The Top Shooting Ranges in Minneapolis

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Even though guns are dangerous weapons, with proper handling and all safety risks taken care of, they can be a source of fun. Many people have taken up recreational or sports shooting and you should give it a hand as a way to relax.

This article looks at shooting ranges in Minneapolis where you can sharpen your shooting skills for recreational shooting sports.

The Top Shooting Ranges in Minneapolis

While shooting a gun may seem as simple as aiming and firing, a lot determines if the shot will hit the target or not. Practicing your skills in a shooting range allows you to master the elements that would make you a skilled marksperson. Accurate shooting is a basic requirement in successful sports shooting.

Therefore, you need to build on this. Just like the shooting ranges in Connecticut, shooting ranges in Minneapolis provide facilities that help you become more accurate.

Target practice helps you hit nearby objects and as your skills improve, you can shoot at far away targets This article provides a list of the shooting ranges at which you can sharpen this shooting skill.

Bullets around a handgun

Metro Gun Club

At the Metro Gun Club, you gain access to a pistol range and shotgun range. The pistol range has 14 lanes, each 50 feet in length. The range permits all types of calibers and is accommodative to shooters of all skill levels. The shotgun range has 15 clay fields, trap and skeet fields, and a duck tower to help prepare for hunting season.

Members get to enjoy some perks that include the occasional use of rifles in the pistol range. The club offers training in weapon safety and use with some lessons tailored for ladies.

The facility also organizes leagues and other events throughout the year. You will find the friendly and trained staff ready to help you during your visit to this establishment.

Bills Gun Shop & Range

Bills Gun Shop and Range offer a wide selection of weapons, various gun ammunition as well as related gun accessories at its establishment. The range is open to the public at three different locations in Minneapolis.

The lanes vary in length at the different locations ranging from 25 yards to 50 yards, with three 7-yard archery lanes, a feature that can also be found in some gun ranges in Colorado.

Depending on the length of the lane, some lanes favor pistol use while others favor rifles and shotguns. At an additional fee, you get to shoot submachine guns at the range. You can also rent the firearm to use on the range with special rates applying to league shooters and those with range tokens.

Burnsville Rifle & Pistol Range

At Burnsville Rifle and Pistol Range, you will access 12 pistol shooting lanes that are 25 yards long and a rifle bay with 5 lanes. The pistol range accommodates only pistol calibers with exception of a powerful few that you can shot at the rifle range. The rifle range does not permit use of automatic weapons.

The range allows children, but only 9 years and above and they must be in the company of adults. You can access certification classes and personal training to help you improve your shooting skills, a special feature that can also be found in some gun ranges in Delaware.

You can save up on your range costs by signing up for a membership, giving you perks that will see you spend less per visit.

Stock & Barrel Gun Club

The Stock & Barrel Gun Club has indoor shooting ranges open to the public with different weekend and weekday rates. The facility has 14 lanes that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to allow seamless handling of targets. To keep the air fresh, the facility uses an air filtration system, ensuring a clean and safe environment.

Rifle at a shooting range in Minneapolis

Shooters are protected by bulletproof glass helping you worry less on your safety and focus on your shooting skills. You can use all caliber rifles and pistols at the range. Each facility has a pro shop where you can access different types of weapons and various firearm accessories.

The Modern Sportsman

The Modern Sportsman presents it patrons with modern shooting lane facilities for the best experience. You get access to 16 25-yard lanes that support shotgun, rifle and pistol use in a safe and comfortable environment.

The digitalized setup allows you to have a smooth shooting practice experience with options such as turning targets, similar to some gun ranges in Hawaii.

Taking up membership at this facility gives you more perks and enables you to spend less even as you acquire vital skills. You can access gun rental services at the facility with the option to purchase new weapons for your collection. You should check out the type of training and courses that you can take up to improve your skills.

Total Defense Indoor Shooting Range

Acquiring special licenses allows you to carry a gun legally. Total Defense Indoor Shooting Range is among the top shooting ranges in Minneapolis that offer courses to attain this license. The facility houses a 10-lane indoor shooting range with a length of 25 yards. Here, you attain the needed qualifications to help you apply for the license.

Apart from using the facilities to train and get your licenses, you can get accessories that will help you with safe gun handling and storage. The various membership options give you an advantage over others who just go for daily rates.

Target Sports

Target Sports operates:

  • 10-lane shooting range with a length of 25 yards
  • spacious shooting stations
  • it accommodates pistols and rifles that you can get at the facility’s shop on a rental basis
  • the facility is well-ventilated with a modernized target operating system for a convenient and comfortable shooting experience

The facility accepts accompanied minors of 10 years and above, allowing you to include all members of your family in your visit. It also offers flexible rates made better with membership options. You can sign up for leagues that allow you to test your skills and provide a challenge to make your shooting training more fun.

Gun, bullets and accessories

South Metro Public Safety Training Facility

The South Metro Public Safety Training Facility opens its firing range to the public for a few days in the week. The range allows children accompanied by adults access to the range. Regardless of your skill level, you can walk in to the range and pay an affordable rate.

Professional range safety officers run the facility, monitoring to ensure safe gun handling by users of the range. You can use handguns, rifles, and shotguns at the range with a limit placed on certain types of ammo for shotguns and handguns. This public space is a good option when you just want to practice your shooting.

South Saint Paul Rod & Gun Club

The South Saint Paul Rod & Gun Club has a shotgun range and a regular pistol/rifle range. The shotgun range houses:

  • a clay course
  • a skeet
  • 5 stand
  • trap fields

You can enjoy your shotgun practice and showcase your shooting skills in this range at an affordable rate.

The rifle and pistol range offers 6 covered pistol lanes and eight rifle lanes of diverse lengths that permits different calibers and prohibits automatic weapons. You get unlimited access to this range when you purchase an annual pass. The facility also hosts leagues and other events that you can take part in.

West End Trap Club

For shotgun action, the West End Trap Club offers you access to trapshooting and 5-stand at its facility. With the range open to the public, you do not have to sign up for membership although this is recommendable when you want to save costs.

Show off your shot gun skills and sharpen them further when you come shooting at this establishment.

You can take part in organized leagues at the club, exposing you to skill tests that will let you know just how proficient you are. The club offers firearm safety lessons that you can use to safeguard your safety and those of others as you use your shotgun.


Recreational shooting introduces the fun element to weapon handling. It helps you improve your shooting skills as you will be able to hit targets accurately as well as tackle moving objects better. You can find the best Minnesota shooting ranges in various cities, especially in Minneapolis.

They provide training classes for this and have favorable rates that enable you to get adequate practice time.

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