The Top Shooting Ranges in Las Vegas

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Most people find gun shooting an enjoyable experience that can build their confidence and help them deal with stress. However, to guarantee the safe use of firearms, continuous practice is necessary.

Indoor and outdoor shooting ranges in Las Vegas offer a safe and convenient environment for gun enthusiasts to practice their craft. These ranges also offer training classes that make sure firearms are used safely. They can also help individuals who want to purchase new guns or build their gun collection.

The Top Shooting Ranges in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is mainly known for its casinos; however, there are other facilities that travelers and locals can enjoy like the gun ranges. Las Vegas has some of the best gun ranges where people can enjoy the beautiful desert landscape and real-life shooting scenarios.

Gun ranges are perfect for those who want to enhance their gun shooting skills, rent firearms, or purchase new or used firearms. Every gun range is unique and has distinct rules that people must follow. Here are the top 10 shooting ranges in Las Vegas.

Handgun with bullets

Battlefield Vegas

If you want to experience the ultimate shooting experience in Las Vegas, you should check out Battlefield Vegas. This facility has customized packages that will take shooting enthusiasts straight into the action from Call of Duty to WWI. They have a five-acre complex with a military setting situated just a block from the Las Vegas Strip.

Battlefield Vegas provides customers with an indoor shooting arena and an outdoor shooting area for your high-adrenaline shooting experience.

The shooting range has:

  • a wide selection of machine guns
  • fully automatic rifles
  • pistols
  • handguns
  • bet feds
  • submachine guns
  • giving you a variety of firearms to check out

You can select from 100s of various firearms from across the military history and create one of the best and most realistic shooting experiences in your life. Battlefield Vegas offers several unique experiences that will help you take the fun to a whole new level regardless of whether you prefer indoor or outdoor shooting.

Machine Guns Vegas

If you are looking for one of the top shooting ranges in Las Vegas, you should try out Machine Guns Vegas. This is the only Vegas lounge experience that enables you to fire the kind of firearms you have only seen in the hands of expert Navy SEAL teams and Delta Force.

At this shooting range, you will have access to a variety of firearms from historical handguns to modern machine guns.

The facility’s armory consists of more than 40 firearms options that will help you experience the thrill of shooting different firearms. Machine Guns Vegas has everything you need from semi-automatics, and fully automatics, to shotguns and pistols.

You will get firsthand experience with the types of weapons used around the world and in different games and movies, for instance, AK-47, UZI, M4, Beretta, and Glock.

Machine Gun Vegas caters to both first-time and experienced shooters. The facility provides a range of packages to suit your interests and your price point.

The gun shooting facility offers shooting experiences such as:

  • the full auto
  • FEMME FATALE Experience
  • the Compound
  • Gamers Experience
  • Urban Assault
  • outdoor shooting experience

You will always have something new to try out when you choose Machine Gun Vegas.

Las Vegas Shooting Center

If you are looking for the most extreme shooting experience in Las Vegas, check out the Las Vegas Shooting Center. This indoor gun range is situated in Nevada and is in close proximity to the Las Vegas Strip to guarantee convenience for both locals and travelers.

Furthermore, the facility offers free transportation services from any of the downtown casino and strip casino. Las Vegas Shooting Center provides clients with all the necessary protective equipment need to keep you feeling comfortable and sage.

They also have highly trained and accredited staffs who offer professional supervision to ensure you have the best experience ever.

Las Vegas Shooting Center provides hands-on instruction and supervision for first-time shooters or those who have little or moderate shooting experience. Whether you are a pro or a first-time shooter, you will be hitting the target within no time.

The gun range has some powerful firearms and clients can choose from their range of firearms inventory and shooting packages that suits their needs.

Person at a shooting range in Las Vegas

Clark County Shooting Complex

The Clark Country Shooting Complex is one of the top shooting ranges in Las Vegas. The facility features a Shotgun Center that has 23 well maintained Skeet and Trap fields and one 5-stand field. The range also has an East and West Sporting Clays course that has a beautiful view of the Las Vegas Valley.

The Rifle-Pistol Center offers:

  • 30 shooting lanes to 50 yards
  • 15 lanes to 200 yards
  • 15 lanes to 100 yards
  • shade ramadas
  • night lights
  • concrete shooting seats and tables
  • and covered shooting areas
  • a 3,000 square-foot building that hosts a convenience store
  • Pro Shop
  • 30-seat classroom
  • a convenience store

For those who are not into firearms, the facility has an Archery Course where individuals can shoot up to 100 yards, a course that is also available in some gun ranges in Mississippi.

The Archery Center has covered firing points, 3-D walking course, night lights, and shaded picnic table areas. Clark Country Shooting complex also has the John Mull’s Meats – Road Kill Grill II where people can dine in their lobby.

The facility always has Range Safety Officers patrolling the area to assist clients who are in need. The shooting complex also has a variety of firearms for rent and their customer service representatives can help you pick the best firearm. The shooting complex hosts multiple Major and Special Events throughout the year.

Strip Gun Club

The Strip Gun Club is one of the luxury shooting ranges situated on the Las Vegas Strip.

The facility provides a wide selection of firearms including:

  • shotguns
  • pistols
  • submachine guns
  • sniper rifles

The Strip Gun Club is home to the largest Fully Automatic 50 BMG Belt Fed machine gun in the world.

