The Top Shooting Ranges in Miami

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Firearm safety starts with the holder understanding the rules of gun handling. You should know how to operate a firearm and store it safely. A gun should always be stored while unloaded with ammunition kept away from the gun in a separate location.

Ranges provide facilities for safe shooting, education on gun operation, handling, and storage to ensure maximum safety. Read on to discover the best ranges in Miami.

The Top Shooting Ranges in Miami

Knowing how to shoot proficiently is not child’s play; it takes a lot of practice and dedication. You are probably wondering where you can find a secure and safe place to brush up your skills. Here is a full list of the top gun ranges in Miami.

  • Top gun indoor range – Miami
  • Nexus Shooting- Davie
  • Markham Park Shooting Range – Sunrise
  • Lock and Load – Miami
  • Stone Hart’s Gun Club and Indoor Range – Miami
  • Trail Glades Range – Miami
  • Henry’s sport shooting range – Homestead
  • Pembroke Gun & Range – Pembroke Park
  • Ocala Gun Range – Miami
  • Miami Guns and Range – Miami
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Top Gun Indoor Range

Top Gun Indoor Range is a firearm and archery range based in Miami, Florida. It has 18 lanes of 25 yards each. It is a climate-controlled indoor range with state-of-the-art bullet traps.

The facility uses top-of-the-line technology featuring a programmable target retrieval system to set targets as the shooter wishes and excellent lighting. It also has a modern ventilation system that eliminates particles and contaminants that may pose a risk to the shooter’s health.

There are also sound-absorbent tiles that minimize the range’s noise. Firearms rental is provided at the range. You may buy firearms, ammunition, and other gun accessories from the retail store on site.

Nexus Shooting

Nexus boasts of being one of the most advanced shooting ranges and is the only 5-star gun range in Florida due to its unrivaled shooting and shopping experience. The facility provides 40 lanes of shooting fun.

It features a traditional paper target lane and a live wire video simulator. A VIP suite is provided where you may enjoy shooting with your family, friends, or a group with extra privacy.

It is fitted with an advanced air filtration and ventilation system that keeps the air fresh and clean, ensuring a seamless shooting experience no matter the weather or season.

The gun store provides firearm rental, which you may use to test a gun before committing to buy it.

Markham Park Shooting Range

Markham sits on a 669-acre land and houses an outdoor rifle and pistol range and other facilities. Other shooting sports available are trap and skeet, 5 stand, sporting clays, and muzzleloaders.

The rifle and pistol range runs with high safety standards. 66 shooting positions are available with a maximum distance of 100 yards.

Ear and eye protection must be worn at all times while in the range. If you are not shooting, there are loads of other activities that you can take part in. It is a family-friendly facility where the rest of the family can enjoy other activities as you shoot, an atmosphere that can also be enjoyed in some gun ranges in Georgia.

Man at a shooting range in Miami

Lock and Load

Lock and Load is a state-of-the-art shooting range with many fully automatic machine guns available for shooters in different packages.

Suppose you have always had a thing for machine guns but have never had an opportunity to use one. In that case, there are over 25 fully auto firearms on location waiting for you to experience the adrenaline rush.

There are 24 climate-controlled lanes available for the public, and members can use them under the supervision of highly trained firearm professionals. Members have their own dedicated lanes and reactive steel targets among other benefits.

Stone Hart’s Gun Club and Indoor Range

Founded in 2012, Stone Hart’s has established itself to be a shooting place of choice in Florida. This climate-controlled shooting range is one of its kind as it is clean, modern, and a very comfortable place to shoot targets.

Even beginner shooters are well accommodated at the facility, allowing families to use the range and have fun. There is a wide assortment of ammo and guns, and the lanes are well-kept. The range allows different kinds of firearms, including rifles and pistols.

A shooting practice session at the range is nothing short of fun. There is a good assortment of firearms for rental. Unwind at the clubhouse after a shooting session; foods and snacks are always available for shooters.

Trail Glades Range

Since 1952, Trail Glades Range has been providing shooters of all levels with an open-air shooting facility to brush up their shooting accuracy. Similar to some shooting ranges in Arkansas, it is a public range with no membership or reservation needed to enjoy the facility.

The facility offers:

  • a practical range
  • a pistol range
  • a rifle range
  • trap and skeet fields
  • RV spaces
  • 5 stand
  • sporting clays

Classes and shotgun rentals are also available, with the facility’s ammunition also available for sale for use with the rental firearm.

Henry’s Sport Shooting Range

Henry’s Sport is one of the best outdoor shooting ranges in the area. It is open to the public; no reservation is needed to use the facility.

Proper attire must be observed when visiting the range. Open-toed shoes, sandals, flip flops, and tank tops are not allowed. Also, ensure you bring your own ammunition and weapons as sales or rentals are not offered, a policy that is similar to some gun ranges in Jacksonville.

You must also bring your own paper targets and stapler. Generally, it’s a great place to shoot, especially for experienced shooters. Ensure you have an RV or truck to get to the facility as the road is bumpy and gets muddy when it rains.

Pembroke Gun & Range

Pembroke Gun & Range has been serving South Florida for over 45 years with its 18 indoor firing lanes and gun shop, along with excellent service, gun safety education, and equipment.

The range is 25 yards long and comes with perfect lighting, an electric target retrieval system, and proper air conditioning with a modern ventilation system, all aimed at giving the shooter a comfortable environment to shoot in.

Bullets, knife and handguns in a table

For your firearm needs, the gun store stocks firearms from top manufacturers, ammunition, targets, safety equipment, and other firearm accessories you will need for a smooth shooting expedition.

Ocala Gun Range

Ocala is a state-of-the-art indoor shooting facility, retail store, and training facility. It is open to the public but also offers membership.

You are assured of a very comfortable shooting experience at the range. It uses the latest shooting technology with target retrieval systems and a modern ventilation system that keeps the air clean and healthy.

The shooting stalls are wide enough to accommodate both the shooter and the instructor. The range is also handicap-accessible, with two wheelchair lanes properly modified for the shooter’s comfort.

Miami Guns and Range

Established in 2011, Miami Guns is family-owned and operated. Whether buying a weapon or doing target practice, there is always friendly service, and the prices are just right.

It is a well-ventilated range with a target retrieval system that gets the shooting job done. The 10-lane climate-controlled indoor range accommodates even high-power rifles. Handgun and long gun rentals are also available at affordable prices.

If you are trying a hand in shooting, trained instructors on site will walk with you in your shooting journey until you can shoot proficiently, similar to the gun ranges in Idaho.


Florida is home to some of the safest and most modern shooting ranges, whether you are in cities like Tampa or Miami. Whichever you choose to visit or purchase a membership to, you are assured of the best facilities along with unparalleled customer service.

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