Best Gun Safe for Home Defense [2024 Review]

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Looking for an option to store your weapon at a safe and secure place to avoid going in the wrong hands, then the best gun safe for home defense will keep out your kids, intruders, burglars from accessing the weapon.

Having a weapon for self-defense and protecting your family is essential, but securing your gun is also important when kept unsecured. To give you peace of mind, I suggest you go with a gun safe. These gun safes come in various sizes, features, and different ranges.

The Fort Knox PB1 safe is easily my top recommendation for the best gun safe for home defense. Each safe made on my list has been tested by an expert with its advantages and disadvantages. I like to add that if you are looking for a safe only to hide it from kids, then a gun cabinet will do its job.

Best Gun Safe for Home Defense

Fort Knox

If you are looking for old school type handgun safe that has sheetrock inside with solid plate doors and 3/16″ bodies, check out Fort Knox PB1 safe. A gas strut feature for the unit’s opening opens up the door quickly and silently.

There is a simplex mechanical lock to access the unit that will help you access your firearm in less than 2 seconds if the combination is entered quickly. The storage of the Fort Knox PB1 will allow you to store a single handgun with one spare magazine. Also, the interior has egg crate foam that protects the unit from any scratches or dents.

Made up of 10 gauge solid steel will make an intruder have a hard time accessing the gun safe. Four pre-drilled holes will help mount the gun safe in the closet, on the hard surface, inside the drawer, etc. The handgun safe is made up in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Why Buy The Fortknox PB1?

Build Quality

The build is what every handgun owner will be impressed with due to its 10 gauge solid steel body.

Locking Option

The simplex mechanical lock allows you to open the gun safe in seconds quickly.

Who Should Overlook The PB1?


This unit is too heavy to carry anywhere you are traveling. So a big no to those looking for a unit who likes to carry the unit while traveling.

No Other Lock System

If you are looking for more alternate access systems, then this unit comes with one unlocking system.

Internal Dimensions11-3/4 x 9-1/2 x 3-1/2
External Dimensions12-1/2″w x 10-3/8″d x 4-1/4″h
Weight 23 Pounds
Fire Rating
LockSimplex Mechanical Lock
  • The Exterior has a silver steel finish
  • Interior has an egg crate that protects the stored items from any dent
  • Pre-drilled holes will help you secure the unit from carrying
  • Comes with California Department Of Justice & Lifetime Warranty
  • Looking to travel with this unit, then it might be challenging for you due to its size
  • No other alternate for accessing your firearm

Moutec Rifle Safe

The Moutec Rifle Safe comes with storage of 5 gun capacity (50″inch) with optics/scopes attach or not attached to the guns. This unit can store 1-2 handguns inside the locker box situated on the upper side with a manual locking system.

According to my in-house expert (William), this unit has a solid steel construction with a metal thickness of 14 gauge.  The unit wall is 100% steel and ensures wall-to-wall protection against any forced break-ins. There is 3 solid steel deadbolt on the door that protects the stored items from prying, forced opening of the door, and intruders will have difficulty accessing the unit.

If the battery runs out and your lock code is stored in the memory, it will also be saved after putting a new battery inside it. According to my in-house expert (William D), when someone enters the lock code incorrectly three times, it will completely lock out the unit. He opened the safe with the help of a manual key provided by the manufacturer.

The unit will alert you whenever the battery is low while you access the gun safe. If you don’t want any sound while you access your stored firearms, then press 66A to turn off the sound and press OOA to turn on the sound again. The moutec comes with a 2-year standard warranty.

Why You Should Consider Moutec Safe?


In this value range, you will not get a better option than Moutec provides, with a deeper storage option of storing 5 rifles with optics/scope attached. If you also got a handgun in your inventory, it has a separate locker system that can store 1-2 standard-size small guns.


The amount might be higher for some gun owners looking for an inexpensive rifle for home defense. Now for home defense, you can consider this unit even you are an owner of a few rifles. In the future, if you decide to add more guns to your inventory, then you will not end up buying another rifle unit.


Lock System

The gun safe does not have a biometric fingerprint scanner. If you are looking for a fingerprint scanner to access your firearms, this might disappoint you. But there is another model of Moutec that comes with a fingerprint scanner but with a little bit higher.

Build Quality

My experts have found that the built quality is average compared to what the other competitor gives in this range.

Gun Cabinet

Remember, this is not gun safe it’s a gun cabinet. So there is a difference between a gun safe vs. a gun cabinet.

