How to Move a 2000 Pound Safe

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It is always difficult to move a heavy safe, and if you are looking for how to move a 2000 pound safe from one location to another, you are in the right place.

Safes in any form are around since the time of Julius Cesar. Jesse Delano, on the other hand, takes the credit to have the first fireproof safe design. She patented this design in 1826. However, the modern gun safes found their roots by Silas Herring in 1850.

Gun safes are more in use than any other safes. They are heavy and may weigh 2000 pounds or more in them. Due to weight, the gun safe is less portable than any other safe.

I understand, your valuables and guns are used to store for safekeeping. The size of a safe should be such that it helps in preventing any theft attack.

So far, so good

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How to Move a 2000 Pound Safe

How to move a 2000 pound safe when the need comes? You may face a situation when you need to move it inside the home or to any outside location.

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Good question, right?

Don’t worry; here, you will find all the possible ways of moving a 2000 pound safe securely.

You Should Construct a Safe Moving Strategy First!

Before moving the safe, you need to develop proactive planning and best handling techniques for successful results. It’s a bad idea to start improvising your action unless you have some effective plan for moving safes.

You must need to think about every step before implementation. Develop a strategy in mind. This is important because brute force would not work while moving a heavy unit.

Tips for Moving a 2000 Safe Pound

There are two ways to move a valuable safe from one place to another. One is through professional movers; the second is by yourself.

Hiring a Professional

To appoint a professional is the safe and risk-free option to move a safe safely. Professionals carry years of experience in moving safes. Acquire the help of a professional will reduce the risk of damage, injury, and theft.

For hiring professionals, browse the internet to find the skilled, safe mover near your area. But, you need to fulfill some important points while moving 2000 pound safe through a professional.

Checklist on How to Move a 2000 Pound Safe Through Professional

Below are the 3 useful tips that you should make sure while moving heavy safe by skilled mover:

  • You need to consult with the selected professional regarding their policy and insurance options on moving safely. There is a possibility that the selected company is not readily equipped to transport the safe. Hence it is better to call ahead.
  • Please discuss with the selected professional that the safe contains this much amount and ensure that safe transportation does not include any illegal item.
  • Ensure that you have removed all the ammunition from the safe. Because by law, the mover cannot transport the weaponry items.

Moving Safe by Yourself

Prepare Safe for Safe Moving

Ensure that the door is closed and is locked before moving the safe. Hence, it will help in saving the weapons present inside the safe from an accidental hit.

Combination lock

Choose the Right Moving Equipment

First, analyze your safe by knowing its dimension. Then, rent the right dolly, supporting ropes, and straps to move it safely.

Plan on Safe Exit Strategy

Brainstorm the entire route from the starting point to the final destination of the safe. In this plan, make sure that the exit path is fully clear from randomly scattered items such as boxes. Don’t forget to share this plan with help to be on the same page before moving a heavy gun safe.

Transfer the Safe Securely on Dolly

For delivering the safe on the dolly, align the dolly right on anyone’s side of the safe. Make you help stand on the other side of the safe and slowly lean it back. Now finally, slide the dolly under the safe.

Load the Safe Onto the Transport Vehicle

The final step is to load the safety box on the vehicle, which will take it to the destination place. The safest way is through a standard loading ramp for wheeling up the dolly to the vehicle. You need to ensure that the gathered momentum will help to load safely inside the transport vehicle in one attempt.

Take Away

On moving heavy safe, safety is the best priority. The process involves risks, and hence you need to make a strategy for safe moving. Here, in this article, I have shared tips and tricks on how to move a 2000 pound safe.

I hope it proves to be effective for you. Any questions or suggestions? Share in the comments below!

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