101 Guide on What Can You Store Inside the Gun Safe

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Using a gun safe is the most fool-proof way to store your firearms out of the reach of unauthorized people. Storing other items in your safe is not a good decision unless the safe is designed for commercial use and has been professionally installed.

Only in these cases will the gun safe be super difficult to force open, even by the most vicious criminals out there. However, the gun safe is still not a great place to store valuables.

Senior Man Putting Guns In Safe

Here are a couple of basic guidelines you should follow before storing items in the safe:

  • Don’t store items in the safe that are flammable or can increase humidity levels. Store a gun safe dehumidifier inside it to protect the safe.
  • Avoid storing items that burglars would be happy to get their hands on.
  • Don’t store ammunition inside the safe or else it will make it easier for others to use the firearm. Reloading presses from my best reloading press reviews should also be ​stored away from the safe.

Items to Store Inside the Safe

Here are a few items you can store in the safe:

  • Firearm – Obviously
  • Family Heirloom – Do you have a family heirloom such as a ring or a pen that has been passed down from generations? Well, consider putting it in the safe. Some gun safes feature additional storage space for you to keep personal belongings, if you have larger heirlooms though, you might want to look into my reviews for the best gun safe cabinets in the market.
  • Rechargeable Dehumidifier – Consider storing a rechargeable dehumidifier in the safe to keep moisture levels low. Storing a few packs of silica will also work fine. Investing in a cordless dehumidifier will prevent your gun safe from rust and corrosion and will also keep other belongings safe.
  • Sentimental Belongings – Do you have old cards and letters you don’t want to lose? Consider storing them with the firearm. Sure, you could put the cards on display on the refrigerator, but then you wouldn’t have the place to hang your kid’s drawings now, would you?
  • Valuable Jewelry – Along with jewelry that might have been passed along as a family heirloom, any expensive necklaces or other pieces you have can be stored in a safe. While it’s nice to have them on display, if a burglar does break in, that is an easy target for something they can quickly steal.

Items NOT To Store Inside The Gun Safe

A gun safe is an indispensable tool and is possibly the most secure way to store your firearm.

Different Stuff In Gun Safe

Here are a couple of items you should NOT store inside the gun safe:

  • Essential Keys – Do yourself a favor and don’t store important keys inside the safe. Somebody can run away with the entire safe, and you’ll be left searching for a locksmith. That is now the way you want to be protecting your home.
  • Rechargeable Humidifier – You’re supposed to decrease moisture levels inside the safe so don’t confuse a humidifier with a Dehumidifier as that can have terrible effects on the safe.
  • Jewelry – Keeping your jewelry in the gun safe may be slightly better than putting it in the bedroom drawer, but that doesn’t make it any safer (pun intended). Store your valuable gems in the bank where it belongs.
  • Ammunition – Now, this is serious. Consider storing the ammunition and the firearm separately. This way, if anybody tries to break into the safe, they won’t be able to use the gun.​
  • Range Backpack ​​​​- For safety reasons, even if you have a lot of room in the safe, it is not advised to store your range backpacks along with your other firearms and jewelry. Doing so may simply enable thieves into grabbing all of your things in one go.

Keep the guidelines mentioned above in mind while storing items in the safe. However, if you feel like you need more storage, consider building your own gun safe room.

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