How to Move a Gun Safe With Golf Balls

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Who would have thought that golf balls can be useful for moving a gun safe? A lot of gun safe owners talk about this method and have said that it gets the job done. You can see them recommend it on online forums and most would agree on it. That’s why I’ve decided to show you how to move a gun safe with golf balls in a safe way.

How to Move a Gun Safe With Golf Balls

Before you try moving a gun safe with golf balls do know that professional movers generally don’t recommend this method. Why? Because it may cause some damage to your floor and walls. Make sure that you know what you’re doing before trying it out.

That being said, there are some tips you can follow in order to safely and properly move a gun safe with golf balls. Numerous gun safe owners follow these tips and have found it effective.

Plan Out the Move

Assess the risks involved so you’ll have an idea if you can do the task by yourself or if you need more help. Gun safes are commonly heavy and most typically you’d definitely need some help.

Especially since you’ll be handling golf balls for moving a gun safe. Golf balls can roll the gun safe but there’s also a chance that the gun safe will tip and fall on you.

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If you feel confident in doing it, make sure you do it safely and get a couple or more people to help you with the move. Two to four people helping you out will make moving 500 pound gun safes much easier and less dangerous.

Plan the route beforehand. You’ll be dealing with a lot of golf balls and they’re a bit hard to control. Make sure the route you take is suitable for golf balls rolling around and there are no bumps or incline that can tip your gun safe.

Prepare the Gun Safe for Moving

Before you start moving the gun safe, you should prepare it beforehand to make the move a lot easier. Here are some things you need to do to prepare the gun safe for moving.

  • Empty out the gun safe from all its stored content. Take out the guns, accessories, cases, and anything you have in there to lessen the weight of the gun safe. It will also protect them from damages when you transport the gun safe.
  • Find another storage for your gun safe contents during the move. You don’t want them scattered around and affect the route you planned beforehand.
  • Make sure that you close the door of the gun safe lock it properly. An open door during the move can cause damages to your property and can even cause an accident and injuries. Double-check it before you attempt to move the gun safe.
  • Wrap thick furniture blankets around the entire body of the gun safe. Use some packing tapes or stretch wrap to keep the blankets in place. It will provide some needed protection to prevent damage to your properties from accidental hits.

Have an Exit Strategy

Having an exit strategy makes moving less risky for you. Rushing things can only result in accidents. Here are some important pointers you need to consider before you start moving your gun safe with golf balls.

  • Measure the doorway and tight spots where you’ll be moving the gun safe along. Compare the measurements to the dimensions of your gun safe and include other variables like the people helping, moving tools and other stuff that might add to the dimensions of the safe. 
  • Make sure the path you take is free of obstacles. This could block the golf balls and can tip over the gun safe.
  • Map out the entire route you’re taking and double-check it. Look for anything that might become trouble for you when you move your gun safe.
  • Make sure to tell the people helping what the route and plan are so they’ll know what to do. Make sure you communicate properly and speak out if they’re having trouble.

Make Sure You Protect the Floors and Walls

A large gun safe, like the ones weighing 2000 pounds, can damage the floors. Especially if you’re using golf balls. The weight of the gun safe rests concentrated on the golf balls and can put a lot of pressure on the floor creating holes in it.

Sometimes, even thick furniture blankets aren’t enough. Consider covering your walls in areas where they’re narrow and tight. If you have valuable objects that are near the route for the move, consider transferring them in a safer area until you finish moving.

If you can, avoid wooden or narrow floors as these might not be able to support the weight of the gun safe plus the people moving it. You also don’t want your floor to get some scratches. Consider placing rugs or blankets that you don’t use anymore. It should give a bit of protection from accidentally tipping or sliding of a gun safe.

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Move the Gun Safe Carefully

The most important thing is to move the gun safe with extreme caution as golf balls don’t stay in place when you move them. Place a hula hoop or any sturdy border around the gun safe and golf ball. This will keep the golf balls in place and under the gun safe at all times.

Turning it around may prove difficult as golf balls aren’t maneuverable. Before that, make sure you and the people who’re helping can definitely support the gun safe if it ever tips over.

Be Careful With Stairs

If ever your route has stairs then it’s going to be a tall order. Consider foregoing the golf ball method if you’re gonna have stairs during the move. It will be very difficult to move a gun safe. Not to mention the risk and potential accidents it may lead to.

Your best option would be to use proper moving equipment instead of using the golf ball method. You can also opt to hire professional movers to do the moving for you. They usually come well-equipped and do a pretty good job.


Moving a gun safe with golf balls is a method that most gun owners do for moving their gun safe without spending any dollar. However, most professional movers generally recommend this method as it’s prone to accidents and can damage your property.

Yet, if you do it properly and consider the information on this article, you’ll save a lot of money from renting or buying moving equipment.

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