Internal Dimensions13.6 x 12.4 x  56.8
External Dimensions14 x 13.8 x 57.2
Weight 89 Pounds
Fire Rating-NA-
LockElectric Lock & Manual Key
  • Silent Mode Feature
  • Alarm System When Unknown Person Enters Lock Code Incorrectly
  • Separate Locker Box With Manual Key
  • Comes With 4 AA Batteries
  • Deeper Space To Hold Weapons With Accessories Attach
  • 5 Pre Drilled Holes (3 At Back & 2 At Bottom)
  • No Interior Lighting
  • Average Build Quality

Verifi Smart Safe Biometric Gun Safe

If you are looking to store multiple handguns at a secured place and its fingerprint scanner is certified by the FBI itself, then Verifi is the safe you should look for your handguns. The Verifi Smart Safe Biometric Gun Safe is the only gun safe that performs diagnostic tests every 24 hours or after every use.

The Verifi unit can check battery health, fingerprint sensor, locking mechanism, etc., automatically. You can also check the voltage of the battery and its life from the setting menu. The best part is the battery lasts for years, so you don’t have to change it constantly.

The interior of the Verifi gun safe comes with a carpeted floor that will protect the stored important items from any scratches or dents. Also, an adjustable led light with nite lite+ will give indirect smooth light to prevent night blindness. The unit is made up of solid steel construction and is also approved by the Department of justice.

You can access the unit with a biometric fingerprint scanner and backup manual keys, which are very handy when the battery runs out completely. The Verifi alerts you every time unauthorized tries, the backup key is used, someone attempts to reset the safe, etc.

Reason For Selecting Verifi Handgun Safe


The Verifi unit can store 3 handguns with extra ammo or magazine with other important items like money, jewelry, medicine, etc.

Battery Life

Almost all handgun-safe batteries last for 1-2 years max, but not in the case of this gun safe. If you don’t want to change your battery frequently, the Verifi battery will last for years.

Fingerprint Scanner

According to William D, this is the only unit in the market tested and certified fingerprint sensor by the FBI. So if you want a fingerprint scanner that is accurate in emergency times, Verifi will not disappoint you.

Who Should Overlook Verifi Unit?

Build Quality

The build quality has not impressed me as it has average build quality compared to what the manufacturer claims.

Flaws In Manual Lock

According to the lock-picking lawyer, the manual lock can be opened through cross-lock jigglers.

Internal Dimensions17.1 x 11.8 x 7.3
External Dimensions17.4 x 16.1 x 7.9
Weight 31 lbs
Fire RatingNot Fireproof
LockBiometric Lock & Manual Key
  • You Can Store Multiple Handguns
  • Automatic Closing Of Door
  • Battery Lasts For Years
  • Internal Led Light With Nite Lite+ Technology
  • FBI Approved Fingerprint Sensor
  • Major Flaw In Manual Lock

Kodiak Fireproof Gun Safe By Rhino Metals

The Kodiak gun safe from rhino metals comes with fireproof protection of 30 minutes @ 1400°F with heat-activated door seals. The Kodiak Fireproof Gun Safe By Rhino Metals is heat-activated seals the edge of the door and expand up to 7 times its size, reaching out heat and smoke, thus protecting the stored guns, and rifles, handguns, etc.

This unit is made up of a thick 2.00 mm steel composite body. There is a single hardened steel plate that protects the lock from any drill attack. Also, the clutch handle will disengage when excessive force is applied to unlock or break the clutch of a gun safe.

You can store 30 rifles and 3 handguns with extra accessories on the shelf, situated right on the top. Also, you can adjust the shelves according to your need and the storage you want. The manufacturer claims to pre-drilled holes up to 3/8″ opening to place a dehumidifier if there is a lot of humidity build-up inside.

Who Should Consider Kodiak Rifle Safes?

Fireproof Feature

If you live in an area where there is a fire incident in the past or near a forest area, you can consider a fireproof gun safe for your valuables.

Locking Mechanism

While testing this unit, the locking mechanism has UL-listed type 1 lock protection against any electrical or mechanical tool on the lock.

One Should Avoid Considering This Unit

Unlock System

There is only one way to access your safe, and that is through the digital keypad. If the battery fails or the keypad becomes faulty, there is no other way to access your firearms.


If you plan to place the Rhino Safe on the 1st floor or above, it will be challenging for you to move the unit to the upper floor due to its weight.

