Best Gunsmith Screwdrivers [2024 Review]

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No matter what gun you own, you will always need to clean it and do some maintenance or repairs. If you’re the do-it-yourself type of person, you’re here to check on some of a gunsmith’s work tools. Here are the best gunsmith screwdrivers to choose from.

My Top Gunsmith Screwdrivers Reviews

The best gunsmith screwdrivers make field stripping and cleaning your gun a whole lot easier. They make the process safer and more secure.

Below are some of the best gunsmith screwdrivers you can find in the market. They’re exceptional in quality and really make gun cleaning and maintenance more convenient.

Chapman MFG 5589 Ultimate Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

If you’re looking for overall quality, the Chapman MFG 5589 Ultimate Gunsmith Screwdriver Set delivers in a lot of ways.

This gunsmith screwdriver set consists of 32 screwdriver insert bits, 12 hollow ground bits, and 20 other bits for weaponry purposes. These bits are precision milled to tight tolerances with sharp corners, flat edges, and no burrs for snug screw fit.

The bits are all made from USA steel with a black oxide finish that prevents rust. They also have ring stops with ball detent to hold the bits securely. They vary in size and are designed to break before damaging the screw.

Aside from the hollow bits, the Champman MFG 5889 also contains:

  • Screwdriver handle
  • Midget ratchet
  • Spinner with interchangeable 3 ⅝” extension

This gunsmith screwdriver set works well with firearms, weapons, sewing machines, and compound bows. Each tool in the set works for different purposes within a specific range. You’ll find this common among the other gunsmith screwdrivers on this list.

The Chapman MFG 5589 is very versatile. All tools and bits are totally interchangeable ¼ inch drive. The spinner is great for tight spaces and delicate screws. The bits have knurled ends for finger tightening and are stamped with the part number.

Its non-magnetic construction makes it safe to use for electronics and even PC boards.

Overall, it is complete with everything that you need. And the parts of this set are high-quality. That is why the Chapman MFG 5589 Ultimate Gunsmith Screwdriver Set is one of the best.


  • Versatile with diverse tools for different needs
  • Made with high-quality durable steel
  • Made to break instead of causing damage to the screw


  • No color options
  • Have a lot of imitations in the market so be careful where to buy

Wheeler Engineering Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set

When it comes to value the Wheeler Engineering Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set with its 89-piece set that’s one of the reasons is very popular.

Just like the Chapman MFG 5589, this product is great for gunsmithing tasks. However, it also works for engineering tasks too. It comes with 54 hollow ground bits with a concave shape that allows easy insertion into the screw slot for maximum contact. It has a lot more compared to the Chapman MFG 5589. However, this one has better build quality.

You have 15 specialty bits, 4 Phillips, 8 Allen, and 3 Torx bits that make it versatile for almost any use. The bits are the core of your screwdriver set so it’s important they are well-made.

These ones are made from S2 tool steel and hardened to 56-58 Rockwell. It’s closely similar to the Chapman MFG 5889 in terms of durability.

This gunsmithing screwdriver set also includes two non-slip over-molded plastic handles. It provides comfort to your wrist while you’re working.

The Wheeler Engineering Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set also includes:

  • Hinged storage box
  • 3” shaft extension
  • Hex to square drive adapter
  • 1911 grip screw bushing driver
  • 0.62” pin punch, 0.93” pin punch, .118” pin punch
  • Remington 870/1100/1187 trigger plate pin punch
  • 2 #2 Philips
  • Glock replacement front sight screw bit
  • S&W rebound spring compressor tool

There’s no denying that this gunsmithing screwdriver set is better in terms of quantity compared to the Chapman MFG 5589. However, I gave the Chapman a slight edge because of how well it is made.


  • Excellent grip texture
  • Many varieties of bits
  • Made with S2 Tool Steel


  • Easily breakable
  • Not glued well

Grace USA Original Gun Care Screwdriver Set HG8

Look no further for affordable gunsmithing screwdrivers than the Grace USA Original Gun Care Screwdriver Set HG8. It contains 8 pieces of finely made Original Gun Care Screwdrivers.

