference between a portable and full-size bow press is the size difference between them. Aside from that, full-size bow presses are better at handling high tension and are generally safer to use.

Why Do You Need a Bow Press?

You need a portable bow press because repairs and maintenance are almost impossible to do without a bow press on the field. You need the right tools for maintenance and repairs and the bow press happens to be an essential tool for it. 

Why Is My Bow Press Not Good for Crossbows?

If your bow press is good for crossbows or not depends mostly on the model. Some bow presses work great for crossbows while some are not compatible with crossbows at all.


A portable bow press is your important tool to have when you’re out hunting. You never know when your bow would need some repairs during the hunt. That’s why having the best portable bow press will make your hunting experience much better.

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