Internal Dimensions26 x 15 x 57
External Dimensions28 x 20 x 59
Weight 350 lbs
Fire RatingFireproof For 30 Minutes @ 1400°F
LockElectric Digital Keypad
  • Heat Activated Door To Keep Smoke Out
  • Stores 30 Rifles & Couple Of Handguns
  • UL Grade Type 1 Lock
  • California Approved Gun Safe
  • No Other Lock System Has Been Provided

Fireproof & Waterproof Safe By SentrySafe

If you are searching for a unit that has enough space to store multiple handguns and other important, valuable items, then you can check out Fireproof & Waterproof Safe By SentrySafe. This unit is approved by waterproof and fireproof features that protect your stored handguns from an uneven situation.

The fireproof protection of 1 hour at 1700°F with UL classified rating. In terms of the waterproof feature, it protects the stored items for at least 24 hours @ 8 inches deep, giving you extra peace of mind in flood-like situations. The unit is also protected by impact resistance at 15ft drop, remaining locked and intact if it falls from a height.

You can access the unit with a dial combination lock that is a reliable source that does not require any battery or power to run the unit. Inside the unit, you will find a tray and drawer that is completely removable. or if you are planning to store jewelry, money, medicine, passport, etc., in an organized way, then the drawer might be useful for you.

The protection level is impressive when I got my hand, and there are 6 live locking bolts 1 inch in size that protects from any forced entry or prying.

Why Buy The SentrySafe?


In this value range, you will not find a fireproof gun safe as well as a waterproof feature.

Storage Capacity

There is ample space to store handguns, and also still, there is space to store extra ammo, magazine, medicine, etc.

The Not So Good Factors

Build Quality

I find the build quality is average. The handle and lock are built using cheap plastic material.


If you are looking for a lightweight unit with multiple storage systems, it might disappoint you due to its heavy size.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimensions14.8 x 11.9 x 19.6 
External Dimensions18.6 x 19.3 x 23.8
Weight 125 pounds
Fire Proof & Water ProofFireproof For 1 hour @ 1700°F & Waterproof For 24 Hours
LockCombination Lock & Manual Key
  • Ample Space To Store More Items And Multiple Guns
  • Seprate Tray & Shelves To Organise All Your Belongings
  • 6 Live Locking Bolt & Pry Resistant Hinges Protects The Unit From Forced Break-Ins
  • Door Pocket & Key Rack For Frequently Use Items
  • Impact Resistant @ 15″ Foot Fall
  • No Interior Light That Can Be Negative Factor For Those For Likes To Access The Safe In Darker Condition
  • There are no pre-drilled holes inside the unit. So If you are looking to mount the safe, then you might have to drill it. If you drill it, then your handgun safe will not be fireproof anymore

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Home Defense Gun Safe

The best gun safes are easily available in the market, all with different fees and features. I have listed some of the points that will help you choose the right gun safe for your home defense.


If you are looking for a fireproof gun safe, look for how much fireproof it is? The minimum I would recommend you to go with at least 1 hour @ 1400.

Vintage rifle


The amount plays a major role when selecting the best gun safe for home defense. If you want more features and more protection, going with a gun safe above the average amount will be ideal. But if you are looking to secure your guns only to avoid getting in hand with your kids, then a gun safe below the average amount will be the perfect choice for your firearms.


Looking to add more weapons in the future? Then go with that unit with more storage capacity to avoid any space problems when adding firearms to your inventory.

Where Should I Keep My Gun Safe for Home Defense?


You can keep your gun safe either in the master bedroom or if you also have a guest bedroom. If you are the owner of a large rifle safe and you still have enough space inside the master bedroom, then it’s the best place to store your safety box. But if you are shorter in space, I would recommend going with a lightweight gun safe for your master bedroom.

The guest bedroom is another good option for storing your gun safe. If you are the owner of a small firearm, you can place a handgun safe inside the closet.

Inside the Garage

You can also keep your gun safe inside the garage or in the basement. But keep in mind if you keep that inside the garage, make sure you have placed a dehumidifier inside your unit to protect your firearm from moisture.


When it comes to selecting the best gun safe for home defense to go with that unit that can be accessed as quickly as possible in an emergency, according to my in-house expert, Moutec is the perfect choice for your firearms.

James Forrester is a lifelong gun and firearms owner, and an even bigger advocate for gun safety. He created with the purpose of sharing helpful tips and educating others on how to keep guns and weapons safe and secure.