Best Way to Store Guns Without a Safe

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Gun safes make for the best storage you can get for your guns. If you don’t plan on getting a gun safe, you can make do with other options that still offer protection to your guns and your family. Here are some of the top-runners for the best way to store guns without a safe.

Best Way to Store Guns Without a Safe

You have plenty of choices when storing your guns without a safe. Each of them has their own way of keeping your guns safe.

Guns being stored without a safe

Gun Storage Bags

Gun storage bags not only store your guns, they can also help you keep other valuable and fragile items like an expensive 360 camera, drone or small accessories, safe. More importantly, they prevent moisture from building up, protecting your gun from rust. Gun storage bags can withstand internal and external disturbances.

Choose a gun storage bag that has firm padding inside. You’ll most likely choose a gun storage bag because you want portable storage for your guns. It’s convenient to bring with you anywhere as it does not take up too much space.

However, gun storage bag gets easily stolen if you’re careless. You don’t want to use this for home storage but only when you are traveling. Other than that, gun storage bags make the best portable storage to store your guns.


Trigger locks prevent your gun from unauthorized users loading or firing it. Most new guns come with a trigger lock right in the box. Manufacturers and dealers got this one right to keep new gun owners safe from an accidental shooting.

Trigger locks take different forms like a trigger shoe or cable locks. A trigger shoe clamps down around the trigger or trigger housing. It prevents the trigger from moving. A cable lock blocks the action of a firearm that prevents them from closing.

Using trigger locks to keep your guns from firing opens a lot of storage options for you. If your gun doesn’t come with a trigger lock, you can make do with an ordinary padlock.

Gun Cabinet

Gun cabinets make gun storage convenient. You can use them as display cabinets to showcase to other gun enthusiasts or make them extra secured and safe. You can add hidden drawers or cabinets to place your guns in for additional concealment.

Concealed cabinet gun drawers make the best for hiding your guns from children. The sliding drawer only pulls out of the back that conceals easily. It would make your gun cabinet look like a regular cabinet for storing other stuff.

If you want to showcase your guns, you should also add extra protection so it won’t be easy to steal. Adding things like trigger lock or steel cable to make guns unusable if thieves do happen to steal it.

Gun Case

Gun cases make great storage for your guns. You can also easily carry it along with you. It makes great portable storage for your guns. Gun case also protects your guns from moisture and rust.

Gun stored in a case

You can add additional security like a lock system and other safety features so your guns are better protected. However, most gun cases can only house one firearm. Some gun cases feature multiple compartments so you can keep different guns in one case.

Most people use camouflage gun cases to hide their guns from intruders. Camouflaged gun cases contain multiple cabinets that confuse thieves. You can easily fool thieves as the upper layer can store instruments like violin or guitar.

Security Case

While security case work similarly to a gun safe, most don’t have features for guns. However, some security case provides extra protection just for your firearms. Security cases come with locks regardless of size. You also get a lot of space if you use a security case.

If you want a lot of options, security cases come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose one that can store many guns or a small one if you only have one firearm. The flexibility gives you the option to store any type of guns.

Aeration System

If you don’t want to spend a lot, you can use your aeration system at home as a storage for your guns. You only need to open it with a screwdriver and a stepladder to reach it.

However, you do need to be mindful of moisture buildup. You can put your guns in a gun storage bag to stop moisture before storing it in the aeration system. Your kids won’t even be able to reach it.

However, you might find it hard to access when an emergency situation arises. You can make a backup or additional storage if you want to.

False Wall

You can call an architect and let one design a false wall in your home.

While you can make one on your own, if you’re not knowledgeable about false walls, it might ruin your home or end up not effective at all. However, just as the aeration system, if an emergency arises, it might be hard to get access to your guns.

Handgun with bullets taken out

Lock Box

Lockboxes make good storage for handguns. They can store other things like jewelry and important documents. A lockbox is great for portability so you can safely store your handgun along with if your traveling.

Unfortunately, lockboxes don’t have options for long guns so this storage option is exclusively for handguns only.

Inside Hollow Spaces

While this option gives you the least amount of safety, it gives you the best accessibility. Storing your guns in hollow spaces like under a thick mattress or large storage like a large tub.

This storage method lacks any safety and your guns are easily accessible. However, you don’t have to spend extra on storage.

You can take extra safety measures like making sure the gun isn’t loaded before storing and adding padlocks or gun storage bags to keep your firearms safe.

What to Consider When Securing Your Firearms

Before deciding on what’s your best option for storing your guns, you need to consider your situation and your environment. Identify the factors that can affect what the best storage option for you is.

  • Having children at home makes your storage option clear. You need storage that prioritizes security. Choose gun storage that makes your gun inaccessible to children.
  • Knowing your neighborhood also decides what storage option you should go for. If your neighborhood experiences a lot of theft, then going for storage that offers top security while also easy to access if intruders do come at your home.
  • Some thieves have a lot of experience that they know where people hide their valuables. If you can, make your hiding spot sophisticated to confuse thieves.
  • During the storage process, you should always point the muzzle firearm in a safe direction. It reduces the chance of injuries if ever an accidental discharge occurs.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger at all times unless you are going to shoot.
  • Make sure your gun is not loaded when you don’t use it.
  • Have separate storage for your ammunition.


You have different gun storage options without even buying a gun safe. You don’t need to have a gun safe to store your guns safely. You just need to have common sense and creativity to safely store your guns. You can choose the appropriate option for you in the article above for your gun storage.

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