It’s made by Grace USA which has been in the business since 1941. Therefore, you can expect great things from this product despite it being inexpensive.

While it only has 8 screwdrivers compared to the many bits of the Chapman MFG 5589 and Wheeler Screwdriver Set, it makes up for it with effectiveness.

Each gun care screwdriver is custom hollow ground to fit scope screws, plug screws, guard screws, floor plates, sight screws, and a lot of other gun screws. They have a tolerance of + / – .002.

Although not as versatile as the other two screwdriver sets mentioned above, The screwdrivers work the screws smoothly.

This set can compete with the Chapman MFG 5589 and Wheeler Screwdriver Sets when it comes to durability. It uses Chromium and Vanadium blades.

The square shanked blades are hardened to R/C 52-56. It is made with USA 8650 Chromium-Vanadium steel alloy. It doesn’t twist or chip easily which is great for long-term use. The blades also have a black oxide finish.

This one comes with excellently made wooden handles. This is where the Grace USA Original Gun Care Screwdriver Set has the other two screwdriver set beat. The wooden screwdriver handles are tuned into exact specifications using Maine hardwood. Maine hardwood offers a strong, non-slippery grip even when you have oily hands.

Overall, a quality gunsmith screwdriver set at a reasonable value.


  • Highly durable square shanked blades
  • Maine hardwood handle 
  • custom hollow ground


  • Non-magnetic
  • Fixed head and handle

Weaver 849719 Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit

Adjustments are often made when you’re setting up a hunting gun. The Weaver Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit is popular for it. The Weaver Deluxe Kit is designed as a great starting point for beginners who want to get into gunsmithing.

Just like the Wheeler Engineering Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set, this gunsmith tool kit has a lot of useful tools inside its kit. It makes it easier for beginners to know the different tools used for gunsmithing. It features an 88 piece kit with a comprehensive assortment of professional-grade components. 

One notable thing about this gunsmith tool kit is that it contains a hammer. The hammer features brass and plastic faces for precision adjustments. There are no hammers included among the other gunsmith screwdriver sets on this list.

You also get a high-quality steel punch set with multiple sizes to fit a variety of pins. The punches fit into various pins for versatility and convenience.

You also get a handy and convenient case. It’s great for beginners since it has every feature to secure and keep your tools well protected.

What I don’t like about this one is that the small pieces don’t come with size markings. You have to manually check if the piece is right for the screws.

Overall, if you’re doing gunsmithing for the first time, the Weaver Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit will provide you with everything you need to get started.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with a high-quality hammer
  • Hollow ground bits


  • Hammer could be better
  • Does not include roll pin punches

Features to Consider for Gunsmith Screwdrivers

Now that I’ve gone over the best gunsmith screwdrivers, it’s time to consider what is right for you.

To help you with that, these are some of the features that gunsmith screwdrivers have that you need to consider. This will help narrow down your choices and find what gunsmith screwdrivers fit you the most.

Person picking up a screwdriver from a kit

For starters, there are two options to choose from your gunsmith screwdrivers. These are the fixed-blade screwdrivers and the Magnetic tip screwdrivers.

Fixed-Blade Screwdriver

Fixed blade screwdrivers are screwdrivers with a single blade and tip. They’re generally the standard screwdrivers that people use.

They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any number of screws in your firearm. Fixed-blade screwdrivers are generally less expensive than magnetic tip screwdrivers so they’re often preferred.

The Chapman MFG 5589 Screwdriver Set or the Grace USA Gun Care Screwdriver Set is a great choice if you’re going for a fixed-blade screwdriver.

Magnetic Tip Screwdriver

Magnetic tip screwdrivers use magnets to keep hold of the screws so you don’t lose them. This makes it convenient for you to keep all parts of your gun secured and in a single location.

They are generally more expensive than fixed-blade screwdrivers. However, you can go for hollow ground screwdrivers which have beveled tips for better precision.

While there are no magnetic screwdrivers in this list mainly for safety reasons, you can go for hollow bits which all gunsmith screwdrivers on this list have.

