Best Light Kit for Gun Safes [2024 Review]

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You have purchased a new gun safe, but you can’t see anything due to no lighting in your gun safe. The light inside the gun safe is more important than you think? If not, and looking for the best gun safe lighting, then continue reading the article.

When looking at new safes, there are three things to consider. The first is the size of the safe. Next, how much weight does it carry? Lastly, which features are included with this model? All these factors need to be considered before purchasing a new gun safe because they will all play a role in choosing what is best for your firearms.

Every gun owner’s problem is the deeper the unit is; it’s more difficult it to find the stored items. So, to avoid these problems, I purchase a gun lighting kit. Whenever there is an emergency, it helps you to find your weapons quickly, especially in a low-light room where your gun safe is installed.

My top recommendation is the LED Safe Lighting Kit By Torchstar for the best light kit for gun safes. Read on to learn more.

Best Light Kit for Gun Safes

LED Safe Lighting Kit By Torchstar

If you are the owner of a large gun safe and want to light in every corner of the unit, you can check out LED Safe Lighting Kit By Torchstar.  This lighting kit has a motion sensor that detects movement within 26ft and turning on the light instantly. Also, the LED stays on for at least 4 minutes when there is no movement inside the safety box.

You will get 6 strips of led lights, each having a length of 12 inches, and 2 power adapters. Each bar gives lighting of 150 lumens that covers each corner of the unit. There is two option to mount these lights inside the gun safe one through the magnetic strip and other with 3M adhesive tape that comes with the kit.

With 3M, you can mount the LED light on almost any surface, even the corners of the gun safe. It has a life span of 30,000 hrs and comes with a 3-year customer satisfaction warranty.

One disadvantage that I find about this Torchstar is that it took a lot of time to switch off the light due to the 4-minute minimum. If you have a work of just 1 minute or less, the torchstar light will still be on even you shut the door of the safety box.

  • Perfect for larger gun safe
  • 3M adhesive helps to mount the light easily on the safe
  • It has a 30,000 hours of life span
  • Motion sensor detects the movement from 26ft also
  • The shut of time should be a minimum instead of 4 minutes
  • Not best for fireproof or waterproof gun safes as they don’t have a hole to pass the wire

Lockdown Cordless 75 LED Vault Light

The Lockdown Cordless 75 LED Vault Light is ideal for those who manually switch the light on/off without worrying about the light going off automatically after a few seconds. This light runs with the help of a battery (3 AAA) that lasts for a longer period of time with a continuous running time of 5 hours.

It has 75 LEDs with an output of 95 lumens which is enough to bright one particular area of the gun safe. You can mount it either on the wall or shelf using its magnets, or you can also mount it on the safe floor.

The light does not come with a battery, so you have to buy it separately. Also, if you are looking for a motion sensor feature, then the Lockdown LED light does not have it. The magnets of the light are not strong enough to hold if the safe wall is carpeted.

Still, as no assembly is required to set up, it’s easier for you to take out the light put the battery, and place it wherever you want, and the place will be light up.

  • No assembly is required to set up
  • It runs for a longer period of time without switching off automatically
  • You have the control of on/off the light for how long you want to run
  • The magnet helps you to mount it on the shelf of the unit
  • No motion detector, so you have to find the switch to on/off the light every time
  • If the walls have carpet, then it might not be strong enough to hold the light
  • No batteries are provided, so you have to buy them separately


The ILLUMISAFE LIGHTS Gun Safe is perfect for storing in small to medium type gun safe. It has a magnet behind the light that helps place anywhere like a safe door, wall, surface, etc. Illumisafe has 2 adjustable LED lights, which each can be adjusted in any direction according to your need.

Due to its magnetic base, you can also take the LED light anywhere you want, and again you can put it back to gun safe. The most important feature it has is a motion sensor that detects the movement as soon as there is an opening of the gun unit. It will remain on for 60 seconds until there is some motion that happens again.

To operate Illumisafe, you have to buy 3AAA batteries which are not provided by the manufacture. If your safe is fully carpeted and you want to mount it on the safe fabric, then a Velcro hook will solve your problem.

  • Both Lights can be adjusted in 360 degrees so that you can adjust according to your need
  • Perfect for small to medium type safes
  • Motion sensor detects the movement as soon there is any movement and lights up the safe
  • The magnetic base allows you to mount the light anywhere inside the safety box
  • The manufacture does not provide the battery, so you have to buy one with this lighting kit
  • The power of the battery is not long enough lasts only for 1 month

Brightview Wireless Motion Sensor By Liberty Safe

The Brightview Wireless Motion Sensor By Liberty Safe comes with a dimension of 1.1″Wide X 1.2″Deep X 7.81″ Long that can fit in most of the medium to large safe easily. It comes with 2 pair of lights each having number of 4 LED’s that gives an output of 75 lumens.

