How Do I Know if My Gun Dehumidifier Rod Is Bad?

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“How do I know if my gun dehumidifier rod is bad?” I get this question a lot and today I decided to prepare a detailed guide to help you figure out if your dehumidifier rod is faulty and how to quickly fix it.

How Do I Know if My Gun Dehumidifier Rod Is Bad?

You will know your gun dehumidifier rod is bad if it is not functioning at all, it does not remove all the moisture, it becomes noisy, or the safe’s humidity skyrockets.

Some of these problems may need you to replace the whole dehumidification system or need a simple maintenance procedure.

Below is an in-depth discussion on how to know if your gun dehumidifier has become faulty.

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The Gun Rod Humidifier Does Not Function at All

Sometimes your dehumidifier may fail to start. When this happens, it means that the problem could be either with the power supply or the dehumidifier itself.

You need to check the power panel switch when this happens. You need to confirm at the main power supply if the circuit breaker has not tripped and that the fuse is still functioning. The problem could be on the appliance itself if the power supply is ok.

The Humidity in The Safe Rises

You can measure the humidity point using a separate hygrometer. The relative humidity in your safe should be between 30-50 percent. If it passes the 50 percent mark, there may be a possibility that the humidity sensor is faulty.

If the blower in your rod is running, there might be a chance that the compressor is not functioning. Also, check on the dehumidifier’s indicator light to confirm if the compressor is working.

The Dehumidifier Does Not Remove Moisture

Your dehumidifier might fail to remove the moisture because of a dirty air filter or clogged grill. When you place the dehumidifier too close to the wall might also cause this problem.

Moisture removal is the primary reason why you bought a gun safe dehumidifier, after all. To ensure that it entirely does this, always do routine maintenance on your device by regularly cleaning the air filter and grills dirty.

The Rod Becomes Noisy

A gun dehumidifier rod may start to make noise at some point during its lifespan. The problem could be loose screws, a faulty compressor, or a bad fan.

Unplug the dehumidifier and tighten the loose screws on the components. If all the screws are tight, it may be time to replace the fan or the compressor.

How Long Should a Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rod Last?

Dehumidifier rods should, under normal circumstances, last for about five years. If your gun dehumidifier has been working for a reasonably long time (more than its warranty period), it will likely start to malfunction or breakdown.

When the above signs begin to appear, it might be the correct time to pull the plug on your gun safe dehumidifier rod. However, it is essential to note that sometimes you do not necessarily need to replace the dehumidifier rod. You could only correct it through simple routine adjustments.

What Factors Determine the Lifespan of a Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rod?

The following factors will determine how long your safe dehumidifier rod serves you.

  • The Dehumidifier Brand: The first factor is the brand of the rod. If you buy a cheap dehumidifier from a no-name company, it will only give up after a couple of years. Renowned manufacturers tend to focus on protecting their brand name by selling quality products.
  • The Relative Size of the Dehumidifier Rod: The second factor that will determine the lifespan of your dehumidifier is its size, especially in relation to the size of the gun safe. You overwork a smaller dehumidifying rod when you use it in a more giant safe. You must find the right size of dehumidifier that is suitable for your gun safe.
  • Type of the Dehumidifier: Rechargeable dehumidifiers have relatively short lifespans. They need to recharge frequently. While some of them can work for about eight weeks before they need a recharge, most rechargeable models will work for shorter periods.
  • The Use and Installation: You can also determine the lifespan of your dehumidifier by how you use it and how you install it. The internal parts could end up rattling if the positioning is wrong. Proper usage is a necessary practice towards prolonging the life of your dehumidifier.

If you are not sure how to install it yourself, I recommend you seek expert help to avoid messing up the functioning of your rod.


A bad dehumidifier will not remove the moisture as required. Hence, your gun might still be exposed to rust and corrosion. Having a gun dehumidifier rod is one essential step that will help you take good care of your firearms. Just like with other appliances, you need to replace your electric dehumidifiers when they become faulty.

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