Disadvantages of Biometric Gun Safe

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Biometric gun safes are designed to keep your firearms safe from unauthorized access. However, they have a few drawbacks that may be a big no for some people who are looking for disadvantages of biometric gun safe. This blog post will discuss the disadvantages of biometric gun safes and some of their advantages.

Biometric gun-safe scanners are quickly becoming the standard type of security. Why? There are four advantages that these types of biometric gun safes have over traditional locks and keys:

  1. They don’t require a key.
  2. You can set your fingerprints.
  3. There is no need to worry about forgetting the code or having the key lost.
  4. People who want to steal from your safe won’t be able to get in without authorization.

Advantages of a Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

The biometric fingerprint scanner is one of the most popular features. The use of a fingerprint eliminates the need for a combination or key to access your safe, which can be difficult to remember in stressful situations.

Hand opening a biometric safe

In addition, the gun safe will not be accessible without authorization from its owner’s fingerprint. This ensures that any unauthorized user cannot gain the firearms.

Security of Biometric Scanner

To access the safe, you will need a fingerprint that matches your own finger, which you have set up for accessing the unit. The biometric scanners are difficult to break and cannot be fooled by photos or videos of the owner’s fingerprints as they do not have adequate resolution for this purpose.

These scanners offer many advantages over standard locks, including quick access and a higher level of security.


The scanner that I use in my home is 99% accurate, which means that only one person out of every hundred who tries to open it will be successful.

Save Time in Opening the Safe

With biometric gun safes, you can open it with just one touch of the finger. No more struggling with keys! Hence it saves lots of time.

Security of Biometric Gun Safe

With biometric gun safes, you can add a fingerprint to the safe. So even if someone gets your key and tries to open it, they won’t be able to get in because that person’s fingerprints are not stored on the scanner. This is one of many ways that biometric gun safes offer more security than traditional locks.

Convenient of Biometric Gun Safe

Another advantage of biometric gun safes is that it’s much easier to store your weapons and ammo due to its quick opening of the gun safe. With traditional locks, you have to get the key just right for the lock to open. With a fingerprint scanner, all you have to do is touch it with your finger, and voila! It opens up.

Biometric gun safes are a popular way to store guns, but they have their disadvantages. The convenience of one-touch access is offset by the risk of hacking and having your fingerprints stolen. There are many more reasons not to buy this type of safe that I will explore in this post.

Stack of rifles on top of each other

However, some disadvantages should also be considered before purchasing one for your home defense needs. These included below:

Accuracy of Scanner

The accuracy of the scanner is limited by how quickly it can read fingerprints. This means that gun owners with oily hands, for example, may have trouble opening the biometric safe in a time of emergency.

An Error Rate of Biometric Scanner

As old age goes, “nothing is 100% secure”. Biometric gun safes are only as strong as their weakest link. Furthermore, biometrics scanners may not work well on wearing gloves frequently because there isn’t enough skin contact when scanning (which defeats the purpose). 


When you are in a hurry and looking to access the stored firearm quickly, you want your safety box to open the safe quickly. But in case if you have a biometric scanner, then it might delay or sometimes failed to open the safe.


Biometric safe does cost higher in comparison to other gun safes. Due to fingerprint scanning technology, they make the cost even higher.


Biometrics safes are complicated and can be difficult to grasp for those who have no technical knowledge. They’re so technical that a person who doesn’t know it may find it hard to set up the biometric scanner. 


You will find many people always talk about the advantages of biometric gun safes and never talks about the disadvantages of biometric gun safes. I hope this information clears the information you are looking for.

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