Kodiak Gun Safe [2024 Review]

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Rhino Safes has a reputation for its Bighorn line of gun safes. However, the Rhino Safes also comes with the Kodiak series that is a rising star. These Kodiak gun safe reviews cover the series, which is more competitive than the Bighorn, and quite a bit more affordable.

These units come in various sizes ranging from an 18 gun safe to a 52 gun safe ranging with different price tags. The manufacturer has divided its line among two different models, the Kodiak Gun safe and the Kodiak StrongBox.

Kodiak Gun Safe Reviews

The Kodiak gun safes are the more traditional gun safe line. Almost all the units are tan in color and feature an electronic locking system. These safes have the largest range in terms of different sizes. 

All the Kodiak safes in the standard line look quite similar when compared side by side, outside of the size difference. To emphasize this, I will look at the Kodiak 18 Gun Safe and the Kodiak 52 Gun Safe. Moving from one extreme to the other in size gives a decent idea of what is in between.

Both the safes are quite well-built. The 18 gun safe comes in at 258 pounds, and the 52 comes in at over 573 pounds. Both are predrilled to be anchored to the floor, and both are pre-slotted to fit a humidifier. Both the unit is fitted with UL rated Type 1 electronic locks.

Lastly, you also get a Limited Lifetime warranty for both the unit. Included in this warranty is free to repair or replace in an attack or a fire. Both units also come with a door-hanging organizer with pockets for handguns and other accessories like binoculars.

My top recommendation for the Kodiak gun safe is the Kodiak 18 Gun Safe. Read on to learn more.

Kodiak 18 Gun Safe

  • The Kodiak 18 Gun Safe has 6 large door bolts with a 1″ that will protect any forced entry.
  • You can store 18 long guns and a couple of handguns with other important accessories.
  • You can adjust and remove the interior shelves according to your need.
  • The heat seal door expands up to 7 times its size in case of fire. Hence keeping the interior temperature normal, keeping out heat and smoke.
  • You can operate this unit only through the electric digital keypad.

Kodiak 52 Gun Safe Review (KB5940ECX)

  • This model has a fire protection of 40 minutes @ 1400°F with a heat-activated door of 7 times its size.
  • The door has 9 door bolts, each at a diameter of 1.25”.
  • 3 spoke style vault handle.
  • You can also adjust interior shelves according to your need.

Kodiak Gun Safe Differences

Where the differences come is in the overall construction and security. While both are well built, you cannot compare a 575-pound safe the same way a 250-pound safe. The Kodiak 52 gun safe has .75mm thicker walls and half-inch thicker steel bolts.

The Kodiak 18 gun safe offers 6 total door bolts, but the 52 gun safe offers 9 door bolts with a feature of a spring-loaded re-locker system.

Gun inside an open safe

The 52 guns safe is also rated as a whole by Underwriter Laboratories as a Residential security box. This rating is termed as the highest quality rating that cannot be taken as lightly. The Kodiak 52 gun safe is quite well made and features 3 hardened plates to resist drilling, and the 18 gun safe contains a single hardened plate.

Both safes are rated against fire. The Kodiak 52 gun safe is rated for 42 minutes, and the 18 guns safe is rated for 30 minutes. Overall, both safes are quite secure, well made, and modern. Either would serve you well, depending on the size of your collection.


There are not so many features available between these two models, but still, I have compared them so that you have the right idea to select for your firearms. The unit does not have any interior lighting, and you should consider the best interior lighting system for these Kodiak safes.


The above Kodiak gun safe review will help you select the right gun safe for your weapons. Before finalizing your purchase do read a detailed guide and then make the right decision.

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