This LED light comes with multiple mounting options, and these are through the adhesive magnet, mounting bracket, hooks, screws, and loop strips. The easiest option to mount the light is by using a mounting bracket.

The liberty light runs for at least 70 hours, more or less all depends on the opening of the gun safe door that operates with the help of a 3 AA battery. You can operate this item in two ways: through a motion sensor and a manual method. The motion sensor detects the movement from 10 feet and brightens the safe immediately.

The battery running time should be more in comparison to its competitors. These units might not fit in small units, and before purchasing, do check the length of your gun safe before ordering.

  • If you are looking for LED light that shines your entire unit, Liberty Safe is perfect for your unit
  • These liberty safe lights do not require any assembly. Attach them to any surface of the safety box
  • Excellent motion detection from 10 feet
  • You can also operate this product manually also
  • The velcro strap is made up of average quality
  • The battery should have more power that lasts only for few months if you frequently opens your gun safe

Sensky Motion Sensor Gun Safe LED Light

If you are the owner of a larger rifle safe and want to light up each corner of the unit, you can check out the Sensky Motion Sensor Gun Safe LED Light. The sensky requires electrical fitting, so you have to do it on your own inside the gun safe using an adhesive tap or using screws.

It has an infrared motion sensor placed inside the safety box that detects the movement and turns the light on. Also, you can operate the light in manual ways with the help of an on/off switch. This lighting kit runs with the help of a 120-volt power supply and has a life span of 50,000 hours.

If you have some electrical skills, it will be easier for you to set up the light inside the safety box. But if you don’t have any skill, it might be a little harder to set up inside the gun safe.

This unit comes with a 12-month satisfaction guarantee, and there is an option to adjust the timing of turning off the lights when you close the door.

  • Perfect for long rifle safe, which is deep inside and requires lots of lighting
  • Automatic motion sensor lighting can be adjusted, ranging from 2 seconds to 4 minutes
  • You mount them on any surface with the help of screws, adhesive tape, glue, etc.
  • There is a feature where you can manually adjust the on/off of the safe
  • Requires skill to set up the LED inside the safety box

Do I Really Need Light Inside the Gun Safe

It’s always advisable to have a lighting system inside the gun safe. If your room where the safety box is placed has enough lighting, it can be optional for you to install lights.

But still, if there is an emergency arises, then an interior lighting system will be useful as switching the light on of the room might alert the intruder. So, having a lighting system inside the safety box will allow you to access your firearms quickly and easily.

LED strip lights

Should I Go With Electrical or Battery Powered Option?

The best gun safe comes with inbuild interior light, but some does not have it. Both the lighting option, whether it’s electrical or battery-operated, are ideal for safes. But the electric ones are more reliable in terms of battery as you will always get power and no tension of batteries running out.

But if your safety box is fireproof or waterproof and where the drilling is not allowed, then going with battery-operated is the best option. And if you have a normal safe where there is no hole, drilling inside the body will require some effort and time.

Things to Consider for Best Gun Safe Lighting 2021

I have considered some points in selecting the best gun-safe lighting: batteries, easy installation, amount, features, etc.

Power Source

There are two types of battery sources that you can select while looking for lighting, and these are AC or DC power sources. The AC source connects directly from a power cord that is connected to the wall outlet. So, if you have a fireproof gun safe, then you have to drill inside the safe, but that’s not recommended as, after that, it will not be fireproof anyone.

The DC-powered light runs with the help battery that is mostly recommended due to its convenience. But in battery-powered lights, you have to remove the battery with a new one when no battery power is left.


There are two types of bulbs available in the market, and these are LED lights, and another one is CFL lighting. The CFL bulbs are fluorescent bulbs that are being used mostly by many people, but they don’t last long and occupy more space than LED lights. Also, you can easily install lights in a gun safe, whereas LED lights require a proper installation setup inside the gun safe.

Whereas LED lights have a longer life and occupy less space. They also produce more energy, but they value more in comparison to CFL bulbs.

Sensor Or Switch

Some lights turn on automatically as soon there is some movement/motion inside the gun safe. These lights generally turn off automatically in a specific time period, and again, if you wave your hand near the light, it will turn it on.

Whereas if the light got the switch, you have to press it to manually turn it on every time you open the unit. But if there is a darker condition and you are in a hurry, then it might be difficult to find the switch to turn it on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Go for Motion Sensor or Manual Ones?

The motion sensor is perfect for switching the light on/off. They are straightforward to operate and shuts off the light when there is no activity is going on, saving lots of energy.

Where to Mount the Led Light Inside Safe?

The best place to mount the lights is upper shelves, corners of the unit, and door. Make sure you angle the light properly on important items like guns, ammo, gear, etc.


If you are an owner of the gun safe, which is deeper, and it’s harder to find weapons inside the unit, then you should always consider buying a lighting kit for your gun safe. Before finalizing your purchase, always check the size and dimension of your safe and how many lights will be required to lighten up the safety box.

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