Number of Pieces

Another thing to consider is the number of pieces you can get from the gunsmith screwdriver set. Having many bits can be useful and reasonable. However, another case can be made that they will become unnecessary.

Instead of focusing on the number of bits, you should also check out what type of screwdrivers are in the set. Make sure the gunsmith screwdrivers you pick have all the essential tips you think you will need and more if necessary.

The most common ones to look out for are simple bits like Philips, flatheads, hex, Torx, and Allen key. If you’re picking based on numbers alone, you can never go wrong with the Wheeler Engineering Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set or the Weaver Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit.

Construction Material

Since it involves tinkering with firearms, you have to ensure that you’re gunsmith screwdrivers have excellent construction material.

Some screwdrivers are made with pure iron, while some use alloys like brass or steel. As long as you get premium quality construction material, your gunsmith screwdrivers will have long usage.

You also want the material to be heat treated with black oxide finishing. It will generally result in longer-lasting gunsmith screwdrivers.

Gunsmith picking up a screwdriver from a kit

Some gunsmith screwdrivers like the Chapman MFG 5589 have screwdrivers that chip instead of damaging the screw when you apply too much force.

While some find it bad, this is a great safety feature to have to protect your guns.

While all of the gunsmith screwdrivers have excellent durability, you can’t go wrong with either the Chapman MFG 5589 or the Grace USA Screwdriver Set.

Both have a black oxide finish and use premium quality metal.

Ergonomic Handle

The handle should be comfortable in your hand. Handles can vary according to the removable bits it accommodates. In some cases, the handles are non-removable to the bits.

Handles are usually made with plastic, metal over-molded with rubberized grips or wood. The most preferred are rubberized grips.

However, the Grace USA Original Gun Care Screwdriver Set uses premium quality wood that makes the gunsmith screwdrivers comfortable to handle. They’re also durable so they will last long.

Portable Casing

Gunsmith screwdrivers usually have casings for them when you buy them. If you want a convenient casing pick one that is organized and easy to carry.

For that, the beginner-friendly Weaver Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit is a great option. It’s lightweight and its ease of use will be great for you.

Gunsmith Screwdrivers vs Regular Screwdrivers

For gunsmithing, regular screwdrivers won’t do you any good. Gunsmith screwdrivers are built differently. It’s all about power and how well the screwdriver fits into the screw. Both commonly have differences in their ground style.

Regular Screwdriver

A regular screwdriver has a taper ground. It is formed into a wedge and it doesn’t really fill the entire slot on the top of the screw.

This can damage your gun over time which is why regular screwdrivers are frowned upon for gunsmithing.

Gunsmith Screwdriver

Gunsmith screwdrivers have “hollow ground” as mentioned before. They are designed to fit into the slot at the top of the screw.

Instead of a straight wedge, they have a curve that allows the screwdriver to fit into the entire top of the screw. Hence, why you use them for gunsmithing since it provides better-balanced fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Specialized Gunsmith Screwdrivers?

Specialized gunsmith screwdrivers are screwdrivers designed for firearms. They are specifically designed to reduce the chances of mistakes when you’re tinkering with your guns.

They also are less likely to cause damage to your firearms. Regular screwdrivers can cause massive damage to your guns that will render them useless.

Should I Get a Brass Gunsmith Screwdriver?

Brass is fine for a gunsmith screwdriver. However, if you’re looking for quality, you should pick gunsmith screwdrivers made out of steel.

Are Gunsmith Screwdrivers Versatile?

Most manufacturers make their gunsmith screwdrivers versatile. Most people don’t consider buying them in the first place, because they are only used for guns.

That’s why manufacturers designed and innovate gunsmith screwdrivers so they can be used for other things like industrial purposes, home use, and other stuff that needs a screwdriver.


When it comes to the maintenance of your guns, you should not use regular screwdrivers. Instead, use the gunsmith screwdrivers to keep your guns safe and in good condition. For gunsmithing, all you need is the right tools to work with.

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