How to Open a Patriot Gun Safe

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Looking for a guide on how to open a Patriot gun safe this blog will help you in opening your brand new gun safe. The Patriot Model Safe is one of the most secure safes on the market today. This safe features heavy steel construction that makes it virtually impenetrable to burglary and theft attempts, as well as fire and other natural disasters.

At just over 100 pounds, it weighs significantly more than most other safes on the market, making it even harder to open without the proper tool.

That doesn’t mean you can’t open it yourself, though. In fact, there are several different methods you can use to open your Patriot safe, which I will explore in this article.

Ways to Open Patriot Gun Safe?

Is your Patriot gun safe not opening? Have you tried entering the wrong combo multiple times, and now the lock won’t open at all? If so, then this blog post is for you.

Hand trying to open a combination lock

I am going to go over how to reset a Patriot Gun Safe. This method will work on any Patriot model of gun safes. This is an EASY way that anyone can do it.

Getting Started

If you are lucky, you can open the safe by entering the preset code (1-2-3-4-5-6) and then turn the handle counterclockwise. After a successful opening, you will find the below items inside the Patriot gun safe.

  • Spokes – Quantity (3-5)
  • Shelf clips – Quantity (6-7)
  • Black floor plugs – Quantity (2-4)
  • Lifetime warranty certificate

The hub on the safe door is where you install spokes.

Before you install the safe, measure to find a spot that is 1-2 inches away from the wall, it is important to note that you need power close by the location where you will be mounting your gun safe.

Mounting Gun Safe

Now after the above steps its time to mount the unit on the wall

Pistol with bullets placed on the table
  • Open the gun safe
  • Remove each and everything provided by the manufacturer.
  • To secure the legs, remove any screws using a 15mm socket and ratchet. Lock and close the door afterward.
  • The company provides no mounting gears. So, you have to mount the Patriot gun safe with the proper tools.

Lock Mechanism: Programming

  1. Open the door by inputting the default lock code of (123456).
  2. Press the (0) button until you hear two beeps. The LED will flash in time with a double-beep to indicate that it’s ready to program buttons.
  3. Enter old/default code. Then you will hear.
  4. Enter your new six digits code.
  5. Re-enter your same six-digit code, and again you will hear the two beep sound.
  6. Your code has been changed from the default code to your new code. You will hear two beeps again.


As you can see, the Patriot gun safe is a great choice for anyone looking to purchase and store their firearms. However, if you’re considering getting this particular model of gun safe it’s important that you read through the instruction manual before unlocking or opening your new product.

This may seem like an unnecessary step but in reality, it could be potentially dangerous to open your weapon storage without knowing these instructions beforehand.

James Forrester is a lifelong gun and firearms owner, and an even bigger advocate for gun safety. He created with the purpose of sharing helpful tips and educating others on how to keep guns and weapons safe and secure.