How to Install a Dehumidifier in a Gun Safe

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Many gun owners worry about what will happen to their shooting gear and weapons stored for a long time. This is particularly important if there are high levels of humidity where you live. After all, too much humidity can cause damage to your guns, ammo, and even your shooting gear.

A gun safe dehumidifier can solve this problem. No matter what the weather is, you’ll be assured that your guns, your shooting gear, and ammunition are well protected. This article will show you how to install a dehumidifier in a safe to protect your weapons and shooting gear.

How to Install a Dehumidifier in a Gun Safe

First things first, make sure you identify all the parts before you start installing. Check if there’s an instruction manual with your product that can help with your shooting gear. Before you start, check you’re working on a dry level surface.

Old gun safe

These are the steps to install your model to protect your shooting gear: 

  1. Start by putting the model horizontally and as low as possible.
  2. Install the electrical cord through the wall. From the inside, push the required end of the cord through the wall to the outside. Most gun safes have a pre-drilled electrical access hole near the bottom. It’s usually located in the rear area.
  3. If your model came without access holes, you’ll have to drill one. Some gun safes feature an internal outlet so you’ll need to route the cord through the wall. Then, Install the mounting clips to hold the rod. The rod must be mounted horizontally and should be as low as possible.
  4. Before you continue, check if the rod will not interfere with any of the hinges or locking lugs. Use the included screws to attach the clips to the interior. Then, snap the rod into the mounting clips.
  5. Another thing you should be careful of is to ensure the end of the wire has a clean-cut end. Remember to never split the wires. The plug housing has a back cover that you’ll need to remove. Once you remove the cover, you’ll see 2 prongs. Place the cord into the cavity with the prongs and check that you insert the cord as far into the housing as possible.
  6. Begin reinstalling the housing cover and ensure it’s completely shut. The cord would lock inside the plug housing. Finally, simply plug the rod into a power outlet if you like and it should start working.

How to Connect a Dehumidifier Rod in a Gun Safe

Rod type dehumidifiers are popular among gun owners and are really effective against moisture and rust to protect your shooting gear. Heating air inside rises up as well as the temperature and the rod vents the heat out carrying along moisture. Installing a rod type model is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Find a suitable spot where the contents and your shooting gear aren’t in the way for good air circulation between the fire arms, the bottom of your safe, and the top of it.
  2. Detach the electric cord from the dehumidifying rod. Lay the rod on the floor-bottom of the safe, towards the front side. Pass the electric cord through the hole in the back of the safe and reattach it to the rod. If there’s no hole you might have to drill one.
  3. Turn the rod on and it should be working perfectly. Check the electric dehumidifier is working fine and make some scheduled maintenance to ensure it’s still working.

Note: here is how to check if your gun safe dehumidifier rod is working.

Safety Warnings Before Installing a Model

Here are some things that you should be aware of already before installing a model in your safe for your shooting gear.

  • Most models are for indoor use and you shouldn’t use them outdoors.
  • Do not immerse the model, plug, or cord in water or any contact with liquids.
  • Do not use the model if in the presence of explosives or flammable fumes.
  • Do not use the model if the cord is damaged.
  • Check if the product is unplugged when installing or handling.
  • Do not use the plug included with the product on other devices.
  • Do not use any other plug on your product.

How to Choose the Right Model for You

There are two types of models commonly used inside a safe. These are silica gel beads and rod models. Both a silica gel and a rod gun safe dehumidifier have the same purpose but operate slightly differently. It’s up to you to decide your preference and what works best for you, your shooting gear and your gun safe.

Since the silica gel models aren’t electrical, you can safely place them anywhere inside your gun safe. They absorb any moisture present in the air and works similar to the little packs of silica gel you can find on shoe boxes to keep it free from moisture.

The rod type dehumidifier​​​​ is an electrical device that warms up the air in the gun safe. This makes the air inside the safe dryer and produces similar results of a silica gel gun safe dehumidifier but is more efficient in removing moisture and prevent any damage.

Why Choose a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier eliminates moisture and humidity from its immediate surroundings. It should be able to soak in moisture from every spot inside the safe making it completely dry and free of any humidity.

Most models in the market are made of metal and they are prone to rust and corrosion if constantly exposed to moisture for too long. Your guns are also made of metal so you’ll be noticing some rusted or chipped parts if exposed to moisture for a long time.

Using dehumidifiers increases and save the lifespan of your guns and shooting gear, some come with a rechargeable battery. It also keeps the inside of your gun safe smelling fresh and keep your guns and shooting gear in good condition.

Where to Put Your Model

The different types of dehumidifiers and dessicant models have different best spots where you should leave them inside the gun safe, depending on their size.

You can place the top Silica gel dehumidifiers​​​​ anywhere inside your gun safe. Its effectiveness isn’t affected wherever you place them.

When it comes to rods, they work better when they are on the floor of the gun safe. This allows for the hot air to rise and absorb the humidity of the air inside the gun safe. You0ll also want to check if it’s near your home electricity supply.

How Many Dehumidifiers You Should Use

It depends on how big your gun safe is. Most people only use one, based on their needs. However, if you have many guns stored inside, you might consider having two or more dehumidifiers.

It’s best to measure the humidity when the safe is empty and then measure it again after installing one model. This will let you know a gauge of how many dehumidifiers you should need after you put in your valuables and shooting gear.


Installing a top dehumidifier in your safe is an easy task. Most safes are catered for installing one so it reduces much of the hassle. I hope this information will help you understand how installing the right model in your safe assures that your safe, your shooting gear, and valuables are well-preserved and in good condition.

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