How to Install a Gun Safe in a Closet

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When traveling or not at home, many people are afraid that their guns will be stolen and lost. It’s better to keep your safety equipment in a safe place to prevent it from being stolen or misplaced.

One way to achieve a secure gun safe is to hide it behind furniture, hides it away around the house, or within closets. But then the question arises of how to install gun safe in a closet?

If you are looking for a way to store your firearms and ammunition in the safest way possible, a gun safe is an excellent option.

To install the gun safe inside the closet, this option has many benefits: it’s out of sight, it’s convenient, and it can be installed with minimal tools. Even the most secure gun safe might not be so secure if it can be easily moved.

Since you probably don’t want to keep your gun in the open, installing one in a closet might be tempting.

How to Install a Gun Safe in a Closet

When installing the gun safe, installing it in your bedroom closet can help prevent prying eyes. Installing a gun safe in a closet will provide quick access to your weapon during emergencies.


There are most popular ways to install the gun safe in your closet, one mounted on the closet wall or on the floor, whatever makes it easy for you. Gun safes can traditionally be secured in several ways, but today I will teach you how to install one in the easiest way possible.

There are two methods to install the safe in closet space:

  • The first one is the regular way
  • The second one is an easier method

The Regular Method

The gun owner mostly follows this method to do the work naturally. In this method have to select the right gun safe to install in your home. The first is updating the closet’s interior, such as adding drywall or concrete blocks if necessary.

Choose the right size and style of gun safe that meets your needs for protecting your firearms from unauthorized users.

Buying the Right Gun Safe

First of all, take the measurement and purchase the unit according to the size of the closet. Installing an oversized gun safe in the closet will be a major setback for you to return it to the seller. When purchasing the right gun safe for home defense, ensure that you measure the space to ensure it will fit perfectly.

Moving the Safe

If you are going to install a small gun safe to store a couple of handguns and other important items like jewelry, money, passport, etc., it’s easy for you to move inside the closet. But if you are going to shift a large gun safe, it’s always recommended to hire a professional moving company.

Bolting It Down

Now after successfully moving the safe inside the closet its the time to bolt it down. Remember keeping your gun safe as it is will be easier for the thief to carry with them without doing anything. So, it’s always recommended to mount your safe to the floor makes it tough for thieves to move.

Easier Method

This method is probably done by professionals who take all the moving to installing the gun safe in the closet. Also, it’s a convenient way to store your guns, which means you can save time by avoiding delivery delays, purchase of tools, or sliding risks.

Safe opened with pennies

This method might cost you some extra money, but it will save you a lot of time, and your unit will be installed securely inside the closet.

Benefits of Hiding Your Gun Safe in a Closet

  1. Easy for you to access your stored guns in times of emergency type situation.
  2. Due to many multiple closets in your house, it will be difficult for the criminal to identify the one with the gun safe.
  3. It is challenging to gain access to the sidewalls of the closet because three sides of the wall surround it.
  4. Guests should be wary of the contents and stores in your closets, but they won’t get their hands on your safe.
  5. You don’t want a bunch of strangers having access to your firearms. With the safe in your closet, nobody else can get their hands on it either.


  1. It will be difficult for you to install the large gun safe inside the closet.
  2. Also, the location of the safe in the closet will make you access your firearms not as quickly as it’s been installed inside the drawer.

Final Words

Closets are a great location for gun safes. They offer protection to the sides of the safe, making them one of the best options for securing valuables in your home.

When you’re looking for that perfect safe, make sure it has all the features you need and fits well with your desired installation process. Once you’ve found which model will work best, ensure that installation goes smoothly by following these tips on how to install gun safe in a closet.

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