Best .177 Pellets for Squirrels [2024 Review]

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If you have problems dealing with rodents like rats and squirrels in your property, you might have considered using .177 pellets as a more humane solution. Using the best .177 pellets for squirrels is also a great way to practice your aiming and accuracy as its the smallest caliber among pellets.

However, choosing the right best .177 pellets for squirrels might be difficult for you. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best pellets for squirrels to make it easy for you.

My Top .177 Pellets for Squirrels

.177 caliber is the smallest of all pellet calibers. If you’re using a .177, you must be able to hit the smallest target with consideration to how much energy and velocity your gun produces. That’s why if you’re good at hitting targets with a .177 caliber pellet, You’ll also likely be able to easily hit targets using higher calibers.

H&N Baracuda Match Domed Airgun Pellets

H&N Baracuda Match Airgun Pellets

The H&N Baracuda Match Domed Airgun Pellets are a match domed shape type of pellet. Haendler & Natermann designs and manufactures these pellets according to their standards of excellent quality and precision.

Many people consider the round nose shape the most versatile for its aerodynamic qualities. It can resist the wind really well. It also has a greater ballistic coefficient.

Because of its 10.65 gr, the velocity of this pellet slows down making for a quieter explosion. This is extremely helpful if you live in a close neighborhood because gunshots can disturb your neighbors. 

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The H&N Baracuda is a pellet that comes with a total of 4 notches and has clips on the head’s sides. The round nose design amplifies the hit upon impact. This will take down rodents fast and in a way that’s less painful for them. It also gives a slight penetrating power.

If you want to make use of the full potential of this pellet, you need to use it with powerful airguns that have the capability to drive ammo at a consistent pace. Using it with low-velocity airguns will make it less impactful. That’s why you should use it with powerful stock in order to harness its maximum potential.

You’ll find that these pellets are excellent in terms of precision, consistency, long distances, and versatility when paired with powerful airguns.

The snug fit and precision of the H&N Baracuda makes your shooting accurate and consistent. Don’t let its small caliber fool you, as it also packs the power that of a .22 caliber pellet.

The pellets are powerful that it takes down game and rodents in a more humane way. The round head shape helps with accuracy and provides you with excellent ballistic coefficient and decent mushrooming.

Product Highlights

  • Great accuracy due to snug fit
  • Knockdown power is equal to a .22 caliber pellet
  • It only takes one shot to deliver maximum shock effect to deal with small game pests
  • Accurate at 40 yards

H&N Baracuda Match Domed Airgun Pellets

Gamo Luxor Cu Sharp Pyramid Shaped Hunting Pellet

Gamo Luxor Cu Hunting Pellet

Gamo is a popular household name for air rifle competition and hunting for a long time. It is now one of the largest producers of pellets for air gun use with products that are of high quality.

The Gamo .177 Caliber Luxor Cu Sharp Pyramid Shaped Hunting Pellets can get up to 20% velocity compared to other types of common lead pellets. Designed with an aerodynamic ammo shape, these pellets have better flight properties. Moreover, they don’t contain any traces of lead which can be harmful.

This pellet comes with a copper layer that effectively minimizes weight and sustains proper air circulation during the pellet’s flight. When paired with a proper airgun, some people claim it can even break the sonic wall.

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If used with a generic air gun, the pellet still functions well and is capable to sustain energy level and gives slightly higher penetrating power compared to other types of common lead pellets.

This pellet can go deeper inside the target and inflicts wounds that ends up quickly killing a squirrel. Pointed pellets like the Gamo Luxor Cu. built specifically for hunting due to its sharp tip designed to eliminate games like squirrels quickly.

The head of Gamo Luxor Cu is more than pointed. It has a pyramid shape that can go straight to squirrels within seconds. This helps you get rid of squirrels and other rodents in a more humane way.

When it comes to accuracy, this pellet is above average than other competition in terms of precision and quickness.

