Rhino Safe Review

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The rise of burglary and theft has led gun owners to purchase a gun safe to secure their firearms and other important items. Today, many gun safes are available in the market, with some fewer features and some with more.

The same goes with Rhino Metals Inc, who is leading the industry by making premium safe since 1995 by a man called Don Suggs. So in this article, I have listed down some of the most premium and quality rifle safes that will ease your buying decision.

In this rhino safe review, I have assessed a range of gun safes with different parameters like price, build quality, and many more.

Top Rhino Safe Reviews

My top recommendation for the best Rhino safe is the Longhorn LNS2618 Nightstand. Read on to learn more.

Longhorn LNS2618 Nightstand by Rhino Metals

This Longhorn LNS2618 Nightstand by Rhino Metals is ideal for storing multiple small items in a fireproof handgun safe. The Longhorn can protect the stored firearm for at least 40 Minutes at 1400°F. It also has a UL-listed electric lock that helps to access the stored firearms without any problem. But in the same way, it will be harder for burglars to break the lock.

The interior is Fully Upholstered, and the back of the door has a handgun holder pouch. Also, there is an adjustable shelf that can be removed or adjusted according to your need. The external hinges allow the thick composite door to open 180° for better access.

In terms of built quality, the gun safe is made up of metal thickness of 14 gauge with 4 door bolts, each with a size of 1″ in Diameter. Also, it has been approved by the California Department of justice. There is no interior light inside the unit, and also there are no drilled holes to mount the unit on the floor due to the fireproof feature.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimension15.5 x 7.5 x 15.4
External Dimension20 x 18 x 25.5
Fireproof40 Minutes @ 1400 Degrees
LockElectric Lock (U.L. Listed)
  • Fireproof for 40 minutes @ 1400 Degrees
  • Handgun holder at the back is a bonus
  • The thickness of the safe is 14 gauge with 4 solid door bolts
  • Anti Punch and Anti Drill bolt work keeps the unit stored items safe and secure from any drilling or punching
  • Bit heavy, you will need two-person to place or shift the unit
  • Less space

Warthog RW7242XP Gun Safe by Rhino Metals

If you are looking for a premium gun safe that not only protects your stored firearms but is also very hard for burglars to break, then check out Warthog RW7242XP Gun Safe by Rhino Metals. This safe can store 50 long rifles and multiple handguns with extra accessories when all the included shelves are removed.

The safe wall has a thickness of 12 gauge, and the composite door is made up of a recessed thickness of 12 gauge, which is harder to break. Also, there is a drill-resistant plate behind the lock that makes the lock more secure.

Both sides of the safe are protected with 12 door bolts, each with a 1.25″ diameter that makes the unit almost impossible to break. The patented swing-out gun rack allows you to access your stored firearms in seconds.

This unit has 100% fire protection at 80 minutes @ 1400°F. The rhino safe is protected with 3 layers, and these are 5/8″ fireboard in the ceiling, 2 layers on the walls, floor, and door. If there is any fire and smoke start going inside then, heat-activated door seals get expanded nearly 6-7 times their size to help in keeping the smoke and heat out.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimension40 x 25 x 69
External Dimension42 x 27 x 72
Weight950 lbs
Fireproof80 minute fireproof @ 1400 degree
LockGreenleaf and Sargent UL Electronic Lock
  • The safe has 3 layer of fire protection that expands the door seal to keep the smoke and heat out of the unit
  • 12 Gauge Metal thickness & Recessed 12 gauge composite door
  • The back of the door has deluxe door organiser that helps to store
  • Factory installed USB outlet helps to plug any dehumidifier or interior light
  • It has a patented swing out gun rack that helps to manage the rifles easily
  • Made In The USA
  • To Heavy in size so you might need a couple of helping hand to place your safe at right place
  • Expensive

Kodiak Rifles Safe KB19ECX by Rhino Metals 

The rifle safe from Kodiak is ideal for those who are looking for more space for their rifle at a steal price. The Kodiak Rifles Safe KB19ECX by Rhino Metals is capable of storing 30 long rifles with multiple handguns and lots of hunting gear. For more storage options, manufacturers have provided a door organizer to store knives, pistols, magazines, etc.

This unit has lots of shelves that help to manage the stored items properly. Also, you can remove or adjust the shelves according to your need. The unit’s interior has premium padding to protect all your important items from any scratch or dents.

Also, this model has a strong built quality where it has a single hardened steel plate that protects the lock from any drill attacks. The 3-spoke style handle locks permanently if someone applies excessive force to open or forcefully tries to open it. There are no pre-drilled holes inside this model; you have to drill it on your own as there are marking done by the company.

Remember, if you do the drilling incorrectly, you might void the warranty as your Kodiak safe might not be fireproof anymore.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimension25 x 18 x 56
External Dimension28 x 20 x 59
Fireproof30 minutes @1400°F
LockElectic Lock With UL listed
  • This model has numerous shelves which can be removed or adjusted according to your need.
  • The door organizer helps store all your other hunting accessories like binoculars, knives, ammo, etc.
  • A single hardened plate right behind the lock protects it from any drill attack.
  • The door seal expands 7 times when there is any smoke or heat is detected inside the unit.
  • Fireproof feature has less protection time

Kodiak Rifles and Pistols by Rhino Metals

The next rifle safe is the Kodiak Rifles and Pistols by Rhino Metals. This model has sturdy with top-of-the-line quality features. This rifle safe can carry the storage capacity of 52 long guns and a couple of pistols with extra accessories like jewelry, money, important documents, etc.

The interior of the Kodiak safe comes with numerous pre-installed shelves, a door organizer, and an inbuilt USB system. Also, in terms of fire safety, this safe can protect your stored items for 40 minutes, and its door seal expands up to 7 times when there is any fire.

In terms of protection, it has a 2.5mm thick composite door and body that protects from prying or any forced entry. The 9 large bolts give protection from both the side of locking system. This unit also meets the requirements of the Penal Code section of 23655.

This model does not come with a humidifier, although if you want to place it, there are pre-drill holes on the steel plate, which helps install other accessories. The inbuilt USB helps to charge your phone, install additional lighting, dehumidifier, etc.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimension37 x 21 x 56
External Dimension40 x 23 x 59
Fireproof40 minutes
LockDigital Keypad
  • This model can store 50 long rifles and a couple of handguns
  • Door organizer allows you to store more hunting accessories
  • The 3-spoke handle gets permanently locked if someone applies excessive force to make it open
  • California Approved gun safe
  • There is no other locking system except an electronic digital lock system

Buyers Guide for Rhino Gun Safe Reviews


Almost all the rhino safe has excellent storage to store small gun to long guns easily. The rhino safe does cost a bit more in comparison to its competitor, but the manufacture has paid good attention in terms of the storage system.

Long rifle


You will find the above models have the same premium features like fireproof, swing out gun rack, UL listed electric lock, 3 spoke handle, etc.

Protection Level

In terms of protection, both the Rhino and Kodiak have excellent build quality. Every gun safe comes with a recessed composite door, single hardened anti-drill plate, 12-14 gauge metal thickness, and fireproof feature, etc.


I hope you got the information that you were looking for on rhino safe reviews. Remember rhino safes are made in the USA. But Kodiak gun safes are made in CHINA, not in the USA.

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