How to Open a Sentry Safe Without a Key

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If you lose your key or code and looking for How to Open a Sentry Safe without a Key, then you are in the right place. Sentry Safe, what a useful product it is! It helps in securing your guns and firearms at home.

These safes are fireproof, and their security is measured by ETL. Hence, they are stiff and sturdy to fight successfully against any theft attack.

If you are looking for tips and tricks to use gun safe, then check the guide where you will find how you can use rifles with discretion.

All that latest technology becomes useless if you lost the security keys combination. Thus, the question comes forward is how to open a Sentry safe without a key?

Losing the key does not reflect careless and irresponsible human behavior. Rather, it is a common thing! Here, I will teach you tips and tricks to open a key Sentry safe without using a key or combination.

Losing a Sentry Safe Key Is Normal!

Before you start scolding yourself because you lose your keys and key codes, remember, so many people do this, and maybe you are one of them! Because the reality is people lose stuff.

Hand trying to open a combination lock

You may have put your safe key in your keychain, and that may have stolen. Maybe you lost it in some catastrophe, or your house had broken into due to some reason. There are several reasons why someone loses their Sentry safe keys.

Moreover, it is common for many people to forget the secret key codes that they programmed. This happens most when you have recently changed the code. You must be more familiar with a certain code, and the new just slipped out of your mind.

So, before entering random key combinations into your Sentry safe, read out the various effective methods to unlock your safe described in this article. Believe me; you will easily unlock it!

Best Techniques to Open a Sentry Safe Without a Key

Opening Sentry Safe Using a Smack Method

This method is only for digital safe and is as follows:

  • Put the Sentry safe on a plain surface that bounces
  • Uplift the safe by 2 feet from the surface with your left hand at the backside and right hand at the front side
  • Fall to the surface and jerk the safe to open it
  • Try a few attempts unless the lock opens

If the above technique does not work, use a hammer!

Using Hammer and Chisel for Opening the Sentry Safe

Hammer and chisel prove effective in opening the lock of the digital safe. Make sure you have a flat extended tip chisel.

  • Point chisel tip at the keypad top
  • Smack chisel with a hammer gently
  • Now remove the keypad by hand
  • Remove the lock, and you will see a little hole there
  • With the help of your little finger, unlock and open the safe door by penetrating a small finger through the hole

Open the Sentry Safe With Nail Cutter Filer

Nail filer is the most easily and is used for a long time to open the safe. Everyone has it in their home, and the opening process is easy. Follow the following steps:

  • Insert the pointer tip of the filer into the keyhole
  • Move it up and down
  • Rotate it in the counterclockwise direction until the pin releases
Hand holding a screwdriver

Opening the Sentry Safe Lock Using a Knife or a Screwdriver

Knife and screwdriver is a cheap and easy way to open the safe key. Follow the following simple steps:

  • Insert the pointed tip of the knife or screwdriver inside the keyhole (Make sure the tip fits well in the hole)
  • Slide the knife or screwdriver up and down and rotate anticlockwise. The pin will release soon!

Releasing Sentry Safe Pin Using a Paper Clip

The paper clip is an easy yet most effective method to unlock a safe key. Follow me to find the simple steps

  • Make sure the paper clip is straight
  • Take a wire cutter and cut the paper clip into equal pieces
  • Bend one half at a 90-degree like a tension tool
  • Bend the other half at a 45-degree like a feeler pick
  • Insert the tension tool look paper clip at the bottom of the keyhole and start rotating it in an anti-clockwise direction
  • Insert the feeler pick like the paper clip at the upper side of the keyhole. Make sure the 45-degree side is facing up
  • Start jiggling the feeler pick like a paper clip until the key opens

Opening the Sentry Safe Using a Bore Scope

Using the method, you can reset the key combination of the safe. Follow me!

  • Drill a hole at the backside of the digital safe
  • Insert a borescope into the hole
  • Push the reset button
  • Now reset the code and open safe

Taking Help of a Professional

If you want to unlock your Sentry safe without putting in any effort, then hiring a professional is the best option. Browse the internet for a safe opening company near your home. Hire an expert locksmith and unlock the key door in minutes.


All the above-listed techniques are effective in unlocking your Sentry safe key. All they need is a little effort. If you are not willing to perform by yourself, hiring a skilled locksmith is the only option.

Are you aware of any other trick which I skipped mentioning here? And still, you didn’t feel able to find how to open a Sentry safe without a key. If yes, share with me all in the comments below. Have a good day.

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