However, there is one thing that I find problematic. The pellet’s construction is inconsistent. It also only comes in 150 pieces which aren’t a lot if you shoot daily. However, it more than makes up for its quickness and precision.

Product Highlights

  • Pyramid shape to cut and shatter your target
  • Non-lead material for increased velocity and impact
  • Copper layer enhances impact energy and precise flight pattern

Gamo Luxor Cu Sharp Pyramid Shaped Hunting Pellet

Crosman Destroyer Hunting Pellets

Crosman Destroyer Hunting Pellets

Crosman is a popular brand for shooters. It’s known for producing airgun and other shooting accessories. Among their best products is the Crosman Destroyer Hunting Pellets.

Anyone might think that because of its low value, it also has low quality. However, these pellets are premium-grade and consist of the finest lead and have a super pointy head design. This design is specifically catered for hunting and plinking.

You can shoot these 0.177 caliber pellets from a long distance with great accuracy. Each pellet weighs at 0.0010 pounds that helps to get an accurate and precise shot.

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The product comes with a small carton with 250 lead pellets inside it. Make sure you keep them away from your children or anywhere near someone’s mouth. It can be fatal if ingested.

It has 250 lead pellets at a low amount so you can buy an extra compared to other competitions. These pellets are great for squirrels with its combination of a pointed pellet with a hollow point that results in complete expansion and energy transfer.

One drawback to this product is that there is no warranty and the company won’t be responsible for any damages and liabilities. That being said. there haven’t been many reports of faulty pellets and bad packaging.

Product Highlights

  • Great for shooting practice
  • Super pointy head for penetration

Crosman Destroyer Hunting Pellets

Things to Consider Before Buying .177 Pellets

Since you’re buying .177 pellets for squirrels, it should have features that help improve your experience in hunting squirrels.


There are many aspects that you need to consider if you’re buying .177 pellets for squirrels. The most important thing to look for .177 pellets is their accuracy.


If you find it difficult hitting your target seconds after setting your gun off, then look for pellets that give you excellent velocity. Look for non-lead, lightweight pellets as they make for better velocity. 

177 pellets in metal box for pneumatic weapons


Pellets come in a wide variety of shapes and uses. Pointed hollow pellets are great for hunting, wadcutter ones are excellent for target shooting, and the domed or round nose ones are great for general use. There are also other variety of shapes and make sure you get information on their purpose.


The shape also affects the energy of the pellet. The best .177 pellets have a superior ballistic coefficient or knock-down power. Pointed pellets tend to have powerful penetration while hollow types have a bigger impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a .177 Pellet Kill a Squirrel?

A .177 can easily kill a squirrel. However, if you want to kill a squirrel with one shot, you have to accurately aim at its sensitive areas like the brain or heart, Hence, it’s important that you practice and increase your accuracy if you want to kill as humanely as possible.

Another option is to shoot from a closer distance. However, you may end up scaring away the squirrel. You can also use .177 pellet for other small game animals like raccoons, rabbits, and mice.

How Far Can a Pellet Gun Shoot Accurately?

Most pellet guns can shoot accurately for about 400 yards. Anything beyond that range will show less power from the pellet gun.

In order to shoot at the maximum distance, you have to shoot the pellet gun with the muzzle angled at 30 degrees to the horizon. The pellet fired will reach about 400 to 500 yards. You have to take into account external factors such as wind speed and direction.

Are Heavier Pellets More Accurate?

It depends on the condition. Heavier pellets are more effective if the conditions are windy, Heavier pellets can easily push through the air which results in less energy loss for better penetration. The two most popular calibers are .177 and .22.

Therefore, in situations under the heavy wind, heavier pellets are reliably more accurate. In normal conditions, you won’t significantly see the difference. However, heavier pellets are slightly more accurate still because it can conserve more energy as it travels through the air.


These are the best .177 pellets for squirrels. Depending on what you prefer, one of them will be suitable for you. Remember that pellets are meant to ease the pain for squirrels when hunting. You should always use it carefully and responsibly.

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