Gun Safe vs Gun Cabinet

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Buying a gun is followed by another important responsibility of keeping it safe. Your gun should always remain in a safe place, away from the reach of children and burglars. To protect the firearms, you must invest in a gun storage option for your weapon.

Different kinds of storage options are available these days, and these are gun safe vs gun cabinet.

Both these storage options have a common aim of keeping your gun secure and away from intruders. But when it comes to choosing a better alternative, there are certain features that you must keep into consideration. Here are insights into the comparison of top gun safes to top gun cabinets.

Gun Cabinet vs Gun Safe – Which One To Buy?

A gun cabinet is a portable storage option that comes with high-quality wood construction. This storage alternative is usually made of wood. Some of the cabinets come with a glass door, making your weapon more vulnerable and visible to others. Check this American Furniture Classics Ten Gun Cabinet.

The only advantage of a gun cabinet is that you can lock its door and keep it away from the reach of the children. What makes a gun cabinet is more preferable is that its construction doesn’t catch fire.

On the other hand, a gun safe is slightly bigger in size and cannot be carried from one place to the other if they are bigger in size. These gun safes are made up of high-quality steel, which is highly secured, but there is a possibility that your safe may catch fire.

Some steel gun safe is light in weight that an intruder might carry. But, the bolting mechanism of a gun safe makes the unit a more secure option and prevents anyone from carrying the gun safe.

And with a steel layer construction which even prevents the burglars from drilling the same. Thus, no matter what, your weapon always remains safe and secure. Check this AEGIS Fireproof Electronic Gun Storage Box Safe.

A gun cabinet might look appealing, but when it comes to taking extra safety measures in keeping your weapon safe, it’s a win-win situation for the gun safe. Having said that, it all depends upon your preferences.

Some people like to keep their guns in a wooden cabinet, while others prefer a gun safe as it is more secure than any traditional wooden cabinet.

Let’s talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a gun safe and gun cabinet below, which will give clear answers.

Advantages Of Gun Safe

There are many advantages and disadvantages of having a gun safe discussed below.

Gun safe
  • Comes with thick solid steel construction with numerous gauge ratings ranging from 8 to 16 gauge. The lower the gauge more secure that unit will be.
  • This rifle unit comes waterproof and fireproof gun safe that protects your stored firearms from any fire or in flood-type situations. So in times of flood or fire type situation, these units will not give you any worrying moment.
  • You can also store multiple handguns, pistols, rifles, long guns, and other valuable items inside the safe as they have larger in size.
  • These units are so heavy in size that it will be impossible for burglars to carry them with them.

Disadvantages Of A Gun Safe

  • Due to its heavy size, it will always be impossible for a single person to move the rifle safe from one place to another. Always remember a quality unit comes in a heavyweight size.
  • The price of quality safe is always at the higher end.
  • Almost every gun unit can catch fire easily due to its build quality.

Now let’s talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Gun cabinet below.

Advantages Of Gun Cabinet

  • A Gun cabinet is usually good for the decoration of your house or office. If you want to display your weapons to everyone, then a gun cabinet can be your best choice.
  • The gun cabinet is made up of wood that can be easily moved from one place to another. A Gun cabinet is best for keeping your firearms away from kids.
  • Easily assembled and on budget. If you want to store guns, rifles, handguns, etc., then gun cabinets will be in your budget.
  • Due to the glass door, you can look at all the weapons you have stored inside.
Rifles inside a gun cabinet

Disadvantages Of Gun Cabinet

  • You cannot rely on the security of stored firearms. It can be easily broken as it has a glass door.
  • When there is a flood-type situation, it has a zero protection level.
  • One forceful attack on the cabinet will be easier for an intruder to access the stored weapons.

Gun Safe Vs Gun Cabinet?

When it comes to protecting your stored firearms, both units will do their duty. Also, both units have different protection levels with different security features. Gun cabinets will also tend to secure your guns, but they can be easily breakable compared to the gun safe.

So, the gun cabinet is good for those who like to display their rifles to everyone attractive.

But when I talk about gun safe, then you can rely on the security and protection of pistols like P10C, other important items, rifles, shotguns, etc. This unit has a fireproof and waterproof feature and is more protective than a gun cabinet.

Final Words

When choosing between a gun cabinet and a gun safe, gun cabinets are good for those looking for protection in budget-friendly options. If you are looking to protect your guns from children, I would recommend you go with a gun cabinet.

But if you are looking for protection from theft and fire, then go with a gun safe which is best for stored firearms. Now it’s up to you what suits you best for your stored guns or other important items.

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