SentrySafe Sfw123dsb Review

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Looking for the SentrySafe Sfw123dsb review before finalizing your purchase then I have come with a guide of my personal experience using this unit. This gun safe comes with great features and idle for storing a couple of standard size handguns, jewelry, money, passport, etc. Inside the unit, you will find one adjustable shelve, which can also be removed according to your need.

SentrySafe Sfw123dsb Review

The SentrySafe Sfw123dsb comes with a reasonable price and perfect for those who are looking for extra space after storing it there small firearms.

Below I have discussed all the features in-depth that will guide you in selecting the SentrySafe much easier.

Fireproof & Waterproof

The unit is fireproof and waterproof, protecting your stored firearms from fire for at least 1 hour at 1700°F, keeping the interior temperature at a normal level. In terms of waterproof, this unit is ETL Verified for 24 that protects the unit for 24 hours @ 8 inches deep, giving you peace of mind in flood-type situations.

Both the unit has been certified by Intertek Testing Services, certified in July 2017. In terms of fireproof, it has UL certified, and in terms of waterproof, it has an ETL verified certificate. So no matter what you are storing, from handguns to watches, money, important document, etc., everything will be safe and secure.

Locking System

The manufacture has provided a 2-way secured locking system to unlock the unit. You can access the unit by a combination lock and through manual keys. The mechanical lock allows you to set your own password and gives freedom from any battery or power outlet to run the unit. It does not require any battery or any power to run SentrySafe.

Another method you can use to unlock the unit is through the manual key. In this unit manual key is not termed as a backup key; instead, you can disable the primary lock (combination lock) through a manual key even someone knows your combination key. So the person will not be able to access the unit even he tries to open it from a combination key.


In terms of security of the case, solid steel construction is made up of live locking bolts with a pry-resistant door that will prevent any force break-ins. The pry-resistant hinge bars protect the door from any forced entry due to 4 large bolts, each having a 1-inch large.

The SentrySafe Sfw123dsb does not have any pre-drilled holes due to its fireproof and waterproof features. But you can drill the holes inside the unit if you are planning to do so. Remember, the safe warranty will be void if you pre-drilled the hole inside the handgun safe.

SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe


The unit’s interior has lots of storage to store all your valuable items and other firearms easily. If you want to organize the items, then you can adjust the shelve according to your need. But if you want to store only handguns and extra mags, you can also remove the shelf.

The unit door also has a pocket and rack, which helps to store small items within reach. Remember, there is no interior light inside the unit, so it might be harder for you to access the items in dark conditions.

DimensionW x D x H
Internal Dimensions12.6 x 11.9 x 13.8
External Dimensions16.3 x 19.3 x 17.8
Weight 86 Pounds
Fire Proof & Water Proof1 Hour Fireproof @ 1700°F & 24 Hours Waterproof @ 8 inches Deep
LockCombination Lock & Manual Lock
  • Secure Locking System ( Mechanical Dial Lock)
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Adjustable & Removable Shelve
  • Fireproof & Waterproof Features
  • Pry Resistant Hinge Bar & 4 Live Locking Bolt On The Door
  • No Interior Light
  • Heavy In Size
  • Cheap Plastic Door Handle

Final Words

If you are looking for a competitive price and looking to store your small firearms with good quality features, you should definitely go with SentrySafe to fulfill your need regarding the gun safe. So before investing, you can also check out gun safe under 200$ that may give you more options for selecting the right unit for your handguns.

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