Just like how some shooting ranges in Minnesota runs daily, this shooting range is open seven days a week from 10am to 7pm and gives shooting enthusiasts everything they need for an adrenaline packed gun shooting experience.

Strip Gun Club offers a range of packages to suit the needs of both beginners and expert shooters. Some of the shooting packages include Pistols Package, Sniper Package, Wild West Package, Assault Rifles Package, Deuces Wild Package, and Build Your Own Experience package.

If you are looking for a luxury shooting range that has a variety of shooting lanes and firearms, check out the Strip Gun Club.

Gun Blast Vegas

Gun Blast Vegas is one of the leading Outdoor Gun Ranges Tour Company in Las Vegas. The facility provides the ultimate outdoor gun shooting adventure for both locals and travelers alike. With Gun Blast Vegas, you are assured of lots of fun, exploding targets, and NRA-accredited gun instructors who will help you every step of the way.

Whether you are an experienced shooter or first-time shooter, you are assured of the best shooting experience at Gun Blast Vegas.

When you choose Gun Blast Vegas:

  • you can be confident that there are no dumb paper targets
  • no magazines for unloading
  • no overprized charges
  • grumpy instructors

The gun range has passionate and friendly instructors who will help you understand how to safely handle firearms and shoot targets.

Furthermore, the outdoor shooting areas mean that you will be shooting in an exciting and real setting where you will have lots of fun regardless of whether you are alone or with friends and family.

Las Vegas Outdoor Range

Las Vegas Outdoor Range provides the ultimate outdoor shooting adventure for both locals and travelers. The facility provides pick-up services in a luxury shuttle from any Las Vegas hotel. The outdoor range is set in a beautiful desert landscape and features unique military style bunkers and an inimitable ‘Desert Storm’ atmosphere.

The shooting range has a variety of specialty .50 caliber weapons and fully automatic machine guns. The facility has actual firearms used in a variety of Hollywood hits like Rambo II and Jumanji.

Las Vegas Outdoor range provides individuals with an opportunity to learn about the history of different firearms and an exclusive guided tour with lots of video and photo opportunities. Furthermore, they provide lunch in the renowned Arizona Last Stop restaurant, which is situated onsite.


Gun enthusiasts will be treated to the world Famous All-American Burger, soda, and fresh-cut fries. The facility also provides AT and Helicopter combination packages with any of their shooting packages. You will definitely make lifetime memories at the Las Vegas Outdoor range.

Gun Garage Las Vegas Shooting Range

Gun Garage is one of the top shooting ranges in Las Vegas. This facility provides the ultimate fun experience that casinos can never match. This gun range has 12 indoor lanes where you can experience the thrill of shooting a wide range of fully automatic and semi-automatic guns like the UZI, Tommy gun, and MP5 guns.

There are also rifles like FN SCAR and AK47, pistols like Glock, HK USP, and .500 Smith & Wesson, and Shotguns like Mossberg 590A1 and Remington 870. At gun Garage, you can hit the bulls-eye with the classic 1911 pistol or fire rounds from the M4 carbine that is much loved by the U.S. military.

Situated just a few minutes from the Strip, Gun Garage is a perfect alternative for residents, families, and out-of-town visitors who want an alternative to the customary Las Vegas attractions.

Similar to the gun ranges in Missouri, the shooting range offers a selection of affordable, themed gun shooting experiences to cater to the needs of women, children, gun fanatics, and first-time shooters alike. A trip to the Gun Garage will make your corporate event, birthday, or wedding special.

Las Vegas Machine Gun Experience

Las Vegas Machine Gun Experience is one of the top shooting ranges in Las Vegas. The facility is situated in the center of Clark County and has 25 yards of modernized and innovative target shooting facilities. The indoor facility has 14 distinct firing lanes equipped with the latest features like targets that rotate 360 degrees.

The shooting range also has a wide range of firearms rental packages consisting of machine guns, well-known submachine guns, assault rifles, and precision pistols, similar to the gun ranges in Montana.

Whether you are preparing for an upcoming shooting sports competition or just want to try out gun shooting, this gun range in Las Vegas has everything you need. The facility has seasoned and certified instructors who ensure you are challenged and comfortable during the entire shooting experience.

The gun range also offers free pick-up and drop-off services in a luxury shuttle from anywhere on the Las Vegas Strip.

Top Shot Las Vegas

If you are looking for the top shooting ranges in Las Vegas, you should check out Top Shot Las Vegas. This gun range allows gun enthusiasts and beginners to experience the excitement and action-packed fun that comes with firearm shooting.

With their wide variety of firearms and various gun ammunition, you will have the opportunity to handle different firearms whether modern or historical. You will shoot real firearms that have modified ammunition in a controlled and safe environment.

Every gun shooting experience at Top Shot Las Vegas provides an extraordinary shooting adventure as it involves honing your skills, training for combat, and competing in a live-action gunfight.  The facility caters to the needs of every gun enthusiast whether a beginner or pro shooter and the range is open every day from 10 am to 4 pm.


As you can see, Las Vegas has some of the best indoor and outdoor gun ranges in the country. Most of these ranges provide clients with pick-up and drop-off services to and from hotels along the Strip. Furthermore, you get to experience the desert adventure and real-life shooting experiences with lots of photo opportunities.

You will definitely have memorable gun shooting experiences in any of the shooting ranges in Las Vegas.

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